The Haven Herald, September 2020

FanGathering News

This month our Count To thread reached 44030! This leaves us with only 36288 posts left to hit our milestone! Since reaching 40K on 17th February we have made an average of 20 posts per day, holding steady from last month! What a pace, well done everyone who has contributed so far!

Today also marks 200 days since reaching 40,000. The time went by so quickly!

The Artemis Fowl Read-Along is just wrapping up its final week of The Eternity Code! If you’re interested in participating, don’t worry about missing out, you can still join in on the discussion at any time and there is still plenty to look forward to with The Opal Deception coming next! You can join at any point, and now is the perfect time to jump in at the very beginning of a book!

FanGathering is celebrating its 15th birthday which is absolutely huge! Check out page 3 to see what everyone had to say in an ode to FG!

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  1. Happy 15th birthday FG <3 

  2. Happy 15th birthday indeed!I feel honored to have been named a Pillar for the second time :DAlthough honestly, FG is such a tight knit community, I feel like we’re all pillars.(FYI, the link to Mel Colored by Gaeliss Felin leads to an error for me)

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