The Haven Herald

Holly Short: Why girls are better
By MaeveCrowArtemis1

1st September

Hey girls! You probably ask yourself where did I find time to write this. Well, it wasn’t easy, I can tell you that. With constant job in LEP, missions and that trouble-maker Artemis Fowl, a girl has to be a magician to invent some spare time. I usually use my free time for enjoying the fresh air and floating above the sleeping Earth, relaxing in a place where you can see the stars! There is nothing more beautiful then to feel wind in your hair (when my helmet allows me to). But something has been bothering me for quite some time. Something deep and complex. And I won’t give up until I find the answer. I guess I’ll have to sacrifice all those beautiful moments until I clear things out.
What’s bothering me? The question is really simple. If girls are definitely better then boys, then why aren’t there many girls commanders in LEP? And in other “man” institutions? They think they are better then us, don’t they! Well, I have something to say about that. People say girls are physically weaker than men. But I say any girl can gain muscles if she trains hard. But is that really the whole point? Girls are built differently than men, but that doesn’t mean they are not capable of doing things guys do. For example, do you really think you need to be a guy to be an inventor?! Or mathematician? Or architect? Girls can do that too. Just look at all those successful women in the history.Take Maria Curie for example, she won a Nobel prize. She is famous even in the fairy world. Many officers up here wouldn’t admit but they admire her as much as any women in the world. Or Elisabeth the I. She was the queen of one of the strongest countries.And she managed to run it all by herself. And what about Amelia Earhart? She was a brave young woman who risked her life and proved to everyone that girls can do man’s jobs without a problem! These women were all doing something important for people without man telling them what to do! And still they are popular!
On the other hand, there are boys who are trained cooks or hair stylists. If they can mess in our areas, then we can mess in theirs. Girls can do everything because they are smart, organized, hardworking, loyal… We rule!
And can you imagine a guy doing more then one task? If there are two problems in front of them, they will need time and assistance to solve them and in this busy world there is no enough time for them. Girls can do more then one thing at the same time and they can do it good!
There is one more thing that is really important. We are more mature then guys. They all act goofy,trying to make a joke or two.They are not serious and can’t take anything serious. And they panic when there is a crisis,trying to make themselves stronger laughing but they are out of their mind with no idea what to do!Perfect example is Grab Kelp.You all know about Grub and his “nail” problem! And they need someone to watch over them,constantly. Again,we take Grub as example!
In past girls were the center of attention. And for a good reason! Everybody was admiring them. The men were amazed by our intellectual and emotional strength! We are completely capable of facing our emotions. Guys are not. That power is keeping us on the top, but that’s something the most fearsome for guys. Girls may cry but they are facing their fears. Girls can sometimes overreact with emotions but they are quick thinkers. Girls are not less worthy then guys. They are even better. They are complete. They can be what ever they want, we just need society to see that!
There is one more thing: “Girls rule, boys drool”.


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  1. Hitsugayatoushiro January 25th, 2010 at 6:00 pm 1

    Girls are so better than boys as the articles prove but guys do play a big part in their lives.
    Great articles though guys; it was fun to read.
    You must’ve worked really hard!

  2. This is way too awesome!!! When will there be another Haven Herald??? I can’t wait!!!

    ps. yes, Tou, girls are so much better than guys.

  3. This is way too awesome!!! When will there be another Haven Herald??? I can’t wait!!!

    ps. yes, Tou, girls are so much better than guys. But… I have no proof. :mrgreen:

  4. Hola!I just had a quick question that I’ve been wondering about for a while. When are we going to have another FanFiction writing contest? I’ve never been able to participate, so I was just thinking…well, yeah, you know what I mean.Glad to see that the Haven Herald is up and running! Can’t wait for an update!

  5. wow the winner story 5 times thingy was EPIC! I luves it! great job mockturtle!

  6. therisingdarkness February 4th, 2010 at 1:12 am 6

    I am a girl, and I do a fair job of controlling my emotions (of course, I’d the girl that can watch several WWII movies and programs and not shed a tear, not feel any anger or pain or sadness, yet cries when I reach a sad part in a book….). I freak people out on a daily basis because I manage to stay blank-faced.

    We women can be emotional, but we do not base ALL our decisions on our emotions.

  7. Girls are so much better! And it’s guys who are all sexist! What’s that about our wild emotions? Who has to prove their masculinity every five seconds? Who smells like armpit half the time? Who wears their pants on da ground?  :D~YoshiP.S. I also want to know when the next FanFic competition is, if it’s not too much trouble. =D

  8. yeah, I’ve gotten much better, and I wanna try my skillz!

  9. that…was odd. it was a very good article and you gave so much proof for your cause,unlike the people who say twilight is better than harry potter and have not a wand to back it up. But, the thing is,girls are still better than guys. I could have done all that Mr.Fowl did and aren’t ALL elves emotionative creatures? and in recent times,women are becoming more involved in politics.take me for example.
    wait,what about there not enough woman writers? J.K. Rowling and me.and wait about 10,15 years and if you see the first name Jade in the news very often,that’s me.

  10. fanfiction contest? ohh sounds interesting…. i hate my phone, it doesnlt like this style of textbox so no advanced punctuation…. oh well. as i like to say, boys rock… but girls rule. anything you can do i can do better and all that. heheh. seriously though, id be all for a fanfiction contest…

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