The Haven Herald, June 2020

Featured Artist & Author

Each month, the Haven Herald will be showcasing the talents of one artist and one writer within the FanGathering community.

Featured Artist – Kitty

This month’s featured artist is Kitty! Kitty draws a variety of different art including avatars and self-expressionist memetic pieces! Check them out below with her comments:

“TBH i’m most proud of this thing i’m sorry if it’s too memetic for you”

Kitty (Felina)

“And this is my boi Scam.”

Kitty (Felina)

Featured Author – Cabaline

This month’s featured author is Cabaline. Cabaline is a content writer for the website Hubpages and has published 102 articles to date. Our admin Battery conducted a short interview with her to learn more about her process:

What made you decide to write articles?

Honestly, initially, money! I read lots of people saying that they earned nice pocket money writing for certain websites. I knew I was a good writer since I did very well at it in school, and I wrote a lot of highly marked essays and scientific reports at university. I wanted to try something new so I checked out all of the different websites and settled on the one I liked best. It was easy enough to break into and I found I enjoyed it more than I thought! Then my focus changed and I loved managing my social media for it, and using Canva to make professional looking headers etc. It’s now a wonderful hobby of mine and one of my most favourite outlets! I highly recommend it!

What is your favourite type of article to write?

I could not choose even if I tried! I would be hopeless at having a blog because I could never ever stick to a niche! I most enjoy writing about food, science, gaming, health and well being, and reviews. Which is loads I know, but I just write anything that takes my fancy as soon as inspiration strikes.

Are you working on something right now?

Not at the moment, and I actually have finished my list of all of the articles that I had planned, which feels great but also makes me feel like I’m out of ideas! I have an ongoing mythology series which I could pick up next, but I also love to write reviews so I might review a couple of my most recent purchases too. It’s times like these that I like to make a list of everything I could write. After making a list I sometimes allow my twitter followers to vote on the next article, I like letting people tell me what they want to read!

To see all of Cabaline’s works you can see her writing profile here.

To keep up with Cabaline’s future work you can see her twitter here (with links to her other socials).

To start writing for yourself and begin a new hobby/side-gig sign up here.

Would you like the Haven Herald to feature your art or writing? Post some of your work on the board, or reach out to Battery on the forum with info on where we can find it elsewhere! It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you last logged on, or whether your piece is related to Artemis Fowl; we want to give our talented FGers the spotlight.

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  1. Wow! Great job you guys! Thank you for writing this for us.It’s lovely to read all these updates. And I’m rather flattered to be a Pillar of the Community 😉

  2. So cool to see the Haven Herald back everyone, awesome job!! Love the poll results, can’t say I disagree tbh! 😆(haha, I really appreciate the Pillars shoutout, but you all deserve wayyyyy more credit than me! FG’s entirely about the community here, yous rock!)

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