The Haven Herald, September 2020

Artemis Fowl News

The AF Incident Report on twitter ran a series of Fowl themed events to celebrate all things Arty, and called it Fowl Fest 2020! From fanart and fanfic days with unique prompts, to headcanon day and meme day! Head on over to their twitter to catch up on all of the joyful celebrations.

We also discovered that Nic Cage is going to be welcomed to the Fowl Family! Nicolas Cage will be voicing the title character and executive produce a TV adaptation of Colfer’s adult series Highfire, for Amazon Prime! So keep an eye on the horizon for more news regarding voice actors and a release date!

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  1. Happy 15th birthday FG <3 

  2. Happy 15th birthday indeed!I feel honored to have been named a Pillar for the second time :DAlthough honestly, FG is such a tight knit community, I feel like we’re all pillars.(FYI, the link to Mel Colored by Gaeliss Felin leads to an error for me)

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