The Haven Herald, July 2020

Book Recommendations

Perhaps you are keen to read something new, rather than reread something? If that is the case then we have you covered! We have 3 featured book recommendations from current and retired users, which should give you enough variety to find something you enjoy!

On top of that, you can think of this page as something of a time capsule; each of these recommendations was written in 2011, almost a decade ago!

Brain Jack by Brian Falkner (recommended by admin Battery)

Not so very far in the future, the world is a different place. Las Vegas has been wiped out in a terrorist attack, and neuro-headsets, the new innovation allowing the wearer to pilot a computer using only his or her mind, are the new craze. But there’s something fishy about the headsets, and Sam Wilson, an elite young hacker, is determined to get to the bottom of it.

Brain Jack is fast-paced and gripping, the kind of book you just can’t put down. It’s a funny read, and a smart one; the author does not dumb down the language for the sake of younger readers, giving it a very real feeling. The perfect mix of action, comedy, and techno-thriller.

Virals by Kathy Reichs (recommended by site-team member FowlStar)

For each and every one of those sci-fi mystery fans, those who love a thriller, and plenty of action, I heartily suggest Virals. Wonderfully crafted, experienced authoress Reichs creates an astounding mystery surrounding a fifty-year-old murder… and a pack of human-wolf hybrids.

Enrapturing and daring, Tory Brennan will capture your heart as she and her friends race to solve a heinous crime, as well as finally prove that they aren’t the liars everyone suspects. Armed with deliciously dry humor that comes with a fresh, cheeky teenager-esque mentality, and a unique perspective of the world, readers will be amazed and thirst for more of this adventurous group.

With a host of new abilities, these group of “Sci-philes”, as dubbed by Reichs, will tackle on an adventure for a lifetime.

“They are a pack.
They are VIRALS.”

The Young Wizards Series by Diane Daune – Book One: So You Want To Be a Wizard (recommended by retired admin Bang Your Drum)

While hiding from a group of bullies, twelve year old Nita Callahan discovers a book instructing how to become a wizard. Wizards exist to fight the Lone Power and it’s creation, entropy, the decay and death of the universe. Wizards learn a universal tongue called The Speech which can be used to communicate with cats, trees, and even machines. After Nita takes the oath to become a wizard, she soon finds herself on her initiation, along with another novice wizard and a sentient white hole. Someone has stolen a extremely important book has gone missing and Nita and Kit (the other novice) and Fred (the white hole) must fetch it before reality itself begins to decay.

Written over the course of nearly thirty years, one will witness the development of technology over the course of the books, from electric typewriters to wiz pods (several pre-programed spells which you can “play”) magic itself is remarkably like computer programming. The series is written by a woman also known for her Star Trek novels. The books also contain numerous nerdy Easter eggs, from the fifth Doctor appearing to Sailor Moon fan dubs.

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