The Haven Herald, September 2020

Featured Art and Writing

This month, in keeping with the theme of anniversaries, we’re throwing it back again to showcase the two winners of the board awards from 2010!

First off, the winner of FanArt of the year: Mel Colored by Gaeliss Felin! This was a drawing of an original character in a book being written by the artist, and many commenters were impressed by the level of talent exhibited in the piece.

Secondly, the winner of FanFiction of the year (with a Rated T warning for some dark themes to do with violence and gore), the songfic “If I Lay Here.” by SeaBlue/Shadow Light! Coming from one of the old fanfiction site’s favorite writers, this short piece explores a potential war between fairies and humans, and Artemis and Holly’s place therein.

Can you believe those pieces are already ten years old? If you’re feeling as nostalgic as this Haven Herald contributor, you can head over to this thread to read about the rest of the winners of the fourth annual awards.

Want to see your art and/or writing featured here? Post something on the forum, or reach out to Battery with info on where we can find your work!

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  1. Happy 15th birthday FG <3 

  2. Happy 15th birthday indeed!I feel honored to have been named a Pillar for the second time :DAlthough honestly, FG is such a tight knit community, I feel like we’re all pillars.(FYI, the link to Mel Colored by Gaeliss Felin leads to an error for me)

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