The Haven Herald, July 2020

Pillars of the Community

In a new section to the Haven Herald we have decided that those upstanding members of the community that have gone the extra mile to make this place special, will be getting a monthly honour! This honour will rotate on a monthly basis. Those who have been honoured this month will receive a brand new role ‘Pillar of the Community’ to show off. Being honoured this month we have:

  • HollyShort9 – For thinking to check in on us despite the fact that she has a busy life and a wonderful new career just starting! Also for always making sure that every time she logs in, she brightens the place by adding to the “Positive News Daily” thread whenever she can, and spread the cheer.
  • Percy Jackson (sorry) – For bringing new energy to the forums and helping to refresh the face of the userbase. For adding new debate topics for us to discuss, and for starting fun discussions in the poll booth that got us all reminiscing.

Previous honorees include Felina, Iris, artymon I\/, p5ychic, Battery, and Cabaline. MichaelM, as a small thanks for his constant support of FanGathering (and creating it in the first place!) has been made the sole permanent Pillar of the Community.

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