The Haven Herald, August 2020

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This month, we’re pivoting back to the books for a while! We wanted to know whether you’ve read the first of Eoin Colfer’s sequel series, The Fowl Twins, yet – and if you had, what you thought of it. Here’s how it turned out:

It seems like sentiment towards the first Fowl Twins book is more positive than not, even among those of us who have yet to read it. Only one person had no interest at all in reading the book, and 100% of responders who had read the book to the end reported enjoying it. A significant boost from the Artemis Fowl Movie poll last month, where even though we didn’t ask for thoughts on quality, plenty were offered and few were positive! It looks like we can still rely on Mr. Colfer to deliver enjoyable Fowl universe material.

AFRules12, who has read the book, had this to say:

I prefer the original AF series, but this was a good, fun read, and it was so nice to go back into that universe. There were some nice references to the original series. I think it is definitely geared towards younger readers, so I had that in mind when I was reading it, I think I would definitely have enjoyed it a lot more if I read it when I was the age I first read AF. The main thing that I didn’t like about it was the tone of the writing sometimes, it just seemed like it was trying to be clever by teasing what was going to happen next, but I probably would have liked that when I was 10 XD


Both of your Haven Herald editors also mentioned in the replies that they would be more inclined towards reading and/or finishing the book with the FanGathering read-along, which is currently in the middle of The Eternity Code.

If you’re among the number who has read The Fowl Twins, come discuss it with us on the forum! And don’t forget the sequel releases this October.

Want to have a say in the next poll? Head on over to The Poll Booth on the forum, and cast your vote in the August 2020 poll! Here’s a hint about the topic: who’s good at being bad?

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  1. Well at first I didn’t know what the series was about but now that I read the summary I’m really interested of getting the book

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