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Changing Genders
By Meova
We all know the books about Artemis Fowl. We are familiar with the characters, with the setting, with the story… But what would happen if something changed? Would the story still be the same if the cast switched genders? Let’s see what could happen if Eoin Colfer had decided that…

… Artemis would be a girl. So, what would have changed? The name wouldn’t have changed. Artemis is a girl name as well as a boys name. What would have changed, however, is the meaning of the name. Or at least, how it would have been. Because now, there are lots of things to be said about the name, as shown in The Eternity Code, where Jon Spiro makes some jokes about Artemis’ name. What also would change, are the clothes. Surely, Artemis the girl wouldn’t wear suits. It is possible, I admit it. But it would look really strange. A teenage boy in a suit already looks strange, just imagine a teenage girl! What also would’ve changed, is the way Artemis handles things. I know, girls can handle things pretty well too, but face it, we are just more emotional people. We make the decisions with our emotions. Guys are just more able to delete them. This certainly adds to Artemis being the cool, calm and collected person he always is. Also, Artemis being a girl would add to the weak woman stereotype. Artemis is good with his brains, but his body isn’t that great. Holly and/or Butler always have to do the physical things, and when Artemis can’t get out, he is always faced with the fact that his body is pretty weak. Always telling himself that he has to go to the gym, most of the time even promising it to himself, but he never went or bought anything, which fits perfectly in the weak woman stereotype if he’d been a girl. And, of course, there would be the thing about Holly. There are lots of A/H shippers. They wouldn’t be there if Artemis had been a girl. And, of course, there wouldn’t be so much attraction between those two if they were both girls.

… Holly would be a boy. Of course, the name would have changed. Holly just isn’t a guys name. Also, like said with Artemis, A/H shippers would dissappear. Sure, there would be a few people who would still ship them, but that’s just a minority. And the attraction would be gone too. What would have changed, though, and probably would’ve made a major impact on the books, was that Holly wouldn’t have been the first female captain in Recon. There would’ve been less attention given to everything she does. And there wouldn’t be so much to say about the sexist LEP, of course. Also, the whole feminism idea would be gone. Holly is a strong girl, who does things her way. Doesn’t obey orders either sometimes. If she thinks that she can help people better when the orders aren’t obeyed, she will do it her way. Most of the time, helping the people even better than would’ve been if she had obeyed. The LEP is certainly giving her a hard time, that’s a fact. But while many girls would just leave and choose a different career, Holly stays, fighting for her job and for respect. While doing it, also clearing the way for other girls. This wouldn’t have been in the books if she would’ve been a boy.

… Butler would be a girl. Name change, ok. That would be logical. However, what would be a weird thing – Most people think that being a bodyguard is a man’s job. And if Butler would’ve been a girl, that would certainly raise some eyebrows, especially with Artemis himself, who knows, no doubt, a lot about the differences between men and women. Let’s face it, guys are much muscular than girls. Nothing can change that. But what would’ve changed too, is that Butler might not have been to Madame Ko. Female Butlers didn’t always go to them, Juliet was one of the exceptions. Also, if Butler had been a girl, there would’ve been Artemis/Butler shippers, no doubt.

So, these are the major changes. You see, it’s for the best that it’s the way it is. Just admit it. Isn’t it way nicer to have Artemis as a guy, Holly as a girl, and Butler as a man? I sure prefer it this way. It’s up to you to decide what would be better!

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  1. Hitsugayatoushiro January 25th, 2010 at 6:00 pm 1

    Girls are so better than boys as the articles prove but guys do play a big part in their lives.
    Great articles though guys; it was fun to read.
    You must’ve worked really hard!

  2. This is way too awesome!!! When will there be another Haven Herald??? I can’t wait!!!

    ps. yes, Tou, girls are so much better than guys.

  3. This is way too awesome!!! When will there be another Haven Herald??? I can’t wait!!!

    ps. yes, Tou, girls are so much better than guys. But… I have no proof. :mrgreen:

  4. Hola!I just had a quick question that I’ve been wondering about for a while. When are we going to have another FanFiction writing contest? I’ve never been able to participate, so I was just thinking…well, yeah, you know what I mean.Glad to see that the Haven Herald is up and running! Can’t wait for an update!

  5. wow the winner story 5 times thingy was EPIC! I luves it! great job mockturtle!

  6. therisingdarkness February 4th, 2010 at 1:12 am 6

    I am a girl, and I do a fair job of controlling my emotions (of course, I’d the girl that can watch several WWII movies and programs and not shed a tear, not feel any anger or pain or sadness, yet cries when I reach a sad part in a book….). I freak people out on a daily basis because I manage to stay blank-faced.

    We women can be emotional, but we do not base ALL our decisions on our emotions.

  7. Girls are so much better! And it’s guys who are all sexist! What’s that about our wild emotions? Who has to prove their masculinity every five seconds? Who smells like armpit half the time? Who wears their pants on da ground?  :D~YoshiP.S. I also want to know when the next FanFic competition is, if it’s not too much trouble. =D

  8. yeah, I’ve gotten much better, and I wanna try my skillz!

  9. that…was odd. it was a very good article and you gave so much proof for your cause,unlike the people who say twilight is better than harry potter and have not a wand to back it up. But, the thing is,girls are still better than guys. I could have done all that Mr.Fowl did and aren’t ALL elves emotionative creatures? and in recent times,women are becoming more involved in politics.take me for example.
    wait,what about there not enough woman writers? J.K. Rowling and me.and wait about 10,15 years and if you see the first name Jade in the news very often,that’s me.

  10. fanfiction contest? ohh sounds interesting…. i hate my phone, it doesnlt like this style of textbox so no advanced punctuation…. oh well. as i like to say, boys rock… but girls rule. anything you can do i can do better and all that. heheh. seriously though, id be all for a fanfiction contest…

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