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talking to foaly


Foaly is a genius, and irreplaceable in the LEP, but the worst part is, he knows it. This centaur doesn't think he gets enough appreciation, but he has gotten his own back by developing an attitude. 

If you have to deal with Foaly, you're guaranteed at least one sarcastic remark. You can try and fight back, but i for one wouldn't bet on you winning - after all, Foaly practises on every creature he meets! Otherwise, you can hope to avoid the brunt of it, and here are what i see as the three best ways to do that:


1 - Befriend him. This is a long-term solution, and obviously, not always an option. If you manage it though, you should be fairly immune, or maybe Holly is just special... 

2 - If you are one of his superiors, there is a way to fight back. Foaly may not be bothered by empty threats of being fired, but he definitely takes budget cut threats seriously! The downside is that Foaly is likely to sulk, and could easily get his own back on you through some computer trick...

3 - Respect him! Show an interest in what he says, with a stream of compliments that he is the best - and if you really want to hit the jackpot: ask him some questions, just to give him more chances to show off! This is the best option for people new to him, but there is one danger: Foaly is smart, and if he sees through your act, you'll be in trouble then...



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