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The Haven Herald

Welcome to the The Haven Herald, FanGathering’s newsletter. This is the fourth issue of hopefully many more. Within this newsletter, you will find three book recommendations, five award winners, and an article about children’s literature.

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  1. *does strangely funny I-won-the-avvie-of-the-month-competion dance*
    YAY!!! Actually, I was going to change it, but I guess I won’t now. Thanks guys, and congrats to Maeve, CARINO!! CABALLINE!!!(especially congrats) and ArtyFowl3.


  2. Far From Normal is the name of the second book, but oh well.

  3. Congrats to all the award winners!
    THe not just for kids page is REALLY good…BUT holly is sorta my isperation to do those things that only guys are allowed to do….like i just hate the sexisam at skwl!!!!! awsome issue guys!

  4. Guys this is awesome.4th issue looks great.And thanks for Member of the Month award,this is very nice surprise :).Congratulations to all winners!!!!!

  5. I love the avatar of the month!

  6. The best newsletter in the world!!!!!!
    Congratulation to all winners!!!

  7. I love the piece on Children’s Literature. If the author happens to see this I’d love to be allowed to quote that off site on one of my profiles. It’s excellent.

  8. I wrote it, and I’m quite honoured that you like it that much! You can quote it, but I’d appreciate it if you could find a way to site it to the Herald. Just a little footnote, it doesn’t have to be big.

  9. Wonderful article on Children’s literature BlackOpal! I’m getting my mother to read it.

    Hey dewds!! In the article about Far From Normal, it says something about Dauphin Island. That’s in Alabama. I live like ten minutes from “The Island” as we Mobilians call it. That freaked me out for some reason.

    Nice Christmas jingle, by the way. 😉

  10. great article blackopal! i no plenty of people who should probably read this

  11. Another great issue. Really well written guys! I also loved the Children’s Literature piece the most. The whole newsletter was a fantastic read, but that piece in particular stood out. I love how you pulled out the deeper themes from the series. 😀

  12. WOW! This issue was really good! I can’t wait for the next one! (because of the contest winners!) and I finally learned what a noob was!!!

  13. Wow! Yay, I’m really excited that I won something, and thanks mucho for the good blog comment! 😉 I try.
    Congrats to 1holly, Maeve, ArtyFowl3, and Cabaline as well! Good job, guys!
    And 1holly, you shouldn’t change your avvie. I like it!
    BlackOpal, great article!

  14. […] The difference between boy and girl readers, and even between child and adult readers. […]

  15. Congratulations to all the winners! 😀 Congratulations for getting that promotion, Maeve! You really deserve it! 😛

    An excellent article as well, BlackOpal! 🙂

    Great job and a great issue [as always 😆 ].

  16. Wow… I never knew Car became Newbie of the Month! Well, congratz, Car, even though I’m a little late 😛 And congratz to 1holly for her avvy award!

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