The Haven Herald, July 2020

Featured Artist & Author

Huge thanks to both our artist and our author for sharing their time and work with us! 🙂

Featured Artist: Iris

This month, our featured artist is the newly-renamed Iris, who has shared some truly amazing pieces with us! Firstly, as a blast from the past, here are two pieces from her early FG days that the team loved.

Cabaline chose this piece because the stunning aura of the person in the picture jumped out at her, and made her want to know more about their background and their story.
Dragon's eye
Battery chose this piece for the amazing detail! You can really see the different textures of each surface.

And now, something more recent – this time, in a slightly different medium. Iris was kind enough to share this awesome piece that some lucky people will get to see in real life every day!

During the pandemic, we’ve had to cancel a lot of appointments and had little to do. So it was the perfect time to decorate one of the rooms at the office! Using images from the internet as a base, I got to turn it into a dinosaur room.


Featured Author: artymon I\/

Artymon writes many fiction pieces and his primary characters are well known on the forum as they get themselves in and out of scrapes!

We got in touch with artymon to ask a few questions about his process.

What type of things do you typically write? Short stories? Lengthier pieces?

Both, my majority of writing would fall under more short story, though there are a few as-of-yet unpublished pieces that are around novel length.

What’s your favorite/least favorite thing about writing?

Oh boy, I’d say my two greatest foes are editing and getting caught in a rut, trying to decide how a scene or story should go. Favorite thing with writing is getting lost in my imagination, when you have such a streak with writing, it’s akin to that infamous runner’s high.

What is your usual writing pace?

It varies. Some days I charge through letters and sentences like Mulch through dirt….and other days they get backed up and…..also similar to Mulch. 😀

What or who are some of your biggest influences and/or inspirations?

I tend to end up stealing a little bit from a lot of sources…probably most prominently, my favorite authors are Dean Koontz and Stephen King. Dean has a wry tongue in cheek humor, similar to Eoin. Unwittingly, I ended up stealing a calling card of sorts from Stan Lee – those abominable alliterations!

What’s something you wish you’d known when you started writing?

The lottery numbers for the following day. Then that would be the only writing we’d have to do, heh heh.

Advice I would give to Past /\rtymon, and any aspiring artist (at their own risk), would again see me blatantly thieving more words of wisdom. Don’t quit until the picture’s complete, even if it doesn’t come out great. Learn from that one and try again on the next go. Only by practicing do you hone your craft, whether it’s writing, drawing, creating music, or whatever your “thing” is.

What is your personal favorite piece of yours?

Knowing me, I probably could never pick a favorite – they’re all equally terrible! 😛

My favorite, for the moment, would be Branded. There’s a plethora of stories and adventures of “the Quartet” that have been documented through the years, but in Branded, we get a peek into the future and see the Quartet slightly settled down and see that the cycle of adventures will continue with their children.

Are you working on something right now?

A writer’s work is never finished! Idle minds are the devil’s playground. Currently, I just finished a Mattias story and just started working on yet another Joey and Quacksalot tale.

Want to see your art and/or writing featured here? Post a piece or two on the forum, or reach out to Battery with info on where we can find your work!

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