The Haven Herald, August 2020

FanGathering News

This month our Count To thread reached 43781! This leaves us with only 36537 posts left to hit our milestone! Since reaching 40K on 17th February we have made an average of 22 posts per day! What a pace, well done everyone who has contributed so far!

The Artemis Fowl Read-Along is now midway through The Eternity Code! If you’re interested in participating, it’s still early enough to catch up, and there is still plenty to look forward to! You can join at any point! We’ve had some fun discovering a few differences between various editions, this time around. What color is the C Cube for you? 🤔

The shoutbox has been very busy with the release of the movie with new members sharing their opinions and old members checking back in after years! If you want to chat but don’t have time to post in the forums, send a message in the Shoutbox, it’s a great way to have a casual chat!

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  1. Well at first I didn’t know what the series was about but now that I read the summary I’m really interested of getting the book

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