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As you know, the holiday season is quickly approaching. I, for one, am glad. I can’t wait for vacation, Christmas cookies, skating parties, and presents.

Speaking of presents, we at FG have decided to do a little thing of our own this year. Because traditional presents are not really an option, we are hosting an Artemis Fowl holiday fanfiction exchange. Here’s how it works:
•If you wish to participate, e-mail or PM me, carino (rocket_girl_2@yahoo.com), with a prompt of the fic you would like to have someone write for you. Prompts should include your preferred Character(s)/Pairings, a few words explaining what you want, and further specifications, such as anything you do or do not want to see. For example, I might prompt:

Playing chess is about more than whose King gets taken first
Internal monologue-either character’s POV. NO straight-up romance.


Myles & Beckett
Expectations, hopes, what it means to be a Fowl
AU in which Arremis was not gone the first years.

Remember, connecting two character’s names with a slash (/) denotes a romantic pairing, whereas ampersand (&) simply means that both are mentioned, as friends or as specified by the prompter.

•On December first, a list will be posted of all prompts. Each participant should look through them and claim one, again by e-mailing or PMing me. EACH PROMPTER MUST ALSO WRITE A FIC! This is to ensure that every participant gets something. I will verify your claim, then you may start writing. Claims will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis. If you do not make a claim within the first week, I will pull your prompt from the list.


Once the prompts are claimed:


• Write your fic! Please remember to follow all of your prompter’s guideline, and also, get a beta. This fic is someone’s Christmas present, so try to make it as shiny as possible. Because this is for the forum, we must ask that you keep all fics rated PG-13 or lower.
• Sometime before December 20, please send me a link to your fic.
• I will post the links to each fic sometime before Christmas, and everyone’s day will be made a bit brighter by the gift of fic!



If you have any questions, just ask them in the comments section and we will do our best to answer them. 🙂


Happy prompting!

Hey everyone!

With all that’s been going on this year we’ve started these late. But here they are again, the annual Fangathering awards! Where you can nominate your fellow users for all sorts of prestigious awards, such as the “Fangathering Ate my Homework” award and “Pirate of the Year.”

The competition is, as usual, extremely tight.

The Mechanics

  • Each category will have its own thread. During the nominations period, these category threads shall be locked.
  • I will pin another important thread, the Nominations thread where we can all nominate other members for each specific category.
  • Nominations are unlimited, but you can’t nominate yourself.
  • The nomination period begins today, February 2nd, and shall end on February 16th.


  • Each person may vote for a maximum of three people per category where a voter’s first choice is given three points, the second choice two points, and the third choice one point.
  • Voting will be made public. One can vote by simply posting and assigning points on the category threads.
  • Logically, you also are not allowed to vote for yourself.
  • Voting begins a day after nominations, February 17th, and ends on February 27th, just in time for the next installment of FanGathering’s newsletter, The Haven Herald.

Like last year’s awards, each winner gets a 30 post boost to their post count, and of course, bragging rights for the next year. :P

And just a little reminder: please do remember that this is all for fun! :jump:
The Categories

The Location.

To see the forum go here.

To nominate your favourite users go here

Remember everyone, it isn’t about winning or losing, it’s just about having fun. The awards aren’t all that serious, so just be silly with them. XD

Good luck to everyone!

Probably, you’re going to scroll down past the next paragraph and go straight to reading the winners. We can’t blame you for that. But when you’re done, scroll back up and read what you’ve skipped. It’s not just a block of text to get in your way. :D

This was a really hard decision. Yes, it’s cliché to say so, but it really was- at first, there was a worry that we wouldn’t get any entries at all, and then we got so many good ones that the judging was really difficult. Difficult enough that rather than just announce a winner, we’ve also added second and third places, as well as a few honorable mentions.

And participation was at such a great level that we’re hoping to have challenges more regularly from now on. :D

And so, without further ado…

Honorable Mentions

Lost, by BlackOpal

Failure, by Target Aquired

The Twins, by Kierisa12

Third Place:

Intentionally Oblivious, by Moonlite Knight

Second Place:

Regrettable, by Helen

First Place:

A Mock Turtle’s Story, by mockturtle

Congratulations, authors! :D Thanks to everyone who entered- seriously, we’re exceptionally grateful. And thank you to everyone on the forum who helped out with planning and judging the challenge.

If you missed the challenge, be sure to go back and read some of the submissions- they’re excellent. The “Challenge Entries” category will be left up for a few more days so you can look through them.

Thanks again everyone!

-The Judges

Oh, and any entrant who’d like the judges’ constructive criticism on their entry- including the winners- can email or PM one of us and we’ll send it to you.

The ‘Five Times’ ChallengeThe fanfiction archive staff is challenging any interested Fowl fan to write a fanfiction about the the five times something happened to any of the characters. It could be almost anything- for example, “The five times Mulch regretted stealing something”, or “The five times Foaly doubted his ingenuity”, or “The five times Holly almost gave up”… basically, the five times [insert character name here][insert something interesting that happened to them here].

The entries will be judged by MMK, Star Jinin, and Meova. The winner’s story will be moved into the ‘Editor’s Choice’ category, and featured in Fangathering’s newsletter, The Haven Herald. Also, the winner’s future comments on the archive will be outlined, the way editors’ comments are outlined (but in a different color).

How to enter:

1. Write a story (don’t forget this part, it’s very important).
2. Post it in the new ‘Challenge Submissions’ category on the archive. Be sure to put it into another category too (action, romance, etc.) so that it doesn’t disappear when the challenge is over.
3. Email your entry, or a link to your entry, to bibliophile17@gmail.com (my email address) to make sure the judges know its there.All submissions should be sent by December 7, 2008. The winner will be announced sometime shortly after that.

Challenge Rules:

1. All submissions must follow the archive rules. You should take note that this also means that spelling and grammar will be considered when we judge.
2. All entries must be one-shots, and therefore in their completed form when they’re submitted. You can not update them later.
3. There is a minimum of 500 words (although a good entry will almost definitely take more than that). There is no maximum word count, as long as it’s all submitted at once (see above).
4. No crossovers, sorry. This also means that you can’t insert yourself into the story. It has to take place in the normal AF universe- but you can create new characters within that world, of course.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments (but stay on-topic, please!).

Most importantly, have fun! We’re all looking forward to reading your entries.

Back in early August, FanGathering‘s very own Artemis Fowl Forum global moderator and Artemis Fowl FanFiction administrator BlackOpal was lucky enough to go on an awesome trip to Europe. Part of the itinerary was to see Eoin Colfer live on his Faires, Fiends, and Flatulence show. Lucky girl! 😛 Here’s her account of this amazing experience.

The Poster at the Train station.
The Poster at the Train

When my family arrived in Epsom to see Eoin Colfer, we were absolutely delighted to be greeted by a Fairies, Fiends and Flatulence poster at the train station. While walking to the playhouse, we saw many more. The workers in the local book shops were all wearing t-shirts. The town seemed very excited for their special guest.

We arrived at the playhouse early, and I tried to bury my fears. I had a gut feeling that, at sixteen years of age, I would be the oldest “child” there. That delusion was smashed as soon as I entered the theatre. I wasn’t the oldest! I was at most the median.

There were many children. And there were many teenagers of sixteen, seventeen, even twenty years of age. Eoin Colfer drew quite a crowd. The variety in the theatre was amazing. People of all ages wearing clothes of all styles walked in carrying piles of books under their arms to be signed by the author.

Eoin Colfer entered with a dramatic shroud of dry ice, and he instantly claimed that he was not responsible for that little bit of flatulence.

The line to get the books signed.
The line to get the books signed.

He was hilarious. If he hadn’t been an author, he could have made it as a stand up comic. I laughed until my sides split. He recounted his childhood, and explained where his inspiration for the Artemis Fowl characters came from.

My parents, who expected to be bored out of their minds, laughed as much, and maybe more, than any of us children. They understood the trials of parenthood too well.

I never expected to have my parents quote Eoin Colfer to me for days after the show. My Dad even said that it was “funnier than Spamalot”, which was a musical by Monty Python that we saw earlier in the week.

Colfer eventually came to the Q&A portion, which was very interesting. We found out that Holly was based off of his wife (he said that he wasn’t very good at writing female characters, and he followed his wife around trying to get her to do something girly, and you know Holly). The highlight of that portion was when a girl my age asked, “Are Artemis and Holly going to… uhm… well… you know…?”

After that we proceeded outside into the main building to get books signed. Eoin Colfer was very cordial, and he signed our books, quite impressed that we made it all the way there from Canada.

He signed books for my sister, my brother my cousin and I. And, of course, he signed a paper for Fangathering.

The signature. Click for a larger version.
The signature. It says, “To all the fans at Fangathering.com Keep on gathering! EC.
Click for a larger version.

It was a great experience. My sister just started reading the books, because she wanted to meet the author, but didn’t want to do so without reading Artemis Fowl. She was not disappointed. In fact, I’m afraid that she is now obsessed. I’d recommend the show to adults and children, even if they haven’t read a single book.

Thanks to MMK, we have the code from the new Time Paradox book decoded. It has no spoilers from the book, so it’s safe to read! It’s a series of communications between Opal and Vinyaya, with Opal begging for an early release from prison.

You can read the first part of it below, and you’ll find the rest of it on the codes page.

From the collected correspondence of Opal Koboi. A series of letters between Opal Koboi, inmate number 1 100 0 101, Atlantis maximum security penitentiary, and Wing Commander Vinyaya, Haven Council.


My dear Wing Commander,
While I realize that my first probation hearing is not due for four hundred years, I feel that it would be in the people’s best interests to release me before then. After all, the humans are becoming more sophisticated daily and a genius such as my self will be needed to ensure that fairy technology remains superior to human technology.

Click here to read the rest. Thanks again MMK!

Remember how the Artemis Fowl books were re-published in the UK a while ago? Each republished version of the books had a new code to decipher. Thanks to Kristian Haaber, we now have the codes to the first 3 books!

Check them out:

  • Artemis Fowl –  Artemis foils a scheme and gets his name in the paper for the first time.
  • The Arctic Incident – Guess what a fairy’s favorite food is. Stinkworms! 🙂
  • The Eternity Code – Bottoms up. The fairy card game where you win by losing.

We’ll post the others when we get them. Enjoy these, and thanks again to Kristian! 😀

whoisartemisfowl.jpgThanks to Eoin’s blog, we’ve heard that there is a free Artemis Fowl companion book with the Summer issue of Match.

Match is a football (Soccer) magazine, only available in the UK (I think!). From their website, here’s what the mini-book is about:

Artemis Fowl mini book! Find out who Artemis is, read about his stories, top ten moments, play quizzes and more!

Colfer’s blog also says there will be “Eoin Colfer on “Artemis Fowl from How to Now” plus Eoin talks heroes,” and “a never seen before sneak preview of Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox.”

If you can’t get your hands on a copy of the magazine though, you can still watch Eoin’s tour videos. Just go to the US Artemis Fowl site and click the “Videos” link. Currently there are two vids, from Chicago and Seattle, and more will be added as the tour goes on!

af-ttp.jpgFor those of you lucky enough to live in the USA, The Time Paradox comes out today. Are you going to get it?

For the UK, we have to wait until the 7th August, but if you pre-order on Amazon UK now, there’s 50% off.

To whet your apetite for it, we have all the details on the book on our Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox page.

And Colfer has been busy promoting it of course! You should check out his interviews on Dadspace (talks mostly about Colfer’s approach to parenting) and Chapters.Indigo.ca (talks about Eoin and his experiences as an author).

You can also see a fan’s early review on Colfer’s blog (He says it’s even better than Airman!).

And lastly, another fan has just started up a podcast (Basically internet radio, if you’ve never heard the term before!) about Artemis Fowl. The first episode talks about his predictions for the book. You can download it here. Enjoy!

The official US Artemis Fowl website has just been given an amazing new look and loads of cool new features! The countdown for July 15th has begun! (Note: UK fans would be waiting for August 7th for the release.)

If you live in the US or Canada, you may also be able to see Eoin Colfer’s Faries, Fiends, and Flatulence show live via simulcast in a bookstore near you!

Visit the Official US Artemis Fowl site for more details.

Do check out FG’s The Time Paradox page (updated! 😛 ) for a full synopsis, courtesy of the official US site:

After disappearing for three years, Artemis Fowl has returned to a life different from the one he left. Now hes [sic] a big brother, and spends his days teaching his twin siblings the important things in life, such as how to properly summon a waiter at a French restaurant.

But when Artemis [sic] mother contracts a life threatening illness, his world is turned upside down. [MORE]

(Huge thanks to LEP for the heads-up.)

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