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Species of Artemis Fowl


Big and mean. Not big in fact - HUGE! Huge, strong, vicious and packing a razor sharp set of tusks teeth and claws. Trolls are made to fight. No other species can match a troll in a brawl - the smarter option is to run...far!

 Trolls have two weaknesses:

1 - They are stupid - Trolls are animals. They simply like to eat, which means they will attack anything that gets in their way... even other trolls.

 2 - Light - This is the one way for other species to fight a troll. A bright light in the eyes will dazzle any troll alive, and burn their retinas. Let's just hope they never discover sun glasses...



Elves are easy enough to recognise, with their:

-Average height of one meter.

-Chestnut coloured skin.

-Pointed ears.

Elves have a very strong sense of what is right and wrong. They work for the greater good, for what is best for The People. Other than that, their average intelligence is about that of a human, perhaps slightly higher. Their ultimate love is flying; strapping on a set of wings and soaring through the clouds on the surface is a dream come true for most elves.



Half man and what horse - What more description could you need?

 Despite being part horse, centaurs are not very physical. Instead, they prefer using their minds. The average centaur's IQ is far higher than any other species. It is thanks to these geniuses that fairy technology is so much more advanced than that of the humans.

 As for personalities, the words paranoid and big-headed play a large part. To give an example of the paranoia, the very first paragraph of the only surviving Centaurian manuscript is a warning to hide. As for the big-headedness, a glance through the Talking With Foaly page should make it clear just how full of themselves these guys can be!



Similar to an elf, being about one meter tall with pointy ears, but a sprite's skin is green, and housing a set of wings.

 In regards to personality, sprites aren't too unusual. They have a normal intelligence level and no major flaws. They're usually in a good mood, so they are easy to get on with, and they love to fly, for any reason, at any place, at any time!



Pixie's have a very human-like appearance, except for being one meter tall with pointy ears.

 To describe their personalities, the phrase, "evil genius," comes to mind. Pixies are clever, on a par with centaurs in fact. The problem is that they are obsessed with power, and will do anything for it. Pixies look after number one, and care very little for others.

 As a side note, there is at least one pixie with a strong fetish for chocolate...



Goblins are very easily noticeable. They are under a meter tall, they have green, slimy skin, and a forked tongue which they use to lick their lidless eyes. Also, goblins travel faster when on all fours.

 To put it simply, goblins are thick. They are undeniably and scientifically stupid, but couple this with the fact they can conjure fireballs, and goblins can be quite lethal at times, even if it is by accident...

 Goblins are basically gangsters They are more of a nuisance than a threat, but their general cunning keeps them ever present on the LEP's wanted lists.



"Short, round and hairy," should adequately sum up a dwarf's appearance. Behind the straight-forward appearance however, dwarf's house a number of unique traits which you can read about in the Burglary Tips and Tricks page.

 Personality wise, dwarves aren't bad. They can be quite sensitive, with some criminal tendencies, but they usually aren't violent. Their sole love is to tunnel. After a while without tunnelling through the earth, dwarves will start to crave it. That is just how attached they are to it.>

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