The Haven Herald, November 2020

Pillars of the Community Awards

It’s time to find out who this month’s pillar of the community is! Upstanding members of the community that have gone the extra mile to make this place special, will be getting a monthly honour! This honour will rotate on a monthly basis, and those who receive it will be placed in a special usergroup on the forum for all to admire.  Being honoured this month we have: 

  • Cabaline – In the midst of an unprecedentedly difficult year for many of us, Cabaline shared with us a lengthy list of mental health resources that she has compiled over time. Her care for the community and initiative to act on that care is just one example of her shining contributions to FG, and it’s no surprise that this is her second time earning this award!

If you’d like to read the list Cabaline provided, you can find it here.

Previous honorees include AFRules12, HollyShort9, Percy Jackson(sorry), Felina, Iris, artymon I\/, p5ychic, and Battery. MichaelM remains the sole permanent Pillar of the Community.

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