The Haven Herald, September 2020

Monthly Poll Results

This month, we’re pivoting back to the original Artemis Fowl books! We wanted to flip the script a bit and asked you who your favourite villain from the Artemis Fowl series is! Here’s how it turned out:

Seems like most of the voters agree that our anti-hero turned regular-hero is the villain of choice! Of the other choices, including the option to write in characters not offered, only Opal Koboi received any votes at all.

Cabaline had this to say about runner up Opal:

“My favourite villain is Opal Koboi! You really get to see her slide into complete madness but she is also written as a very intelligent and powerful woman. She’s a complex villain with many different motivations and you can clearly understand how she got to the point she did. She is only the only villain to actually make me hate her and to actually make me cry. Any villain that can emotionally manipulate me is a good one in my book!”


Want to have a say in the next poll? Head on over to The Poll Booth on the forum, and cast your vote in the September 2020 poll! What’s it about this time? Well, there’s more than one Eoin Colfer property getting an adaptation…

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  1. Happy 15th birthday FG <3 

  2. Happy 15th birthday indeed!I feel honored to have been named a Pillar for the second time :DAlthough honestly, FG is such a tight knit community, I feel like we’re all pillars.(FYI, the link to Mel Colored by Gaeliss Felin leads to an error for me)

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