The Haven Herald, October 2020

Featured Writing & Art

This month, we’re throwing it back to a couple of old threads again, one of which has been recently revived!

Since most of us are still not able to go out and enjoy the world, this month’s featured story is an oldie by Site Team member cookieninja that features several FGers of the era spending time together at a theme park! Check out Another FanGathering Story to get some vicarious gathering in.

On the art side of things, we’re featuring fellow Site Team member Amber Root’s thread Amy’s Workshop! There you can see some of her work from all the way back in 2012 – and she’s just updated this September with some new work, so you can see firsthand how much talent and growth she has cultivated over the years! For a little bit more on Amy, check out the next page.

Want to see your art and/or writing featured here? Post something on the forum, or reach out to Battery with info on where we can find your work!

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  1. Congratulation, Amy! You deserve it!

  2. Oml, thank you guys so much, love you all! ;w;

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