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Each month, the Newsletter Team chooses to award six people for their excellence within the community, FanArt gallery, and FanFiction Archive. The work of the Newsletter Team is highly classified and can only be persuaded by using hard cash. To win the Newbie of the Month Award, you must be a registered forum member for less than 45 days and/or have less than 80 forum posts.

Member of the Month – TomRK1089
TomRK1089, a regular poster and member in the forums, is given the award for Member of the Month for his fun and friendly personality. Everything from politics to Artemis Fowl, TomRK1089 always has something insightful to say even if it is a topic about gun ownership rights. Each post of his adds a distinct outside-the-box point of view and he always makes a point to tell it. More about Tom: He is a co-leader of the Legacy Project which actively takes a different approach to government supervision and power.

Newbie of the Month – PhoenixStarr
This month’s awardee is Fan Art Gallery artist, fan fiction writer, and FG forum member PhoenixStarr. Wielding a Wacom graphics tablet, a bunch of micro pens, Photoshop, and her own artistic know-how, she makes it a point to showcase her unique styles in all her work. Although she has been an active Fan Art contributor for nearly six months now (she doesn’t like it when people go off-topic when commenting her artwork!), her recent posts as a forum newbie have all been a joy to read. Thank you, PhoenixStarr, for your valuable contributions! Here’s to many more fun-filled moments at FanGathering!

Avatar of the Month – I_dont_get_it
The Avatar of the Month Award goes to I_dont_get_it. She has the most light-hearted, simple, and cute avatar making her a well-deserving person for this award. I_dont_get_it has been a loyal FG member for more than a year. She contributed to the forum so much, and now, she is an irreplaceable member of our community. Randomness and philosophy are what describes her best, and putting a smile on peopleโ€™s faces is her greatest interest.

Signature of the Month – darvit
The -1000 Movement
“The -1000 movement.” A movement? To minus one thousand? What on earth could that be? Well, it’s the movement that has taken the forum by storm. Every other signature is sporting one of darvit’s fantastic little badges! The -1000 movement started off as a joke, in the attempt to count backwards to -1000 in the 1000 thread, but has spiraled into a full party with plans for “Total anarchy.” I fear for the future, but in the meantime, you can’t help but smile at the shiny signatures, and feel patriotically obliged to participating in this great endeavor.

Congratulations on sparking such a following darvit, and for making such great little sigs of course!

FanFiction of the Month – Minerva’s Life
Dubbed as “a work of art” by FanGathering forum moderator and fan fiction archive editor BlackOpal, minervagirl100‘s story, Minerva’s Life, takes on a popular and favorite route: a focus on Minerva during Artemis’ stay in another realm. In a gentle, part wishful, part wistful tone, minervagirl100 narrates her side of the story and a little bit more: a girl’s longing, the pains of early adolescence, and the joys of waiting. Make sure to read this gem of a short story. Congratulations, minervagirl100!

FanArt of the Month – Vinyaya Rocks
The winner of the award this month is Vinyaya Rocks, for her fantastic portrayal of Minerva. To the detriment of A/H shippers, if it’s brains Arty is after, then Minerva has to be the one, and Vinyaya has shown this off perfectly. Everything from her folded-arms pose, to her schoolgirl outfit emphasizes the intelligence, and cocky nature, of this second child genius. Well done Vinyaya, and I have to say that I love your little watermark. Also worth noting are emeeryn_fowl’s colorful Juliet, and noby’s most recent water colored Artemis.

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15 responses to “The Haven Herald.” Join in!

  1. hEllO ouT tHerE! August 11th, 2007 at 8:56 am 1


    p.s I am now using a chain for my Bobby

  2. I think I am certainly not the first and definitely not the last to say…The Haven Herald ROCKS! The comparison between Artemis/Minerva and Artemis/Holly ‘ships’ was really interesting. I’m not exactly sure which one I agree with more, but I think I prefer A/H. They would be a sweet couple in being so odd…even mismatched. Really good work to everyone who helped with the newsletter. Excellent job!

  3. I think Artemis should end up with Holly because since he and Minerva are genii, and this is just in my opinion, they would just compete with each other and try to see who is the superior to who. But aside from this, The Haven Herald rocks!!! And I think the name is awesome! I hope more of these with be posted in the future. Once again, awesome job to whoever came up with the idea and to everyone who helped.

  4. Insightful Newsletter, got some very good points in there, enjoyed the shipping article very much so. Do more things like that. The members of the month, and the fanart and fan fiction of the month and things like that were also great ideas.

    Downsides: What was with the “Articles?” Preaching to your users about web safety and forum conduct is a bit of a, well, naff idea. I mean, littering it with AF themes and calling it “Mulch’s guide to a forum” doesn’t really do it for me. Focus on what the site is about, not stuffing it full of meaningless crap that, to be honest, we don’t want to hear. The reason we visit these sites is to have fun and to save fro sifting through mountains of information to find a line that tells us what we need, not to read stuff that gets forced down our throats at every occasion!

    Keep up the good work… and make it better next time!

  5. I think this rocks!!! =D Great job. What does the example 2 of netspeak say? I don’t speak netspeak… It’s confusing… Well, this rocks!! And like c said, don’t just add names to the articles if there is no real mention of them. The Foaly one was a good idea because it sounded like something Foaly would say. But Mulch’s posting forum? I didn’t think that went as smoothly. If it sounded like Mulch was actually explaining it, I would give a thumbs up. but it was helpful for the form changed. (like me) Well good job and I hope to see another one in a month!!
    bones out>>>>>

  6. Fowlgirl – We will be publishing this once a month, every second Saturday. ๐Ÿ™‚

    C – I’m sorry you felt that way, but those 2 articles were actually extremely important to us. The newsletter is supposed to foster a good community here. (That’s why we have all the awards. ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Those two articles may appear obvious, and pointless, to an experienced internet user, but they aren’t obvious to everyone. We have actually had a few cases here where people would have benefitted from this advice, e.g. They wouldn’t report problems because they didn’t want to bother us, or they worried that someone was stalking them.

    Don’t worry – The advice has been written now. We won’t be repeating them in future letters, but we will definitely be referencing them on the forum. They will be very useful. ๐Ÿ™‚

    flamingbones – lol – Fair enough. The Mulch part was just an attempt to give it a little bit of an AF theme. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad everyone liked the shipping article though! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. MaeveCrowArtemis August 13th, 2007 at 7:55 pm 7

    First of all I need to say that I’m very glad you all liked it.Your opinion is very important to us so thanks.
    I must agree with MichaelM about our two articles.They are very important for new ppl and new members.And theรฝ are realy describing our community.
    This is our first issue and we’ll try to make it better next time.

  8. hEllO ouT tHerE! August 23rd, 2007 at 12:56 am 8

    hi again, i know that this has nothing to do with the haven herald but whos read ‘the supernaturalist’ because on this site they have it wrong. it says that the parasites (un-spec4) suck the life force of people but they don’t. So i just thought that someone might be interested. ta ta

  9. I love it. Why Foaly may have a point is clever and funny.
    Long live the Haven Herald.

  10. what do you mean,hELLO ouT tHerE? I thought they did. Please explain…
    bones out>>>>>

  11. hEllO ouT tHerE! August 27th, 2007 at 3:46 am 11

    flaming bones the parasites never took life force they took pain. Lyk Ditto he lays his hands on them and takes their pain. An example of it is when Cosmo falls off the roof the parasite sucks up his pain, later on he says that as soon as it touched him his headache disappeared.

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  13. omg i cant wait for the next fowl book number six:-]

  14. ArTeMiS FoWl April 2nd, 2008 at 12:03 am 14

    lol matt

  15. artemislover18 July 17th, 2008 at 9:58 pm 15

    loved time paradox. read it in less than 3 hours. =]]especially artemis/holly. in my mind, it was perfect, even though i agree, min has a chance. ever since the beginning though, i have said they need to get together, cept my friends thought that would be weird. well here you go! i love it!the only thing about min is…. she’s a bit childish. she’s like a step down from artemis. she’s plenty smart, but i don’t think that she and artemis really have a bond together like holly and artemis do. and she doesn’t seem to really belong in the series, you know?

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