The Haven Herald, July 2020

Monthly Poll Result

This month, to tie in with the release of the movie, we asked our members to vote on whether or not they were planning on watching it! We are pleased to reveal the results as follows:


It seems like our members are fairly evenly split! Most FGers who voted either have already seen the movie or intend to do so.

Josephine Fowl shared her opinion with us in the replies:

I voted “No but plan to”, but I’ll be honest I’m uncertain whether I actually want to. After waiting for so long for the movie to finally come out, it saddens me to hear the poor reviews. Especially reviews from fans of the series who barely recognize major characters in the movie. I have yet to hear a positive review from anyone, and it worries me.

Josephine Fowl

If you’re among the number who has seen the movie, come discuss it with us on the forum! For now, we’re asking everyone to keep spoilers to the movie board – but we have a dedicated thread for reactions to and discussions of the movie where we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Want to have a say in the next poll? Head on over to The Poll Booth on the forum, and cast your vote in the July 2020 poll! This month’s topic? Here’s a hint: what is likely to be the best new Fowl content this year? 🤔

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