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Write to Eoin Colfer

FanGathering is launching a project to allow Artemis Fowl fans all over the world to write to Eoin Colfer, as one collective group. Anyone is welcome to join in, and it’s very easy to do! You write your letter online, send it to us, we will group them all together, print them and post them to Colfer.
To join in, simply write your message, and email it to colfer[at]fangathering[dot]com. You will get a message back letting you know that we’ve received it.

Getting Creative

You can of course do a little more than sending a plain letter if you wish. Feel free to download the letter template below, and edit it whatever way you want to jazz it up with some colour, fan art, fanfiction or anything else you like! 🙂

Templates: Microsoft Word Document or JPG image (Please email entries to the same address, with the letter as an attachment).

Two Rules

1 – Your letter is limited to one page, and must use the template provided. (If you send a text email, we will do the templating for you. Just make sure you it’s less than about 600 words max. )
2 – You accept that all letters will be screened before being sent. If you include anything rude, offensive or inappropriate, we won’t send it. If you’re unsure, feel free to ask us.

So, are you up for joining in and writing to your favourite author? 😀