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Article: Fowl is Funny!

Editors’ Note: Probably the best thing to happen to a Fowl fan is to have the honor of meeting our beloved author, Eoin Colfer. Because not everyone is fortunate to live near Mr. Colfer’s “tour locations”, only a select few have been very very lucky to have met him. One such lucky fan is our very own REDAER DNIM EHT who has been truly fortunate indeed: he has met Eoin Colfer TWICE. Below is a short recollection of his experiences.
(Note: We aren’t jealous, REDAER. Okay, maybe a whole lot little?)

Hello! Now as some of you know I have had the “honour” of being present at two Colfer Events in London, my most common location. I have attended his “Fairies, Fiends and Flatulence” tour and a signing of the Graphic Novel at Forbidden Planet.

Unlike most authors of today who choose to rush through signings and lectures without any thought or concern to covering roughly any of the questions the audience or reader wants answered, Mr Colfer takes his time and makes his shows or signings very entertaining with plenty of “one-liners”, when he is signing your book he will talk to you and answer any question you want answering no matter how long it takes.

I would recommend seeing any shows or signings by Eoin Colfer as extremely entertaining. Miss them at your expense!

To view a picture of the signed copy, click here.

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  1. as always, Haven Herald is AWESOME!!! 😀

  2. Mentos_not_mental October 14th, 2007 at 7:19 pm 2

    Awesome newsletter. Congrats to MMK, veelagirl, Hiram Abif, lenore, 1hollyfan, and jobiexoxo!
    Good job on this everyone! Everyone loves it!

  3. The video came before the release of comic. I saw it on YouTube.

  4. Oooh…the avatar/icon is from the movie Anastasia! One of my faves…

    Anywho…congrats veelagirl! And all you guys who won too! *claps*

  5. AWESOME! I like the open letter part!

  6. REDAER DNIM EHT October 15th, 2007 at 9:39 pm 6

    Thank you very much for posting my article.

    All the best,


  7. Well I’m glad you like our third issue of The Haven Herald:D.
    I have to congratulate all of the this months winners!!!!!

  8. Hey, I love the Blue Sword, and I was about to suggest it…Too late I see, but I’m glad Robin McKinley got a rightful place in this issue. I absolutely love the Blue Sword, and for all those who wonder, The Hero And the Crown was written after the Blue Sword, and is it’s sequel, but It takes place before the time of Harry and Corlath; about 100 years before.

  9. Hey con grats!!!

  10. Well Done u Guyz!!! *Claps* Con Gratz 4 all of u although Hiram Abif… Opal Koboi Hot?Seriously? (Giggle)

  11. Yet another brilliant read from the Haven Herald! REDAER is so right about Colfer, if you haven’t met him yet you’ve been seriously missing out. I’ll never forget when I got my Opal Deception signed. I told him about my Irish ancestry and he said these exact words: ‘Don’t go telling everyone about that, you’ll make them jealous’. I think I’ll remember that for the rest of my life 😀

    I would also request Garth Nix’s Keys to the Kingdom series and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series.
    The first book of Keys to the Kingdom, Mister Monday, is basically about a young boy named Arthur who literally has greatness thrust upon him, when he discovers that he must retrieve the Keys to the Kingdom from the Morrow Days, each one of whom will bring a new challenge for Arthur. I also think that Suzy, Arthur’s gutsy and brave accomplice, will remind a few people of Mona from The Supernaturalists. The series is not complete yet, but the books available now are Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday and Sir Thursday.
    His Dark Materials is centred around Lyra, a girl who is eager to escape from Jordan College, the place of her restricted upbringing and find out about the world around her. Her prayers appear to be answered when she recieves the Alethiometer, a strange compass that holds many secrets. However, this great treasure also brings great peril for Lyra and she must encounter many dangers as well as new experiences as she matures and discovers the mysteries of the Alethiometer. There are three books in total, The Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass.

    Congrats to all of the winners!!!

    Love, Lizzie xxx

  12. I was going to put His Dark Materials! I thought I’d save ’em for another issue though.
    I’ve never heard of Keys to the Kingdom. Maybe I’ll read them…

  13. Keys to the Kingdom are really, really, good. I’d definitely recommend them too.

    Anyway, this was another great issue! 🙂

  14. I can’t believe I won siggie of the month! Thanks, I owe it to you. Congrats to all of the other winners, love you lenore and veelagirl!

  15. Why not.You’re siggie is awesome 1hollyfan.

    Like BlackOpal said we thought about His Dark Materials so you can expect it very soon.And I never heard about Keys to the Kingdom either.It sounds interesting!!!

  16. This fan gathering is the best way for all fowl fans to come together and rite fan fix

  17. F.A.B I agree. Those books are good too.

  18. does anyone no if its free?

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