The Haven Herald, August 2020

Pillars of the Community Awards

In a new section to the Haven Herald we have decided that those upstanding members of the community that have gone the extra mile to make this place special, will be getting a monthly honour! This honour will rotate on a monthly basis. Those who have been honoured this month will receive a brand new role ‘Pillar of the Community’ to show off. Being honoured this month we have:

  • AFRules12 – Affy has been very active across the site recently and has jumped into the read-along! She has breathed new life into the read-along and has added some really thoughtful and interesting thoughts on the story, which have definitely generated discussion, it has been a joy to have her involved!

Previous honorees include HollyShort9, Percy Jackson(sorry), Felina, Iris, artymon I\/, p5ychic, Battery, and Cabaline. MichaelM remains the sole permanent Pillar of the Community.

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  1. Well at first I didn’t know what the series was about but now that I read the summary I’m really interested of getting the book

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