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Editorial: Good Artemis, bad?

Our favourite villain/hero, Artemis captured our hearts, or at least our mind, in the first book when we discovered to our pleasant surprise, that he was not the usual goody-two shoes courageous young adult but an antagonist of sorts. A book revolving around the bad guy? What an idea! It shocked and pleased us, and we stuck around for more, and more… and more. But lately, to many fans’ disappointment, Artemis has becoming a tad more heroic. His brains are being used to help others, not just himself, and many fans have asked what Colfer is doing. Is the new “Good” Artemis bad?

Artemis Fowl’s character caught us instantly in the first book. His cool, collected demeanor, his brilliance, and his need to get whatever he wanted. But even at the end of Artemis Fowl we glimpse a bit of feeling in Artemis, as he asks Holly to make his mother better. Despite his cover-up, claiming that he didn’t want Child Services finding out about his mother’s condition and taking him away, we know that Arty’s motives are good. In the second book his whole plan is to rescue his father, also a very kind, caring mission, so perhaps the good Artemis was in there all along.

Also, Artemis had to get better. The child genius had been through many adventures, and things like that would change a person. Eoin Colfer was very careful and precise with his character development. He slowly changed Artemis from cold, self-centered individual to… well, maybe in the third book Artemis was still a cold, self-centered individual, but lesser so. And while Artemis still chose himself over others, there were certain people that he would help out without asking too much in return. Losing Butler at the beginning of the Eternity Code made him realize how valuable other beings were, and how much he took them for granted. And while Artemis never turned into a mushy character, giving hugs and saying tearful good-byes, there was a little bit of feeling left in his heart.

In the fourth book we must overcome another obstacle. Artemis’ memory was erased, causing him to revert back to his cold, criminal ways. This is an excellent writing tactic. It shows us how much Artemis has changed. In the Eternity Code we don’t really realize what a good person he had become. Compared to Holly he still seemed like a greedy little criminal, but in The Opal Deception he is so terrible and so deceitful that we can barely believe it. Throughout the story he becomes a little more sensitive as he realizes, and at the end, when he is about the same person he was at the end of The Eternity Code he finds his memories on disk, and regains them. This character development was brilliant; Colfer achieved, subtly and spectacularly, the same character development that he did in three books in one. This showed us how much he had changed, and gave us insights to the person he could be in the future.

In the fifth book Artemis comes in contact with something new, a crush on a pretty young girl, Minerva. Earlier in the series he would not have dreamed of such a thing. He would have ranted about psychological reasons for love. Well, even the great Artemis Fowl is not immune to girls. It shows how much he has changed when he is remorseful after tricking Minerva out of her demon. He goes out of his way to rescue her when she is kidnapped. He does things that are caring and selfless; he finally changed into one of the regular heroes.

While several Artemis Fowl fans argue that this is wrong, that little Arty was fine the way he was, I think that it was brilliant. It is no mean feat to pull off such a complicated character development in writing without being cheesy, and Colfer does it perfectly. I think that it is ironic that Artemis underwent a psychological change that he himself would love to study, and I think that it makes the book all the more interesting.

Artemis went through many ordeals throughout the book that affected his personality. These changes are very positive, and produced a new Artemis that will help, not hinder, society. In the first through third book Artemis’ personality slowly improves. In the fourth book, we are shown how much he had changed when he reverts back to his original cold demeanor because of the memory wipe. And in the fifth book we see Artemis as a normal, caring human being. These events are all examples of amazing character development in the Artemis Fowl books. Colfer should be congratulated.

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