The Haven Herald, September 2020

Pillars of the Community Awards

It’s time to find out who this month’s pillar of the community is! upstanding members of the community that have gone the extra mile to make this place special, will be getting a monthly honour! This honour will rotate on a monthly basis, and those who receive it will be placed in a special usergroup on the forum for all to admire. Being honoured this month we have:

  • Iris – Iris has been so proactive in the read along this month! When Cabaline was too busy to be able to take care of the reading schedule for the read along, Iris stepped up to the plate and reworked the schedule to make sure that everyone was included and no one fell behind. It was incredibly thoughtful and highlights the sense of community that flows freely on FG. This is Iris’ second time being honoured as a Pillar of the Community!

Previous honorees include AFRules12, HollyShort9, Percy Jackson(sorry), Felina, Iris, artymon I\/, p5ychic, Battery, and Cabaline. MichaelM remains the sole permanent Pillar of the Community.

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  1. Happy 15th birthday FG <3 

  2. Happy 15th birthday indeed!I feel honored to have been named a Pillar for the second time :DAlthough honestly, FG is such a tight knit community, I feel like we’re all pillars.(FYI, the link to Mel Colored by Gaeliss Felin leads to an error for me)

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