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Each month, the Newsletter Team chooses to award six people for their excellence within the community, FanArt gallery, and FanFiction Archive. The work of the Newsletter Team is highly classified and can only be persuaded by using hard cash. To win the Newbie of the Month Award, you must be a registered forum member for less than 45 days and/or have less than 80 forum posts.

Member of the Month – veelagirl
The Member of the Month Award goes to veelagirl for her wonderful improvements within her posts. Joining over 4 months ago, veelagirl has become a regular on the forums. She is always friendly and kind to everyone, and her randomness will sometimes make you laugh. Congratulations to veelagirl! πŸ™‚

Newbie of the Month – Hiram Abif
One may argue that this month’s winner may not be considered a newbie: he has been watching FanGathering since around two years ago, although he only joined the Artemis Fowl FanGathering forums last October 2nd (so 100% newbie here, according to our criteria πŸ˜‰ ). Hailing all the way from Lebanon, this “serious” (” πŸ™‚ “) Artemis Fowl fan is also interested in games, painting, and anime, aside from reading and Artemis Fowl. He could also be the only male Artemis Fowl fan who has admitted that he thinks that Opal Koboi is hot. πŸ˜‰ Hiram’s forum posts are a healthy balance of seriousness and randomness–perfect for any AF fan and FG community member. Congratulations, Hiram Abif! Thanks for (finally) joining FanGathering!

Avatar of the Month – Lenore
Lenore's AvatarAlways occupied with new things, Lenore brings joy into our lives. She always has something new to share such as pictures and stories. It’s always a pleasure talking to her. She is a dreamer and likes so many different things. She is a happy person and her avatars describes her perfectly, making her a perfect candidate for this award.

Signature of the Month – 1hollyfan
A charming, warm girl can always make you laugh.That’s what 1hollyfan has been doing for past three months. She is a very friendly person and she started using proper grammar (like her signature suggests πŸ˜‰ ). She is dedicated to the forum, Artemis Fowl, and FanFiction. Because of her randomness, happiness, and proper grammar used in her signature, she deserves Signature of the Month Award. Congrats 1hollyfan!

FanFiction of the Month – The Last Criminal Plot
This issue’s Fanfiction of the month is a gripping, edge of your seat adventure. MMK’s The Last Criminal Plot is an amazing, suspenseful story. MMK combines the smooth writing style of Colfer, with a little bit of something that is all her own. The story is opens to a depressed Artemis Fowl who is just too bored with his life. He plots a cruel scheme to satisfy his criminal needs. Later on we are introduced to some new villains, Bom Arbles, an ex-LEP officer who faked his own death, and Remedy, another genius centaur. Both are bent on controlling Haven, and their success seems almost too certain.

This story is action packed. It will have you yelling advice and criticism at the characters, wondering what in the world had gotten into them. MMK shows master skill as she weaves a plot that will have you begging for updates in every review. To read her story click here.

FanArt of the Month – jobiexoxo
jobiexoxo’s + I Can Feel You +, her fabulous Artemis Fowl rendition in teal blue colored pencil, is truly a work of art. It features an Artemis Fowl with a pleasing facial expression and an almost sunny disposition. A breath of fresh air from the conventional fan art fads and carbon-copy techniques, this piece is reminiscent of old manga (translate: Japanese comics) sketches. This month’s picks also include chicksverble124’s Holly sketch and K@$ik’s Angeline and newborn. Be sure to check out the FanArt Gallery for more fantastic pieces by our very own artists!

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18 responses to “The Haven Herald.” Join in!

  1. as always, Haven Herald is AWESOME!!! πŸ˜€

  2. Mentos_not_mental October 14th, 2007 at 7:19 pm 2

    Awesome newsletter. Congrats to MMK, veelagirl, Hiram Abif, lenore, 1hollyfan, and jobiexoxo!
    Good job on this everyone! Everyone loves it!

  3. The video came before the release of comic. I saw it on YouTube.

  4. Oooh…the avatar/icon is from the movie Anastasia! One of my faves…

    Anywho…congrats veelagirl! And all you guys who won too! *claps*

  5. AWESOME! I like the open letter part!

  6. REDAER DNIM EHT October 15th, 2007 at 9:39 pm 6

    Thank you very much for posting my article.

    All the best,


  7. Well I’m glad you like our third issue of The Haven Herald:D.
    I have to congratulate all of the this months winners!!!!!

  8. Hey, I love the Blue Sword, and I was about to suggest it…Too late I see, but I’m glad Robin McKinley got a rightful place in this issue. I absolutely love the Blue Sword, and for all those who wonder, The Hero And the Crown was written after the Blue Sword, and is it’s sequel, but It takes place before the time of Harry and Corlath; about 100 years before.

  9. Hey con grats!!!

  10. Well Done u Guyz!!! *Claps* Con Gratz 4 all of u although Hiram Abif… Opal Koboi Hot?Seriously? (Giggle)

  11. Yet another brilliant read from the Haven Herald! REDAER is so right about Colfer, if you haven’t met him yet you’ve been seriously missing out. I’ll never forget when I got my Opal Deception signed. I told him about my Irish ancestry and he said these exact words: ‘Don’t go telling everyone about that, you’ll make them jealous’. I think I’ll remember that for the rest of my life πŸ˜€

    I would also request Garth Nix’s Keys to the Kingdom series and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series.
    The first book of Keys to the Kingdom, Mister Monday, is basically about a young boy named Arthur who literally has greatness thrust upon him, when he discovers that he must retrieve the Keys to the Kingdom from the Morrow Days, each one of whom will bring a new challenge for Arthur. I also think that Suzy, Arthur’s gutsy and brave accomplice, will remind a few people of Mona from The Supernaturalists. The series is not complete yet, but the books available now are Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday and Sir Thursday.
    His Dark Materials is centred around Lyra, a girl who is eager to escape from Jordan College, the place of her restricted upbringing and find out about the world around her. Her prayers appear to be answered when she recieves the Alethiometer, a strange compass that holds many secrets. However, this great treasure also brings great peril for Lyra and she must encounter many dangers as well as new experiences as she matures and discovers the mysteries of the Alethiometer. There are three books in total, The Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass.

    Congrats to all of the winners!!!

    Love, Lizzie xxx

  12. I was going to put His Dark Materials! I thought I’d save ’em for another issue though.
    I’ve never heard of Keys to the Kingdom. Maybe I’ll read them…

  13. Keys to the Kingdom are really, really, good. I’d definitely recommend them too.

    Anyway, this was another great issue! πŸ™‚

  14. I can’t believe I won siggie of the month! Thanks, I owe it to you. Congrats to all of the other winners, love you lenore and veelagirl!

  15. Why not.You’re siggie is awesome 1hollyfan.

    Like BlackOpal said we thought about His Dark Materials so you can expect it very soon.And I never heard about Keys to the Kingdom either.It sounds interesting!!!

  16. This fan gathering is the best way for all fowl fans to come together and rite fan fix

  17. F.A.B I agree. Those books are good too.

  18. does anyone no if its free?

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