The Haven Herald, November 2020

Featured Writing & Art

We’re throwing it back to a pair of old threads again, this month!

November’s featured art thread is by our retired moderator, A-Passing-Bookworm! APB drew several FGers in a larger piece that captures the FG spirit – especially of the time, mid-2010 – perfectly. Check out the thread on the forum and see if you can pick out all the members she drew!

November’s featured writing is “Peppermint Winter” by Site Team member CaptainMiraKelp. Those of us who have been in fan spaces for a long time will remember the old tradition of the songfic – and this is a great example! Set to Owl City’s song of the same name, Mira’s piece depicts FanGathering celebrating Christmas together – it’s a perfect time capsule of FG memories. You can read Peppermint Winter on the forum here.

Want to see your art and/or writing featured here? Post something on the forum, or reach out to Battery with info on where we can find your work!

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