The Haven Herald, June 2020

Monthly Poll Result

This month, to start off our monthly poll series, we asked our members to vote on their favorite Artemis Fowl book! We are pleased to reveal the results as follows:

The Opal Deception takes the win! AFRules12 had this to say in the replies:

I always loved The Opal Deception. I haven’t got that far yet in my re-read and I can’t really remember why but I remember becoming really immersed in the story, I was so worried about Holly. I also remember finding it hilarious, there was something to do with truffles that I found very funny.


Does this poll have you thinking about re-reading your favorite AF book? Come swing by the Artemis Fowl Read-Along and read with a group of FGers! We’re just wrapping up our group read and discussion of The Arctic Incident, and would love to see some new faces for The Eternity Code and onwards.

Want to have a say in the next poll? Head on over to The Poll Booth on the forum, and cast your vote in the June 2020 poll! This month’s topic? Here’s a hint: what else is happening today in the world of Artemis Fowl? 🤔

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  1. Wow! Great job you guys! Thank you for writing this for us.It’s lovely to read all these updates. And I’m rather flattered to be a Pillar of the Community 😉

  2. So cool to see the Haven Herald back everyone, awesome job!! Love the poll results, can’t say I disagree tbh! 😆(haha, I really appreciate the Pillars shoutout, but you all deserve wayyyyy more credit than me! FG’s entirely about the community here, yous rock!)

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