The Haven Herald, June 2020

Pillars of the Community Awards

In a new section to the Haven Herald we have decided that those upstanding members of the community that have gone the extra mile to make this place special, will be getting a monthly honour! This honour will rotate on a monthly basis. Those who have been honoured this month will receive a brand new role ‘Pillar of the Community’ to show off until the next Herald. Being honoured this month we have:

  • MichaelM – For keeping the lights on for all these years. For going above and beyond to, not just host this place for us (using real money), but to keep this place up to date regularly and come running with help any time there’s a crash or an issue. This place wouldn’t even be without him. He is the original pillar of the whole community!
  • Felina (Kitty) and Iris – For keeping our intrepid count going and stopping this place from gathering dust when logins were at an all-time low. Without them, we couldn’t have hit the count or had our amazing reunion once we hit it. And it’s thanks to them that we are so renewed and enthused for our new count goal!
  • artymon I\/ – For keeping fiction alive on FG. For continuing to keep this place as a creative outlet for a variety of emotions and staying dedicated to his art form, with new posts and stories on a regular basis.
  • p5ychic – For bringing FG into the present with the official discord server. For allowing us an immediate port of contact that can help us all stay in touch better and share news faster.
  • Battery – For being an enthusiastic leader, and for being so organised and eager to work on great ideas and deliver fantastic content for FG. For always being so cheery and easy to work with, and a joy to experience this site with.
  • Cabaline – For coming back to the site and breathing new life into it; for being a constant source of positivity and a perpetual inspiration, a caring member of the community, and a creative and dedicated team member whose ideas and dedication make FG a better place.

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  1. Wow! Great job you guys! Thank you for writing this for us.It’s lovely to read all these updates. And I’m rather flattered to be a Pillar of the Community 😉

  2. So cool to see the Haven Herald back everyone, awesome job!! Love the poll results, can’t say I disagree tbh! 😆(haha, I really appreciate the Pillars shoutout, but you all deserve wayyyyy more credit than me! FG’s entirely about the community here, yous rock!)

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