The 8th Book Will be the End of Artemis

Eoin Colfer has told The Guardian that the next book in the series, number 8, is going to be the very last one.

Aside from that sad news, he does give us his plans for the story and what will come of Artemis. Read below to hear what will happen (No spoilers for either book 8 or The Atlantis Complex).

Or if you’d rather see the full interview, just click here to watch the video on the Guardian site! Including a quick excerpt reading from The Atlantic Complex, and something that the A/H shippers are *not* going to like!

One more book, and then that’ll be the end of that,” he said. “He will be faced with a choice where he can be kind to somebody and he won’t gain anything, or he can be unkind and he will find a million dollars in a suitcase, and he will choose the nice way, and that will be the end,” he explained. “That’s how I’m going to finish it, on a very simple choice.”

The child mastermind has changed through the series, Colfer continued, from being “pretty much your standard bad guy … kind of two dimensional”, to someone with “a bit of a conscience”. “He’s gone from being this horrible bad guy to being more of a Robin Hood kind of guy, where he does commit crimes, but you feel they’re kind of warranted,” he said.

Like Peter Pan, Colfer explained, Fowl will put away the magic, the childish things, but he will also do something “that could be considered very human”. “There’s not going to be any huge battle, and going up the stairs to heaven, it’s not going to be that kind of finish.” he added. “There will be the big adventure, but the end will be in a little epilogue. End of story.

What are your thoughts? Would you rather see things ending differently? Or would you rather just not see things end at all?

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  1. Ha, everyone at AFC is going insane about this XDI’m inclined to call his bluff. Colfer’s not exactly known for consistency in his interviews. A few years ago he was like, “Artemis and Holly kissing? No, that’s ridiculous!” and look what happened in TTP….Or maybe I’m in denial. We shall see.But very sad news about it being the last book 🙁

  2. I dunno if I’m happy or sad…. XD As long as this place is still up ad running, I’m good. 🙂


  3. In my opinion, The artemis fowl series should last at least until I die, maybe longer. It should be passed from Eion to his children, and from them to theirs. But, I’ve always knew that my dreams probobly wouldn’t come true.  But, unlike crazychick, I’m very sure of my personal opinion on this topic. It is the saddest thing that has ever happened to me!   🙁

  4. Oh Lord, no!!! 8 is a terrible number, don’t end it there, end a few numbers after 8 XP

    If the story really is so flat, I’ll be very disappointed at the end. I really am attached to both evil Artemis and the nice Artemis.

    Let’s hope Mr Eoin Colfer extends a few books more!

  5. *sobs* Oh please oh please change your mind Colfer… (politely goes and makes a topic for moping)Now, does anyone have Colfer’s fan email? In the forseeable future, I don’t think that FG will be taken down since I know there are others that I could drag into a rescue project.

  6. Well we all saw it coming didn’t we? I mean Colfer couldn’t just keep writing the book forever (or could he?) Little Epilogue? Hmmmm . . .as was specified in the earlier comment he could be bluffing, but I hoped it could’ve last longer . . .

  7. Just to be helpful, if there’s going to be a full scale discussion can the foum users keep it there.

  8. nooooo he cant do that artemis must last forever and 8 is a terrible number two 4’s are eight,  4,4 death death!….

  9. I am not /that/ happy over it. But I think it’s kinda wierd that he would stop at 8! But, you know, still very sad…. 🙁

  10. Artificial Asian July 31st, 2010 at 7:12 am 10

    I don’t mind it so much… I remember when I thought the sixth book was the last; I’m just grateful that there will be two more! 😀

  11. Will I be sad that Artemis is over? Yes. Do I think it should continue forever? Heck no! Mr. Colfer should definitely quit while he’s ahead- look at how much people have complained about this book already! A good ending is better than a mediocre continual series in my opinion.

    I do, however, think his comments about relationships in the books is something he’s going to regret. For one thing, he’s done quite a bit to set Arty and Holly up together. A LOT. If he sticks with what he said, the girls reading the book will be disappointed. If he changes his mind and hooks them up, people will get disappointed he doesn’t stick to his word. I personally know I’ll be disappointed either way at this point.

    Artemis Fowl is still my favorite series (well, basically). But to be honest, between some of the things Mr. Colfer said in Virtually Live and in this interview, I’m starting to lose a little bit of my childlike faith in him. Oh, well. Que sera sera.

  12. Hey I know this is seriously just me but im bad about wanting a series to end with a BANG and so like on all kinds of series I have literally wished the character would have died, instead of the way that it did end. LITERALLY. Thats the only way I have like real closure on a book, but thats just me. And I am a girl and I think its not JUST us who think Artemis and Holly should be together but I do, but I think that she should have a little jelousy over a human girl and Artemis first 😉 I know it would be good!

  13. What does it mean put away the magic….all the books have magic in them. It cant be the last book…. please dont end it at the number 8….i mean not a good number

    Artemis(in my opinion)and Holly should fall for each other i mean i can see it in the books. its the way Mr.Colfer has leaned the 2 characters thoughout the books its not fair.

    I however do not want the books to go on forever but i also dont want this 2 be the last book. i can see the book ending on like the 10 book(2 5s)but not at 8…. my friend is reading the books 2 and even though she is not as far in the books as me she loves them.

    I belive that my comment is long anough 2 share my opinion.

  14. Hey, im good IF it ends on the 8th book…as long as Artemis and Holly get together…its not good to leave the books hanging like some people do, cuz the readers come up with there own ways of how it ends. not that thats not ok but i cant see it on this book.

    lol…im clueless about putting comments on here so this is the best u people r getting from reader101…

  15. I am so relieved! i thought book 7 was the last one! Phew! And i do hope there’s a good ending. The guy and the girl should get together. Well i hope they do. But i’m just really relieved, i was feeling depressed that it ended like that cos i thought it was the end of the series! :S but yay 🙂

  16. return of 1 min go August 9th, 2010 at 4:06 pm 16

    (yep i know rubish name)*wpys her eye frome crying* at lest its an even number to end it on, othre wise it would be relly relly bad. but i hope it dosent end the way Colfer said, it quit bleek and boring, well it should at lest have a relly good ending, maby an cliff hanger ending, then pepole would have it in there heds all the time and will get the chance to come up with there own ending, that would be fun. but the artimus and holly thing is just relly relly wrong like Colfer said there differnt speses and completly diffent ages, it also could enger hollys magike and speshes which also could result in a relly big war wich would meen millons would die, luckly this is all amganry.:)

  17. I at least hope Artemis and Holly hook up because it kinda seems like its going that way.

  18. Please don’t end it at 8! i love Artemis fowl! there are so many more adventures to be told! don’t ever end the series. And i was hoping the ending would be a little bit more exciting considering what hes done in the previous books.


  20. ilovereading_345 August 10th, 2010 at 2:21 am 20

    No dont end it! is there going to be a movie for the series? i hope so that way artemis will continue!

  21. I wont mind it ending at 8. I look forward to it becoming a movie though. And i really REALLY hope the movie(if it does come out) and the 8th book turns out well 🙂

  22. Oh my gosh!  No!!!!!! I NEVER want the series to end!!!!!  If it does at Book 8, I will read the series over and over again until the movie comes out.  This is one thing I won’t stop doing,  I WILL NEVER FORGET ARTEMIS FOWL!!!!!!!  Never shall I stop reading again! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  23. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOO!!!!!!!!!  ARTEMIS FOWL SHOULD NEVER END EVER!!!!!  ESPECIALLY AT THE 8TH BOOK, AT LEAST 21!! You know what I found out?  The 3rd and 7th were my favorites.  3, 7, and 21 are my favorite numbers.  Coincidence? PLEASE DON’T LET THE ARTEMIS FOWL SERIES END YET!!! At least 21!!🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 

  24. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :'( :(( :'( DON’T LET IT END!!!!!

  25. NOOOOO! WHY! Oh the injustice of it all. I wish it should never end! And if the inevitable should happen, that it should end at a nice big multiple of 5. But I wouldn’t want the series to turn into one of those mediocre ones. So, mabey end at 10. 8 is waaayyy too quick cause theres still so much left unresolved from The Atlantis Complex. I was so hoping to see Artemis and Holly get together, at least for a little while. It seemed that it was going that way. Oh, the tragedy:(

  26. I’m reading Atlantis Complex right now, and I so wish the series wasn’t ending!!! I love these books so much, and it’s going to be so hard relying on fanfics forevermore!! I was also hoping for A/H. So what if Holly’s like 70, that’s really young for a fairy! And Artemis said himself that fairies are very human-like. It seemed so like it was leaning that way! I guess I’ll have to keep reading A/H fanfics since it isn’t really going to happen. They would be so good together though! <3 these books!!!

  27. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *goes on forever*
    I have an idea. For punishment, everybody call him Eewen!

  28. No. I’ve been readin these since I was a little kid they can’t end so soon! Maybe I’ll be consoled if there’s a movie.

  29. I hope Colfer reads this:
    I really like Artemis, but now I’m not so sure any more. The last two books did not gave you that special feelinig, that you’re in a magical world of letters and adventures… but now theres nothing. I was realy looking forward that Holly and Artemis (sorry, I cant help myself!)will end up together, becouse they fight since beginning like a married pair!!! 😉 and i think i am NOT going to read his eight book, even if its not going to be the last one. Oh, and another thing: Turnball Root and his wife showed us that love beetwen a human and fairy IS possible!
    i know its too long,

  30. Nooooo I don’t want it to end!!! I just read Atlantis complex and it was totally amazing!!!!! I am curious though. Whatever happened to Minerva? From the Lost Colony? Please Eoin Colfer, don’t end the series!!!! It’s too good!!! (and don’t let anyone make a movie of it either. I don’t want it to be destroyed by some stupid movie like The Sign Seeker destroyed The Dark is Rising. (Great series check it out but dont watch the movie!!!) Holly and Artemis soooo don’t go together. PLEASE DON’T DENY US YOUR AMAZING BOOKS!!!!

  31. PS. 8 is a multiple of 4!!!!! four is death!!!!!!!!! you gotta go to at least 10!!! 15 to make it safe!

  32. I love Artemis Fowl- and I can not believe Eoin is going to end it at 8… as mentioned before 4 and multiples of 4 are death! I think I want Artemis and Holly together- but it is kinda gross that she is 70- but they are so meant for each other. Heck, I think
    I’m starting to get Atlantis Complex…

    Anyhow, I really don’t want the series to end! I’ll never forget you arty 🙂

  33. If Artemis can’t be with Holly at least bring Minerva back. I remember Eoin posted on Twitter that she “only has eyes for a skier in the Alpes Maritime,” though, but he has setup Holly and Artemis too much not to have them be together.Either way, I hope he ends it right!

  34. Im still hoping that his going to change his mind… I love Artemis so much… I wish at last 10 books!



    Eoin! You. Can’t. Do. This. We’ve been so loyal through the whole series!!!! You can’t just throw all that away!!! You must continue the series for the health and well-being of us all! Please and thank you.

    I am crazy, and I approve this lengthy message.

  36. O.My.
    No!Can’t be!
    What would happen to my life’s joy if this …this 8th book is the last?
    No, I don’t think soooo!!!
    Okay, I’m back.
    I mean, there’s thousands of Artemis’s fan and he can’t let them all down!(including me)
    And…8th? HE must be kidding!
    I don’t think only one book would be enough to seal the large intersting plot Mr.Eoin Colfer has made!
    So…uh…if he even ever see my message, I wish he would think it over.
    So how about the lovelines? Does it go with holly or Minerba?..hmm. This subject need considering.
    Also Arty can’t just…you know.
    Being done with faries…
    That feels quite sad…


    Oh some other writer had let me down…like for a year again and again…

    please please don’t do it to me, not you too…

    If I sounded rude, I’m increadably sorry…

    I must be getting Atlantis Complex too, having two personalities maybe…since I fought with someone…

    So, thank you for reading, and please.

  37. i will be so sad when it ends… i barely survived Harry Potter endingBut i get Colfer, Artemis is a child genius and he is growing up,  now  it would be hard to write a childrens book about an adult 🙂 I know that i will probably be depressed for a while but it’s fine, btw i guess the books are changing, there’s a big diffrence between book 3 and 7, dont you think?so conclusion: it’s ok, i mean i can still read them again and again even if the series is over:D

  38. Why do i have this feeling that he’s going to end up killing Artemis … seriously, i’ve got this nagging feeling that he’s gonna die – i mean, come on, HOW can Artemis go back to a “Normal” life after everything he’s been through? … oh damn, DON’T MIND WIPE HIM!!!
    The series was going to end at some point, i just didn’t expect it to suddenly stop now – XD i remember we had to read the first book in year 8 for english
    As long as Holly doesn’t get with Trouble i can deal … i don’t like Trouble for some reason >.>

  39. I personally think that Eoin should have stoppped while he was ahead, i mean the Atlantis Complex was just not a good book in general. For instance, Eoin did not have much of a climax at all since he had a climax at the very begining with the probe coming down and the mass hysteria, that was very enjoyable and well thought out but there was nothing very big like that in the rest of the novel . What i am trying to say is that there was NO consistancy in his writing. Also i started to read the Artemis Fowl Series thinking that i was reading a book about a GEINIUS MASTER MIND THEIF but as the atlantis complex shows me he is neither. I personally do not even think he fits the description genius anymore. So basically Eoin has made someone with such confidence into a quivilling physotic! I think that he should end it with Artemis PRETENDING to be crazy to get into Haven and to take it over and he tells holly that he  has always JUST been pretending for THE MISSION and i also the the twins should be envolved. The last part of my statement was just an idea probably not even a good one just writing anything but i think Eoin should make Artemis in controll and give him his confidence back!!

  40. i really like the books and i’m gonna be sad to see them end but i wouldnt want them to go on forever. Artemis does have to grow up sometime… though i would like to see another book ^-^i don’t see anything wrong with the number 8 i like it cuz its and even number and i like even numbers but i havnt read Atlantis Complex yet ='( i think Holly and Artemis should get together, and thats just my personal opinion. The idea of a little finish seems kinda boring to me, but maybe it depends on how Eoin Colfer writes it… id be kinda worried about a movie, they might mess it up and make the whole thing look terrible… idk

  41. Come on guys! He wants to expand his horizons! Let him do so! Maybe he’ll come out with an even BETTER series! Stay positive loves….

  42. YEA RIGHT!!!!! he hasnt been able to write that many other good books like the airman was NOT GOOD so i think he just if well on artemis and i think he will not write another book series HALF as good so there.

  43. I agree with Jane (39). Although I reall like the first four books, becouse they were fabulus… but the last three books were… just not Artemis. Of course i do like Colfers humour but the main ideas were not it. I don’t belive that the last book will be as fascinating as the first four were. When I red the third part I thought it was already the end of Artemis series! I thought that way twice.
    Let’s hope for best.

  44. _I_dont_get_it August 26th, 2010 at 1:25 am 44

    An end?

    But are we getting The Supernaturalist sequel?
    That’d be good enough for me.

  45. The book should end with a total of 10 books,artemis said it himself,5 is a very good number and 4 is death 😉 lol but seriously I LOVE ARTEMIS. i dont want the series to end 🙁 its full of action and humor and i would NEVER get tired of reading it

  46. Wait-WHAT?
    Artemis Fowl is going to finish off at the eighth book! That’s CRAZY! NO! PLEASE! I just LOVE the series! Eoin, if you see this, please DON’T LET THE SERIES FINISH OFF AT THE EIGHTH BOOK! Really, it’s going to make me so disappointed. No, not just me. All the other fans out there. I was really hoping this series would go on and on and on and on and on! I really love Artemis Fowl, and it won’t be fun without more books about him coming around. :(. Please??? I’m going to be doomed if Artemis doesn’t last. I thought of these books as MORE than books. I actually believed in them. JUST PLEASE, EOIN, WRITE MORE BOOKS ABOUT ARTEMIS FOWL. It’s going to make everyone happy. (It must be hard if you’re the one writing the story, you know. All these people asking for more books…)

  47. Wait, it looks as though I have gotten my email wrong. It is actually .com, not a .net. So thank you.

  48. I am trying to write a book of my own, but it is not going that well. I don’t see how you can write like Eoin. He must be a genius himself. This is quite possible, for his main character is a genius. He should be one, for he wrote all of Artemis Fowl’s thoughts and schemes himself. Technically, Eoin is Artemis Fowl, which makes him a genius.

    It just can’t end. I’ve been reading Artemis Fowl since grade 5. I’M IN GRADE 11 NOW!!
    I know Mister Eoin Colfer The Great (is sucking up) mainly writes books about pre-teens and I understand that it’s probably getting harder to write books about a pubescent teen, but COME ON!! D: The readers are growing up with the Characters! You can’t just make it stop. XD
    I’m annoying myself with this comment, so I apologize, but I honestly do love this series. It is my absolute FAVOURITE book-series EVER. Nobody even comes close to your clever plots and snort-and-choke-on-your-coffee humour. (yes.. its been done).
    Artemis Fowl is all I think about. I went from a 72 average to an 84 just because I feel like I should do better to become closer to my faveourite character. I PLOT INSTEAD OF THINK.
    End- at- book – Eight?! FOUR WORDS
    FOUR IS DEATH ! -spazzes is corner-
    ahh 😀 im done ranting.

  50. NOO!!! Why should Artemis finish????
    I think it should go on and on. However I do see why it would be a problem writing this sort of book when he is an adult. But that doesnt measn I want it to end!!!!!!!
    I think it should NOT be turned into a film because it would completely ruin it for me!!!! I mean look what happened with Twilight!!! I had imagened it to be completely different, and then the script writer and director had to go ahead and change practically EVERYTHING!!!! The same happened with Harry Potter!! I mean what abou Hermione trying to get house elves wages and sick leave!!!
    Anyway, back to the point:
    Artemis Fowl should go on for a few more books yet, to tie up ALL the lose ends!!!
    Whats all this about Artemis and Holly!!! No it should be Artemis and Minerva!!!
    But Artemis has a few more books left in him yet! It should go on!!! And once it is finished; it will be finished for me as well because I HATE reading books over again because then it just loses all the suspense for me because I know what happens in it!!!


    soz about it being such a long comment but i think I have said everything I wanted to say. BYE!!!

    P.S. I will be VERY sad, Mr. Eoin Colfer, if Artemis Fowl DOES finish!!! 🙁 Because I love reading and this happens to be my FAVORITE series EVER!!!!!

  51. P.P.S He should either get toghether withh Minerva or Juliette!!!! I forgot about her!!! oopsies!! 😛

  52. P.P.P.S. I meant ‘together’ rather than ‘toghether’

  53. Colfer, you can end everything, but PLEASE make Artemis and Holly get together. maybe Artemis can get transformed in a fairy (when they’re curring him from Atlantis) and then… She’s only 70 years older!!! that’s nothing comparing it with love!!

  54. Book eight the last one. am i sad? defintely. i am completely in love with artemis and it will be heartbreaking whn the books end. But you cant take eoin colfer’s word. he did say that book 6 wud be the last and same for book 7. anywy, a girls gotta dream rite? so if he realli is ending the series, please please please close with a BIG BANG! i mean , artemis’s biggest and smartest plot yet. and ARTEMIS AND HOLLY HAVE TO BE TOGETHER!!!!!!!! I no that she’s like 80-years old, but love noes no bound!! it has happened before: the lord of the rings, eragon. they both clearly care a hell lot about each other. SHE COLS HIM ARTY!! how cute is that!! wel in the end i am just a fan, so pls pls pls dont disappoint us (u never hv)!!hopin book 8 comes out soon. best of luck writing it!!

  55. Dead frontier master August 31st, 2010 at 4:57 pm 55

    i will be really sad of course! I havent read Atlantis Complex but i think that Arty and Minerva should be together and holly a little bit jealous. Anyway i havent read the demon book..damn school is too greedy to get more books.Anyway my REAL point is that u should atleast end it…on Book 10………puhlease do NOT kill anyone in the last series (book 8). Oh ya…2 books wouldn’t hurt and ONE more thing….Arty and minerva are a match NOT holly (yes she likes him but STILL i know i know….Minerva will make a better match for him i think)Anyway the last topic is END THE BOOK AT BOOK 10!!! plz pz plz plz plz

  56. Beckett Simpleton September 7th, 2010 at 3:43 pm 56

    NOOOOOO! DON’T LET IT END! PLESE DON’T LET IT END! COLFER YOU nasty MAN!Oh well at least there’s gonna be one more…

  57. I get the fact that all good things have to come to an end, and these amazing and original books are no exception, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of people (myself included)who aren’t going to miss them like crazy! So please, if this is the last book, make it as good as the rest, and let it have a definite ending! I don’t want to spend years wishing it would be different!:( Mr Colfer, you have such wonderful ideas (like tunneling dwarfs, a loveable criminal mastermind and LEP recon being a job)thay have been such an inspiration to me and soooo many others; so like many of the above people i am begging you to let Artemis and Holly confess they love each other. You wouldn’t have included so many hints in that direction if you didn’t want that! They are absoluntely meant for one another! so even if you do end it with a character dying, or Artemis leaving the fairy world behind let them at least have aknowledged the fact they love each other, please please please! Aside from that, i think your books are perfect in every way, and i’m sure you’ll go on to write many more fabulous stories,
    thanks a million for opening up another world to us all,
    and sorry for writing such an awfully long comment everyone, but i felt very strongly about this 🙂

  58. i like the books, it makes me obsess from the beginning,but not quite the later ones. Artemis Fowl is the first english book that get me to like reading english. I enjoyed every moment when i holding my Arty book reading. But i agree with annnnn(43), it started to drop, from time paradox i think, is it that i am growing older, loss that imagination? or it is really the fact that i think Artemis is the THE Artemis anymore, he’s not choosing between right or wrong, he is totally on the good side already, starting from TOD, and his IQ is gradually falling, at least the feeling of it do. There is no more evil giggle, cold thinking in him. You cannot title him genius criminal mastermind again anymore.
    However i would still be glad if there is an 8th coming and i will read it, hope it write a good ending. In fact even if it is contiuously very good, i still like it to have an end, an end is an important part of a story, you can’t just hanging for 50 years.
    Eoin had said that 6th will be the end, i have prepared for that and i think that the ending part of time paradox will be the MOST FABULOUS end indeed, i like the end of it very much, it will give a great tie up of the whole artemis story.
    But who knows, i haven’t read TAC yet, just the first 2 chapters. I hope i will enjoy it as much as i did on the first books!
    thank you mr colfer anyway for such good books and times you gave us. =D
    sorry for this is extremly long with extreme amount of mistakes.

  59. that is so  unfair the series i thought it will be a series that will never end  

  60. I’ve heard multiple people say that Eoin is extremely inconsistant; apparently the 3rd book was supposed to be the last, and look how that turned out! well, im not going to give him the benefit of the doubt, cant wait for book 8 and 9 😉

  61. OK
    Here it goes.
    Holly and Artemis need to be together. That’s all i ask for in this last book.

  62. I can’t believe this is the last book in the series. Well, hopefully it’s just a bluff and there will be more adventures with Artemis and Holly and co. I also hope Eoin Colfer will write another fantasy series, and get the credit he really deserves. One more thing… GO ARTEMIS FOWL!;D

  63.       I actually wouldn’t mind the series finishing at book 8. If a series goes on further than 10 (and most can’t manage that), then the author runs out of good ideas, and the rest of the series bores you to death. Might as well finish where your fans will be hungering for more, and not where they think the series is crap. I do share your thoughts about Holly and Arty hooking up. If not, I’ll file a lawsuit. (threatening face). Well, he should at lest say that he loves her, but accepts that they are not right for each other. OH WELL…

  64.         I forgot to say.. annnnnn(43), ur an idiot! And I’m just being nice. The last three books were soooooo Artemis!!!!!! People change stupid!!!!!! He’s not permanently evil. He’s just a nice who had a crappy father but turned out alright!!!!!(STUPID GIRL)

  65. Well, what can I say? Thank you for your comment. And I didn’t changed my mind yet, but maybe the last book will suprise me.

  66. Mr. Colfer, let me just say that I think you should continue writing at least to a ninth book, artemis never was cured from AC, and though it’s obvious he was going to be, it would be a perfect beggining to a ninth book. And if there isn’t a battle in the eigth, just don’t write it. Everybody loves you because of your wit. Nobody will like it at all if it ends without something surpising going on.

    Yours Truly

    Julian Davis

    (9 years old)

  67. cant belive artemis fowl is ending, nooooooooo!!!!!but why at eight, eight is a horrible number two 4s 4=DEATH!!!!!! go to 10 tw0 5s STAY ALIVEanyway, hopefully he does not stick to his word and have a little epiloge ending there should be some big battle and then there should be some kind of strong finish like having artemis make a decision like saving his moms life or hollys or somthing in that ballpark…….remember that girl he met and fell for in “the last colony” we should finally here from her agian in book eight, i want her and artemis together not him and HOLLY, like common artemis and HOLLYwell, i hope im not disapointed with book eight because i hate great books with shitty endings

  68. It’s funny, and encouragin for Eoin, that so many want to see more of Artemis, beyond the eight book.
    And all the people who come with their advice to a world-class author…
    Anyway, I thought that it might be nice if, instead of making complaints, people made their own versions of Artemis Fowl, you know, as a hobby write your own Artemis novel. is my e-mail.
    If you want motivation or advice on how to write, then I’d be glad to exchange thoughts and give you some hints.

  69. I’m hoping he changes his idea over the end, it sounds too cliched and doesn’t fit the complex plot of the previous stories. Also, Opal Koboi had managed to almost take over Haven by the 2nd book. Why lower down the excitement on the last book? She’s supposed to be the #1 most dangerous fairy, I’m sure that would at least require a small battle between the police forces of the LEP.


  71. Justine of Ithica October 1st, 2010 at 10:32 pm 71

    It’ll be sad that it will end, but it’s been a good few years and I look forward to the finale.
    Eoin had said book seven would be last, so I’m glad Colfer could prolong it into another book.

    I’m also prepared to call his bluff considering Artemis and Holly. What author, anywhere, would just tell his readers how part of the series is going to end? That’s just silly.
    And, in the interview, he didn’t actually say “Oh no, it will never happen!” – just gave thing such as their different species or different ages – Well, Mr Colfer, that sure didn’t stop you in the past books.
    Mr Colfer is all for cliches. One of the biggest cliches in history is the main guy somehow ending up (or at least having some kind of relationship) with the main girl character.

    Seroiusly people, chill. Hopefully, Eoin will make the ending great and despite what happens, we’ll still love it.

  72. Omg. Yes it will be sad when it ends (cos I love his books) but you’ve got to know when to stop. I write stories (for fun) and I’m finding it hard writing and finishing one story, never mind 8! If he just keeps on writing the overall story might get ruined. Throughout the series all his characters have grown. I loved Artemis Fowl books after reading like 3 pages of the first one. I really don’t think that arty and holly should get together cos long story short; it’s just wrong. But he should get a girlfriend. But being Artemis Fowl, who doesn’t have any normal friends she should seem human, but be something else. Good idea? Don’t know. But no one else can steal it! If I start writing fan fiction, I’m carrying it out! Teh Ende!   ;D 

  73. antoniusultimus October 3rd, 2010 at 3:08 am 73

    4 is the number of death. In book four commander root died. In 8 someone will die to. My bet is holly

  74. Why is everyone being so negative. OMG! He’s gonna finish it on book 8 – everyone’s gonna die!  As long as it’s better than the 7th and last Harry Potter book – which is just depressing as she seems to kill almost everyone (sorry if I just ruined it for you – mwhahahahahahaha) I’m happy as long as he doesn’t go on a mass killing spree of his characters and doesn’t do anything stupid e.g. Artemis and Holly get together *groans*  I am unable to respect the opinion of any Artemis x Holly fan.  Seriously.  You people are freaks.(My new favourite quote)

  75. Oh dear. If Eoin doesn’t make it AxH in the last book…*rolls up metephorical sleeves*

  76. this is horrific. the Atlantis complex was not very enjoyable because i read the Artemis Fowl series because it was about  a boy who was ALWAYS in control of the situation at hand and Eoin has made Artemis into a babbling idiot. Also i think the series should go on with the twins as being “evil”.

  77. INSANEartemisfowlfan October 15th, 2010 at 1:00 am 77

    no no cmon i love this book please dont end it at 8 i mean this is by far my most favorite book i read the first artemis fowl book when i was 5 every book report i did at school was on Artemis Fowl i love this book i really am gonna be sad that there arent gonna be more after 8 i hope they make a movie though i hope Eoin Reconsiders and makes some more

  78. INSANEartemisfowlfan October 15th, 2010 at 1:36 am 78

    no non no no onnononononononononononon
    please i beg of you dont end it im soooo obsessed i started readding this series when i was 5!!!
    please dont end it does anyone have his fan email please PLEASE THERE R SO MANY MORE ADVENTURES

  79. Artemis and Holly October 16th, 2010 at 6:15 pm 79

    please dont end your book at eight end at nine or ten two fives keep you alive

  80. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo IT DOENT MATTER IF THERE NOT HE SAME SPECIES HOLLY AND ARTEMIS TRULLY LOVE EACHOTHER TRUE LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS LOOK WHAT HAPPENED WITH TURNBALL HE LOVED HER SO MUCH HE TURNED FROM EVIL TO GOOD TO LAST ETERITY TOGETHER IN HEAVAN WITH LEONER. ARTEMIS LOVES HOLLY THEY SHOULD BE TOGETHER SO WHAT IF THEY CANT HAVE BABIES THEY CAN STILL LOVE


  82. Ewww i cant believe that that fairy girl thing kissed that boy in a gorilla cage.
    Its like the main thing in that book.

    Dont end with 8 unlucky number. If any1 reads it theyll die.

  83. holly dies in lost colony

  84. @ Gorilla cage – Have you read them? XD ie – ‘fairy girl thing’. I’m sure HOLLY would not be pleased. XD XD XD And I think ARTEMIS rather enjoyed it. :PAnyway, I like the dramatic endings, and the epilogue thing kinda makes me sad. :(But if we keep going on and on and on…then the writing will just keep getting worse and worse, and it’ll be no fun anymore. *sigh*@ jane – “this is horrific. the Atlantis complex was not very enjoyable because i
    read the Artemis Fowl series because it was about  a boy who was ALWAYS
    in control of the situation at hand and Eoin has made Artemis into a
    babbling idiot. Also i think the series should go on with the twins as
    being “evil”.”I actually liked the set-up of TAC, because, like I said, dramatics. 😉 Of course, that’s just me though. I could see how some people might not like the plot of it all. But I sure enjoyed it. 😀 😀 :DAnd Artemis wasn’t (and isn’t!!!) an idiot, he was just suffering from a disorder. Thousands of people have the same kind of issues, and it’s really not their fault. But I understand your POV, really. ;)And Miles and Beckett pwn! (if I spelled Miles wrong, I’m going to DIE! XD)

  85. Im sad because i was hping there’d be more than 8. i love artemis fowl:(. at least it has and happy ending but i thought it said at the begining there wasnt a spoiler and u kinda told us whts gonna happen. i dont want the series to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Personally, I’m not all that upset that it’ll end there. The first five were brillant, with either Artemis plans rolling out amazingly with only a few minor hiccups or having brillant comebacks with rival mastermind Opal Koboi. But the sixth book just had younger Artemis outsmarting his older self with a few basic tricks, other books had good justifications on why he couldn’t do better – it wasn’t possible – and once he had the chance Artemis shined. I found it impossible to find errors in planning, they were well rationalised, (not so much for the ‘science’, though) or to predict much of the plot. As for the Atlantis Complex, I saw the main twist coming half a chapter off.


  88. I think it is up to him when he ends the series
    and as an aouthor myself I know how hard it is to
    build a plot. Eion’s been doing this for 13 years and it can get stressful. I do however agree with some of the other fans who have posted their comments on the Artemis Holly relationship. Honsestly Eion, you can’t do this to us. Please. I beg you, don’t leave us hanging. I will feel insulted if I don’t get a really good exuse for this, EION. LISTEN TO YOU FANS. (please)

  89. ArtemisLover89 November 11th, 2010 at 1:38 am 90



  91. and I agree. u CANT end at 8 thats ..ff…ff..four *Shudders* times…four*shudders even more* you have to end at atleast 20! Thats 5 x 5 x 5x! In other words, u wont die!! if u end at eight. I’ll make sure u do die! (JK LOL i coud never kill u!)

  92. well, what i believe is that colfer is going to do something a bit drastically romantic. possibly give Artemis a choice holly, or the girl from the lost colonyif you read that book you understand that there is a romantic aspect. Anyways I’m glad i have a chance to read such wonderfully inspiring books I wish holly and Artemis would get together.btw.. STOP DRAWING HOLLY WITH BLONDE HAIR FFS she’s a crimesonish crew-cut

  93. it should end dramaticly not a simple choice

  94. I DIED INSIDE!HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN???? Now seriously, I’ve always rooted for Artemis and Holly to be together and lately I’ve thought that Artemis might end up working as a consultant for the People… He was really evil in the beginning but he turned around and he wants to save the world! That has to count for something!  This interview was a BIG blow. I’m actually depressed. If all the magic is going away it’s as if it never happened! I hope Eoin Colfer doesn’t pull an epilogue like the one JKRowling pulled out for Harry PotterI’m scared


  96. Arty-kun Uke-chan December 7th, 2010 at 6:52 pm 98

    This series cannot end on book 8! :O It has to end on a multiple of 5. ;)So, ten books would be awesome. 😀 Otherwise I shall have to find my secret birthmark and find a rhyme for the word orange to vanquish him! >:D (lol :)) But I want just a little more Arty, so I wish he’d do ten books altogether. 🙂

  97. Heelooooooooooooo!8 means wealth! It’s a lucky number. He’s hoping to make money.Multiple of Four blah blah!Eion forgoten about number 8 is a lucky number in book 7!Stupid.Anyway It is kinda sad.

  98. Artemis lover December 12th, 2010 at 4:30 pm 100


  99. Evil People's Underwear December 16th, 2010 at 5:47 pm 101

    But 8 is 2x 4!!! Are you effing kidding me?! *Gah*! Just about sums it up…

  100. no that is ridiculous. he can see that hi sbooks are loved and without them people will be shatered there is even the chance of people getting into crime because they don’t have a good book to read, to keep there mind off things.

  101. well….time paradox wasn’t too bad, but the atlantis complex wasn’t that amazing, also, stop with this whole “eight is a multiple of 4” thing, if any of you paid attention, you’d realize that 8 is the perfect book to end on, due to the fact that there are eight fairy families, and so eight books would make sense, the four thing was just a sign of Arty going crazy from Atlantis Complex, and it also happens to sound like the word death in chinese, that’s the only reason, and you never know, a lot of authors justsay its the last book in the series to build up hype about it so more people will buy it, there could be a ninth book, you just have to wait and find out.

  102. NOOOOOOOOOO! Please let this be some horrible joke! Two disappointments in one interview!!! I agree with everyone else, continue on to ten at least! Holly and Artemis have to end up together, if they don’t I will throw all of the books into a pond… or lake, or return the eighth book and ask for it to be repaired. Eoin Colfer please listen to our helpless pleas!

  103. Traditional Romantic December 27th, 2010 at 2:03 am 105

    Ooooh, if Holly and Artemis don’t end up together, I’m going to be insamely disappointed. In my opinion, the two main gender-opposite characters HAVE to fall in love. If Colfer doesn’t put them together for forever, I’m going to hate this series with the same level of passion that I love it right now! PLEASE Mr. Colfer, Holly+Artemis is MUCH better than Holly+Trouble or Artemis+that-wannabe-human-girl-genius-demon-abductor or really anyone else. OPAL turned herself HUMAN, so WHY CAN’T ARTEMIS MAKE HIMSELF AN ELF? Then Holly+Artemis would not only be feasible, but perfect.

  104. i was very disappointed in the antlantis complex, it didnt end up like the others, it didnt keep my interest as easily. there is usually three different things happening until the end where they all come together and make sense, i really hope the eigth book doesnt end up being as blunt and simple as it seems to be…
    and why 8? i would very much settle with at least a 10th book

  105. keep the magic alive December 30th, 2010 at 7:38 pm 107

    i love artemis you cant just stop now i was hoping for at least ten books!!! even my teacher love your books!!! don tlet arty die keep teh magic alive!!

  106. Hookay, not going to add much to the comments about wanting more books (8 is an oddball number, especially with how Colfer’s set up so many new characters to keep the excitement alive), but I will say that I personally lean towards NOT wanting Holly and Artemis together. And yes, I’m a girl. Hollywood has brain-washed us all into believing that romantic love is the end-all goal in life, which is bogus. Actually, the reason that the scriptwriter wrote “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and ended it as he did was because he too was sick of all the “it’s only a happy ending if they get together” slop. He tried to highlight that there are different kinds of love out there that are just as necessary, enduring, and powerful; in that movie’s case, the love of a friend. It’s not that I’m dead-set against Holly/Artemis, but it seems cliche, for one, and kinda wrong for another as Holly was already pretty much an adult when she met Artemis, and he was just a kid. A really, really smart kid, granted, but emotionally, a kid. I personally don’t think that love that develops when one person is an adult, and the other isn’t quite there is all that good, as it would be hard for the adult involved to ever really see the other person as a true equal. I’m all about equality in relationships (on emotional levels), so that may just be me. Anywho, I don’t want to open a can of worms debate about how big of an age difference is acceptable in relationships (though my beef isn’t the age itself but the emotional/psychological development gap), but I did just want to point out that there’s at least one female fan (and why was that very early comment about females being disappointed targeted at us anyway? My best guy friend is a HUGE romance sap, and I’m not) who does not lean towards them being together.

  107. NO! 8 IS A MULTIPLE OF 4!!!!!! 4 IS DEATH!!!!!!!!!!! 10 BOOKS! MULTIPLE OF 5!!!!!!!!!! THATS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. artemis fowl is a really good book it should last till artemis grows up and gets married or atleast til he turns 18 in my opinion anyone who doesnt like this boook is insane to the membrane i wasnt suprised after reading the first few that it was a best seller

  109. I think that Colfer already used all his imagination. The books aren’t so good any more, and probably it would be better if he stop’s writting. It’s gonna be better for his wallet, but worse for us, fans.
    However, I agree that Holly and Artemis don’t end up together. Or it would be nice, if Colfer leaves the story in a way (somehow unfinished), that we can imagine what could’ve happen in our own way.
    Thats my opinion.

  110. hopelessromantic94 January 8th, 2011 at 7:09 pm 112

    Like the vast majority of people who have commented i wll be sad and dissapointed if tis is to be the end of artemis 🙁 However, i can see that it will be a smart move for Colfer to walk away with people still wanting more. I am in the Artemis and Holly should be together camp, but to make it more interesting, i would have one or the other of them die at the end of this book to give it a definite end and somehow satisfy all the other romantics out there who think they love each other 🙂 either that or have Artemis become an elf and then they could be together happily which although cliched would be a nice end to this brilliant series. If possible i would have the series go on to book nine, i just think for some random reason books always end better if they finish on an odd number 🙂
    In the meantime i’ll be eagerly anticipating the release of the film ; i hope it isn’t a let down after the fabulous books!

  111. I think it’s smart to quit while he’s ahead. I loved all of the books, but even though I love AaHR, it wouldn’t work out.
    I think Artemis should end up with Minerva, but (drumroll) Orion should be together with Holly! The Atlantis Complex can’t just go disappear, you know…

  112. ArtemisFowlSeriesFan January 18th, 2011 at 9:28 am 115

    I’m really disappointed that there will be only eight books…. But at the same time, it’s better that he chose to end it though. If the series went on and on forever, he would probably run out of ideas….On a side note though, I don’t understand the “eight is a bad number!” thing though. Because eight is considered the most lucky number in Chinese as it sounds like the word for fortune.

  113. ArtemisFowlSeriesFan January 18th, 2011 at 9:29 am 116

    *On a side, I don’t understand the “eight is a bad number!” thing though. (correction for error)

  114. i think it should go til he’s eighteen

  115. I think that it is sad that Arty adventures are ending but he is losing that childlike touch that makes him so… deviously mature(if that makes any sense). Mr. Colfer is a brilliant man (p.s. I am kissing up right now) and if artemis doesn’t end soon it will stink. I hope that 8 inculdes 3 things. First it needs to inlcude minerva ( shes a miss Artemis for godsake), Trouble Kelp (I like him and little grubby), and the Fowl twins (thier so cute) (opal too but thats a given). Second TROUBLE CANT DIE!!!!!(insert big-big-baby-Im-so-cute-and-sweet-blue-eyes) Root died and Vinaya died dont follow the curse. Third make it the best yet. I know its a tall oder but Artemis Fowl deserves it. 🙂

  116. In the end that was order not oder.:)

  117. What is it with u A/H people?

    Holly will die my crystal ball told me.

  118. AF will fall for Opal whats the bet? Its weird and its freaky and she did have surgery to Be a human.

    By the way (my opinion) HS was always my favourite character. Just cos shes not the Protogonist doesent mean she shouldnt get any credit.

  119. sloppy ending January 25th, 2011 at 7:45 am 122

    As long as No 8 DOES NOT mention global warming i will like it.

    The atlantis complex trashed it.

  120. sigh* was right January 25th, 2011 at 7:48 am 123

    Yeah right about the hair thing crew cuts rule!

  121. COLFER,PLEASE PLEASE READ YHIS January 25th, 2011 at 1:16 pm 124

    please, im be begging u, DON’T STOP WRITING AF!!!!
    i love artemis fowl and its the best book i have ever read(I HAVE READ AALOOOOOOOT OF BOOKS)! please don’t finish it!

    p.s: if u do finish it,be sure that holly and artemis get together 4ever!! and make it end like no book has ever ended b4. something that will make us cry with a smile on our face!

    p.p.s: i really love arty and holly but i dont know why i feel like one of them is gonnaa dye or maybe has 2!! wierd feeling. but at the same time i don’t want any of them 2 dye!!iwant them to be *together 4ever*and eternity!

    PLEASE’ PLESE, PLEASE’ PLEASE’…… DO NOT FINISH ARTEMIS FOWL AND IF U ACTUALLY FINISH IT(wich means ur fans opinions dont even matter a bit 4 u) than atleast please finish it like i said with the best ending AND ENDING THAT WILL MAKE U CRY WITH A SMILE ON UR FACE .OH!AND BY THE WAY ,PLEASE WRITE IT QUICK I CANT WAIT!!!!

  122. THE END IS NEAR!! January 25th, 2011 at 3:36 pm 125

    I am sort of sad to see the gang go, but still, it’s probley for the best. Sure, Eion could write these books until his deathbed, but how nice can Artimis get?

    I myself am not too (or two, which doubled, is 4!) troubled if Artimis and Holly get together or not. For all we know, Holly could get into a realationship with Commander Trouble Kelp (there is a hint to Holly and Kelp going on a date once).

    I do hope that the ending will be great, terrific or even fiveworthy! I don’t want good Artemis through the whole entire story. Maybe Arty could become evil again, then go back to his good self. Besides, Artemis Fowl Jr. and money are not a good match.

    P.S. I wrote this at about 1 in the morning, after finishing Atlantic Complex for the fifth (good omen!) time, so I’m probaly going to look at this tomorrow and ask myself what the hell I was thinking (grammer, how much sence it actually makes, etc.).

  123. Bah, just reread the stupid comment I’d just made. I need some sleep!

    P.S. Can’t wait for the new Supernatrualists book as well. Awsomeness.

    P.S.S.(You’re sick of me by now) I’m actually writing this from Australia, so it’s 3pm to you. How about that?

  124. i found out that he wants to end it with ethier a choice between being nice and not get anything or be mean and find a million dollars in a suitcase. Or just grow out of magic. This is rediculous!!! Just because he is getting sick of the series doesn’t mean he needs to end it lamly!! 🙁 🙁

  125. No offense on the lame thing, just got a bit emotional. This is my absolutly favorite book series, and i don’t take books lightly. The only thing that I am able to talk about is your books. I MUST NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!! >:(


  127. Differences between the books January 26th, 2011 at 1:38 am 130

    As we all know, seven books have been writen and published. And somehow, the format of the books has slowely changed. The characters thoughts appear much more frequently, it’s a lot more complex than they used to be and a tinsy bit confusing at times.

    But I still love the books, and the following one always betters the last. I do hope people will be able to read the last (and not least) book, and feel genuine emotions by the end of it. In Colfer’s description of the book, he explains it as if it is a bland, simple story, and he may have downplayed this a little bit.

    My favourite quote from Atlantis Complex, made by Orion:
    “Good. Then, worthy centaur, prehaps you could give me a ride to the village on your back. Then I can make a few pennies with my verses while you build us a shack and preform circus tricks for passers-by.”

    Lol’d at this.

  128. Theres so many girls to choose from in this series id feel sorry for poor AF. Id choose the most interesting if i were him.

  129. i love the series very much (who else has seen the graphic novel and thinks artemis is cute?) i sincerly hope that etheir it is a bit more exciting or not the last. BTW, my favorite quote is;
    “Orion nodded, then asked “dwarf cheese?”
    “Cheese made by dwarfs.”
    “Oh,” said Orion, relieved. “They make it, it’s not actually…”
    “No, what a horrible thought.”

  130. I’ve been here alot latly ’cause i am bored. i have nothing else to do now that i read the Atlantis Complex and i want to express my opinion about ending on the eighth book. Don’t like any other book series even close to as much, so please don’t end it!!!

  131. They should capture Opal Koboi from the past.(Book 7)

  132. most definatly, though she may have already found her way back to the past. ethier that, or she busted the other Opal out of da slammer.

  133. I think the series should be continued. Even if Eoin Colfer isn’t the one writing it. It shouldn’t necessarily be passed around by authors like “The 39 Clues”, but should definitely be continued.

  134. NOOOO THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED TO ME!! What am I gonna do when Artemis Fowl is over!?!? This is like, worse than the end of Percy Jackson! EOIN SHOULD TOTALLY DO A SEQUEL SERIES!! Aww I think im going to cry. Man I hope Opal goes to live in a rock -_- (only one in the series i HATE)and what’s this about A/H Shippers not liking? O_o That does not make me a happy camper, at all. Besides the point – once Artemis Fowl is over I’ll probably go insane or something. I mean, I can’t WAIT for the eight one, ever since I finished Atlantic Complex, but I’ll cry once Im done reading it.. I’ll just have to read a page a day 😛 Make it last 😉

    PLEASE NO YOU CAN’T END IT AT 8! I mean, WHAT series has ended at 8?? Its such an unsatisfying number! I mean, at least make it 10! We, as your fans, have been totally loyal to you throughtout the series! And you’ve baited us that Artemis and Holly start likeing eachother! I mean at the end of the Time Paradox when they look into eachothers eyes and Holly says “Not now.” Or something like that, C’MON! That’s like..a major cliffhanger! You can just leave us hanging like that, that’s not what we signed up for! I’ll cry if it ends at 8 🙁 And if they dont fall for eachother! I mean, in your books you always say stuff about Artemis’s puberty and hormones, C’mon, most of your readers are female, you’d be dissapoining logically most of your fans for not satisfying OUR hormones and puberty for making them fall for eachother. I cant result in fanfics my whole life!

  136. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, Arty! Holly loves you! All of your psycho fans love you! DON’T LEAVE US!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Colfer, if you end this series, I will end your career as an author. I have over 200 friends, and they listen if I tell them not to read a certain author’s books since I know the most about books. DON’T LEAVE US, ARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  137. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I agree, how can he end it on book 8! 4+4=8! it’s double death for poor artemis fowl. Please Eoin Colfer, at least write another book! I am no crazy fan, but I am a grief ridden boy who loves the series soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH! end of series?at least one more? ding ding ding, we have a winner!

  138. that dang end of series part was supposed to have a cross through it.

  139. This is a ludicrous idea to end the story then but my opinion is not worth that much because i always thought that Artemis should go back to that sense of holding all the cards in his hand and knowing 2 steps ahead of everything.When i had first read this series i read it because i loved the intrigue of Artemis because he was so mysterious yet he had such a powerful and sly personalty that was oh so intriguing.But i think that making Artemis look crazy in the last book was just demeaning Artemis ,because when you think about it ,Why had all of you on this website started reading the book series?Any way i think that there SHOULD be more books after 8 to bring Artemis’s pride back to him.

  140. hmmmmmm….. 1 million dollars, or being nice to someone….. yup i would definatly choose the million dollars! and then if i had to i could use the money to buy new friends. simple

  141. Umm, dumb question, but does anyone know about when book 8 should come out?

  142. I think in 2012… long wait.

  143. Well I’m actually glad the book almost ends…. but 2 4’s are 8… bad number… it just cries death!If Holly can’t end up with Artemis then probably with Trouble Kelp… they’ve been on a date anyway…. but I have to admit it will be a disappointment that Artemis and Holly don’t end up together… humanxelf…. wonder how it’ll work out….

  144. NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dont finish My faviorute books were the 5th and 6th one and there at least must be 100 books NOOOO!then again I wonder how it will end! Sniff Sniff!

  145. MISS YOU ARTY!!!!! 

  146. Dear Mr. Colfer,I have literally grown up with Artemis Fowl. I was twelve when i started reading the series and was fifteen when the Atlantis Complex came out. I have loved every one of your books! I waited patiently for each book to come out and be available to read. Artemis the child genius pushed me to become the smartest person that I could be. I love solving problems and creating alternate twists to the books so they would be even more amazing (hard to do). For a while I thought that the Atlantis Complex was going to be the last one and I was very sad! I am very happy now to learn that there will be another book, but if the eighth book is going to be the last, then it had better be extremely good! My sister has recently started reading the series because I recommended them to her. She loves the books and has just started the TTP less then one month after starting the first book. The romance factor is interesting but i would not be disappointed if Holly and Artemis don’t end up together. They just weren’t meant to be. Having eight books will be okay I guess, but not if it is going to be boring. The last few books did not have the ultimate scheming and genius that we fell in love with in the first four books. You must end on a high note so that many will read and reread your books over and over again. Please think about how this last book (if it really is the last) is going to end. Thank you!!! I hope that you read this.   : )Love Artemis!!!

  147. I started reading this when I was 8 years old. I have a messed up family, so everything changes constantly. Everything besides books, that is.  Books have always been there for me. I can escape into a world where I can do things I couldn’t before. If you take this away, you take away the one stable thing in my life. I don’t know how can live with yourself.

  148. I am glad the books are ending because the older I get the harder a time I have remembering to go out, buy, and read the new books. I LOVE Artemis Fowl books but every good thing must end. And a double death is a pretty sure ending. Just make sure the ending is good. NO half hearted ohh I’m done writing now stuff. A good complete ending. 🙂

  149. rubbish. but what can we do? i love this books. well, i didn’t really liked the last two, but it’s Artemis anyway… pleeease do a good ending…

  150. I will kill you if you end this, Eion. I am very serious. I will go to your house and slit your throat while you are sleeping. Do not end the best series ever.

  151. In book three, The Eternity Code, Artemis turns down almost 2.8 BILLION to help others. He’s grown alot since then, so I would take it to presume that he would turn down one million dollars to help someone easily.

  152. will Minerva Paradizo come back in book 8?? does anyone know??

  153. Someguyyoudontknow March 21st, 2011 at 11:33 am 157

    When will artemis fowl book 8 come out (release date)




  157. no charge for awsomeness March 30th, 2011 at 6:29 pm 161

    this is going to be awsome 🙂 can’t wait for the new book .

  158. If number 8 is to be the last book, then please, PLEASE let it have the closure that such a great series so richly deserves.For whatever send off you give them, please be true to the characters. Artemis, regardless of moral leanings, is a brilliant mastermind, the cool tactician that sees five steps ahead in every situation, and I’d love to see more of that. I thought that he showed this best in books 1, 3, and 5, but it seems that books 6 and 7 somehow lacked the genius that so defines Master Fowl.The same can probably be said for some of the other characters. Butler is one of the coolest guys ever: stalwart, faithful, and always reliable in difficult situations. But like Artemis’ genius, it seems to be downplayed in the most recent books, where he basically didn’t appear in book 6 and had to be saved several times during book 7, which once again, doesn’t speak of the Butler I’ve seen before.Finally, for the love of all that is good in the world, PLEASE bring Master Fowl and the good captain together. If there’s one thing I love about the Fowl series, it’s the way the characters play off of one another, and the jewel in that crown is certainly the wonderfully complex relationship between Artemis and Holly. You’ve hinted, insinuated, tantalized, and even outright shown the romantic spark between them, only to pull back and remain ambiguous. Please, don’t let the series end without these two finding the happy ending we all know they should get.If you’re reading this Mr. Colfer, then I want you to know that I’ve been a fan of your books ever since the first Artemis Fowl and will remain so until the series ends. So whenever that happens, please give them the best farewell possible.P.S. If the series lasted passed book 8, then I’d be happier than Juliet with season tickets to the WWE. 

  159. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mistercolfer should it end like that ive read all ur books and none of them match the greatness of artemis fowl dont let it end heer and pleas make it a ending to remeber , make us wonder and plz make the 8 th book a little more exciting i am begging u plzP.S.give us action like the lost colon if u ever read this plz 

  160. Chickenlikespie April 13th, 2011 at 12:38 am 164

    plzz plzz plzzz the artemis fowl books are amazing!!! absolutwly i congratualate eoin colfer for his amazing books… but dont u think its a little too early to end the books??? but i will hate colfer forever if he ends with a cliff hanger or holly and artemis not getting together…. this book should be a boost not the END!!! i would really miss the series and no it wouldnt be a bore for two or 3 more books… he could put them like homeless or a new tale or something cool and unexpected… but i would cry if it ended… holly and artemis love neeeds to be at least 2 books…. i WOULD DIE IF IT WASNT.. 🙁 🙁 im sooo sad pllzzzzz ohh and thts ironic tht 8 is the last book when artemis was afraid of 4’s and the multiple of four is 8 lol and nobody would like it if it ended at 8… 🙁 🙁 plzzzz COLFER UR FANS ARE BEGGING U!!!! comment on this if u agreee 🙁

  161. WTF!!!!!! WHY is Artemis leaving the People?!?!? IT MAKES ZERO SENSE!!! And the EIGHT book shall be the last?!? DERP. 🙁 Also, Artemis didn’t really *WOW* me with his genius in the AC, although we can partly blame that on Orion and Holly’s “pastel blue” aura. Speak of the devil, NO A/H?!?!?!?!? I know it’s normal, but I HATE it when authors mislead us like this!!! They kiss more than once in the series, and now there shall be no romance between, and back to my first rant, not to mention even worse than the anti-A/H, they probably won’t even SEE each other again. The only thing that could be worse than this is Holly/Trouble. I WOULD DIE. D:<

  162. NOOO!!!!!!I read it was ending but what happens to me is that I read one Artemis book… then I finish it and then I go “WHAT??? IT’S DONE ALREADY???” but if you know the whole series is going to end…?LIke some people said, Artemis and Holly really were leaning together throughout the books, and Holly is 70 in FAIRY years. Thats like how a dog is 3 in human years and 21 in dog years…. well…. I seriously hope it’s some trick that it’s ending or at least some tiny supplement epilogue book thing comes out.

  163. no it cant end here !!!!what happened to opal koboi???Arti cant just end here !!!MR.COLFER please write a couple more books8=4+4=DEATH10=5+5= Very Good luck!!!!

  164. MR.COLFER I just wanted to let you know that I´m writing from madrid, spain            and that i´m your biggest fan i LOVE AF!!!!!      don´t end so many peoples  joys.    and if you MUST end it make it in battle ,with lots of action. tell us about koboi and minerva ,mabe even mulch can have a girlfriend!!!!               please think about it  your fan straght from madrid,                                ALEX     P.S.u r the greatest writer ever!!!

  165. NOOO!! IT JUST CANT END !! 🙁 pleeasee  🙁 why doesnt he end it at the 10th book? or 9th…. its better 10! =D its a multiple  of 5 =D five is goood!! xD  8 is baaad! its multiple of 4!!! 4 is DEAATH!! xD 

  166. End it at 10!! PLEASE end it at ten!!! not at 8. there’s so much to add. I agree with some of the previous comments about Holly and Artemis, they have to end up together!!!! It would be perfect.

  167. DON’T END THEM! I agree with Eva Holly and Artemis should end up together and there should be 10!

  168. I think Colifer found a nice time to end the series, BUT it shuldent stop here! im thinking about another series…. maybe artemis and minerva could have children…. think what that could make out, and lets not forget the twins born in TTP, also a good idea for a book.

  169. IF YOU END IT ON EIGHT YOU WILL FACE THE WRATH OF 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 FANS” then the video game introduction ended. No but seriously, don’t end it all of my fave series end to soon such as: Eragon and others. But if you end it, at least make Holly and Artemis do he blood bond so they can be together. I love your series, there were time s when you made laugh and crie, there were times were I was in your fabulous world, there were times when you described an emotion so well I felt it to. AND I AM AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD DUDE< IF YOU END IT I WILL THINK ABOUT IT AT SCHOOL AND I WILL TEAR UP AND THE OTHER GUYS AT SCHOOL WILL TEASE AND ABUSE ME! I AM THE ONLY PERSON IN THE 5TH GRADE THAT READS YOUR BOOKS!THERE IS ONE OTHER PERSON OUT OF 953 KIDS THAT READS YOUR BOOKS, DON’T END IT! PLEASE!!! I AM BEGGING YOU, IF I HAVE TO I WILL WRITE IT MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. by the way you inspired me, i have opened up more, shown my feelings more, i have changed as Artemis has throughout the story. I thank you for what you have done Eion Colfer, may you read this

  171. Personally, I don’t mind the series coming to an end. I just want the eighth book to be better than the seventh. I felt like the Atlantis Complex did not show the world of Artemis Fowl the way all of us fans love it! Its plot progressed very quickly and did not have a satisfying ending, in my opinion. Holly and Artemis never had that “talk” that Colfer hinted about… Just make sure this last one is good and we see Artemis the way we love him… These books are awesome though!

  172. Monkeychick June 17th, 2011 at 1:32 am 176

    Well, the 8th book had better be super long to make up for this tragedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I will miss Artemis!  And he better be normal again!!!  It is silly, but it embarressed ME when Orion was acting stupid!!!!!!!

  173. Artemis Delfinia June 17th, 2011 at 9:54 pm 177

    NO WAY IN HELL!!! *sniff sniff* HOW CAN THIS BE??? Fine, but it better be super awesome and better than all the other books. I love arty! Oh, I forgot, and he better be normal again, cuz it really embarrased me when he acted like a fool – it sounds silly I know! pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee!!!! with a sim cherry on top! 😆

  174. trollslayer5 June 25th, 2011 at 3:49 am 178

    Echo,echo: Holly+Artemis= HEART!!also, 8=4+4=DEATH!!!!     10=5+5= TWO GOOD THINGS.

  175. Keeth Nenvers June 28th, 2011 at 9:31 pm 179

    THE LAST ONE!!!??

    …..I thought it would last forever. Please don’t let it end!

    P.S. Will the artemis Fowl movie still be there? if not please tell me what the alternate ending would have been if so don’t. I want a surprise.

  176. I agree with you Jane(143) about Artemis characters. I fell in love with the series for many reasons, but the most being Artemis character. His mysterous yet powerful and sly personality is what grasped me to the series and become hooked. When he changed, it was like Artemis was becoming lost. OOC. Now don’t get me wrong the last two books (TTP and TAC) were okay.. but not so with Artemis character. Heck Artemis was almost defeated by his youngerself in TTP (in consideration he was defeated by 10 year old Artemis), and in the seventh a similar result (even if he was fighting his illness at the time).

    Artemis should be the kind on the board, holding all his pawns in a perfectly executed mannor.. Yet he has toppled off that thorn. I know people can change, but even they do not change that much.. Artemis is just not Artemis.

    And the “spoiler” to the end of the series does not do well to boost hope that he might go back to being the evil genius he was. “Nice” ending? *shakes head* Doesn’t sound like Artemis to me.

    I think that part of the reason why Eoin is ending it is becaue of Artemis himself. I remember somewhere that Eoin wanted Artemis to go back to his criminal activities (and hinted that this might happen in the final book). But this is just a thought.

    I also agree that the series should continue until it has a proper ending like that of Harry Potter. I’m not saying it should go on forever, but Artemis Fowl does deserve a better ending them simply good.

    The simple “ending in the nice way” was like too big of a disappointing spoiler. Of course he has been known to bluff.. but still doesn’t change feelings of disappointment.

    As for couples.. I have to say I find it ridiculous that there is more complaints over both annoying couples. Forgtive me, but I do.

    Holly and Artemis are really good friends, best friends if you want to call them. If they do get into a relationship and then break up later it could ruin that friendship. Plus if you recall Artemis is still going threw puberty.. so some of the things you might suspect as love might just be an effect of his growing hormones. (For god sakes you’d think people would remember this fact. Apperantly not.) And the kiss in book six was that of Holly’s adolecense.. no real feeling behind it besides relief. Orion an alter-ego. Alter-egos take certain feelings and can make the oposite of them or can make them more than they really are. I get tired of hearing people say that Orion was a sign to show that Artemis loved Holly.

    *sighs* Basically, I don’t think they should get together at the end. They are friends, and a relationship would just ruin that..

    (Also on a side-note to that pair. Holly acts more like another mother to Artemis, in my opinion.)

    As for Minerva, doesn’t she have a boy friend? If I recall Eoin stated that she had a boyfriend and was ski-ing with him.

    Anyways.. I’ll be really sad when the series ends, even if the 8th book might be disappointing.. It still the end of something great (even if the last two books were okay level). *sighs* To be cut short so suddenly.

    Forgive me again if this sounds rude but it is my honest opinion.

  177. NomNomRawr July 2nd, 2011 at 6:22 pm 181

    Eoin had BETTER be bluffing! I’ve wasted too much time hoping and wishing and writing FanFics about Artemis and Holly getting together! Sooo sad it’s gonna to end, these books are my obsession! Love ’em more than Harry Potter, Twilight, Percy Jackson and Alex Rider put together! <3 I hope they make a movie…and Artemis better be played by a really handsome person 'cause me and like a million other girls have built him up to be really hot! x] xx

  178. no! please! im nothing with out Artimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i realy need him! please coft, please change yur mind!

    to artemis fowl:
    bey, i will miss you, and will read you books onononononononononononononononoononononoononononononononononononononononononononononononononnononon and on.

    i have found a way,(i think, im no Artemis), and will see you soon. Bey, my friend.

  179. translation? please stop buffing, hes not going to wright another one. not enle i fix it, i think i will wright more!

  180. i got an idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we can still live in artimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    enio coft:

    just wright two more books, tht will satifie half of you fans. then make the last book rock, be long, and have a coded message that will make last longer, oh, have artemis, and holly fall in love, evern if it ends like romo, and julit., then simpley say at the end that we can reread the books in oder again, by then the books are like new! and we ccan go onononon forever!

  181. noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it cant end like this… not 8 2 4 is very very bad! maybe 10 or 25, 5 5’s… I love artemis fowl he is so awesome don’t let us down eoin  at least hook up artemis with holly and artemis or holly dies i like those endings or maybe make a movie (preferably exactly like the books, not like eragon good book but bad movie) I’m not going to stop reading artemis fowl i will read until i die!!!!!!!! please don’t let it end weep 🙁   🙁   🙁   🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁

  182. listen you used your books to send codes, we all know, as we all speak gnommish, you picked up a group of fans, all who adore artenis fowl! you made him u famise! you cant stop! if you do i will garentey half of you fans, will get depression!

    harry potter is one thing,
    Artemis Fowl is an other!

    if you stop, at lest give Your books in the hands of another person, maybe younger, maybe a different style, but Artemis will not die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i won’t let him, of and you are wright ing other books! why not Artemis Fowl! He in person would say the same.

  183. Eleanor12347 July 31st, 2011 at 7:48 pm 187

    I think Artemis should get a girlfriend first, i was trying to think of a name and i came up with the name Sadie. What do u think?

  184. You see, I’m just thinking…
    I really want to tell him to write another book or change that ending*weep*

  185. AHH! the end has finally come. i mean i knew it was coming but there should be a solid 10 books. and i really dont think anyone would mind if the books were a litle longer. i mean look at harry potter. the books are quite long and its a huge hit. BTW, abt the Artemis/Holly thing. you cant end it this way! we have to have some kind of closure! dont leave us hanging.  *sobs*


  187. Artemis+Holly=Love August 27th, 2011 at 6:54 am 191

    I believe Artemis and Holly need to be true friends,no more lieing…Domovoi and Juliet should live a normal life…Foaly should marry Cabaline,or however her names spelled…and,I dont know why…but i think Opal deserves more than prison and another her…she needs one last book…Artemis Fowl fan #1 signing out.

  188. i am extremely sad that one of the books that has shaped the years of my childhood, are going away. i spent every day on fan-sites and reading this book among others and i truly don’t know what i will do when it all ends.

  189. NOOOOO!!!
    Not 8! What would Artemis say?
    After all four is a very bad number and
    eight has two of them! Ten would be better.

  190. I NEED my Artemis Fowl! As he said 8 is a bad number it has two fours and that is very bad! There should be a number that is divisible by 5…like 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please change your mind Eoin Colfer!! I love this series( especialy the evil Artemis the nice one is slightly creepy!) I love his other personality Orion and when he declares undying love to Holly!!!!!!!!!! It made my day and kept the humanity in him and showed that he does have feelings for people other than himself.

  191. Noooooooo Plzzz Eoin I’m Beging You I’ll Snap My MacBook Pro In Half…I’LL Do ANYTHIN!!!!!! Just Plzzz Plzzz Dont Let The 8th Artemis Fowl Book Be The LAST!!!!! How ABout You Go Up To 10 Books PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! That Would Satisfy Me :'(


  193. you guys do know that if you want to change his mind its not to be done here right?i bet he dont even read from this site though i agree there should be more books and not to end on 8 but yeah go to his website and email him there to try to stop him from ending the series

  194. Artemis Lover October 10th, 2011 at 1:18 pm 198

    nooooo please Colfer don’t end it on no.8 it’s a very unlucky number for Arty and what would I read?????i’ve read most of the books more than 10 times!!i’m a huge fan so please don’t stop

  195. Yes, i will admitte I am sad to see Artemis go, 🙁
    but maybe it is time. maybe colfer cant stand what he has become, maybe colfer is finished
    but if he ever read this, The series does need to go out with a BANG, not a without the magic, not without the evil, not without the violence, or the challenge
    like he said he would but out with A BANG, maybe artemis dying or something right after he and holly finally get together sad or awesome ending, he has his choices, BUT i do NOT like the person he has become, timid, unsure, he really isn’t a genius anymore and I have lost confidence with Artemis and Eoin, I think those to are not working together anymore, Artemis without Eoin is nothing, Eoin without artemis is nothing, and they arnt in i together anymore
    But i want The series to end if he cant keep together, but I want the 8th book To go out IN A BLAZE OF GLORY

  196. WHAT?!? NO RELATIONSHIPS?!? He better put SOMETHING in there, or so help me God, I will get another favorite series!!!!!! HOLLY AND ARTEMIS FOREVER!!!

    But seriously though, he should use The Last Chance.

  197. It’s so sad knowing the series will end. ): I kinda grew up with it and I’ll miss it very much! I hope the last book ends with a big memorable bang. 

  198. please!!!!please dont let there be a last book!!!!!i really love the series and i have never read anything so remarkable and heartwarming than the artemis fowl series books. when i heard that the series would end, i was soooo devastated that i didnt sleep for one night…

  199. artemis is my life! please don’t end the series!!!


  201. y should it end like this i mean where wud the world be without its sneaky genius? mr colfer should not end it like should be like artemis nd holly marrying or something

  202. nooooo!!!I don’t want it to end!well eventually I will but not this soon!

  203. I wish that artemis fowl would continue.I do not want his series to end but most of all I want him to continue with magic (not nesecraly his own) but I wish that he and holly would stay good friends (if not better than “good friends”) and that he would not put away the magic (and he has NEVER been childish). I do not want him grow up entirly though.I JUST want him to continue with holly.I have the exact proper ending in my head (for my like’s at least) and truly with that they would come true but I just DON’T WANT HIM TO PUT AWAY HOLLY AND EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!I don’t want him to leave holly and foaly and such behind as well. (sorry I feel very strongly about this.also I am sorry about the spelling.I have foul spelling.)

  204. i guess he wanst to finish it b4 the series goes even more downhilli mean just look at atlantis complex it was utter shit

  205. Dat Guy With Da Face November 27th, 2011 at 12:15 am 209

    8 isn’t a multiple of 5, somethings wrong here!

  206. Dat Guy With Da Face November 27th, 2011 at 12:18 am 210

    One more thing, where did Minerva go? >_>

  207. i'm_not_saying! November 29th, 2011 at 2:43 am 211


  208. I felt like it would end this way. Just never thought it actually would. -.-May or may not be a bluff, never can tell. If the series wasn’t so all-age-oriented, then my guess would’ve been Artemis dying in the last book, but this way makes the most sense.Oh, and 8 is two fours. Death, death. Omen?Probly not. *troll face*

  209. NO……..

  210. eoin colfer write about my history . I dont know is good or bad !? but i tell all of them Iam here <in iran> and I will fight with my enemy . so write about me enough .

  211. tall dark stranger December 22nd, 2011 at 3:20 am 215

    So long as Artemis and Holly do NOT end up together I’m fine with it… hey, where’s Minerva been all this time?

  212. not a nerd!!! December 28th, 2011 at 9:24 pm 216

    Ok…first of all i have to say that all good things have to come to an end right? I mean i’ve read like probably all the best fiction books out there and i hate when they end but eventually they’ed kinda just start dragging on and… i can probably shut up now. but i was just thinking if mr. colfer happened to read this and was thinking about making a new series MAKE ONE ABOUT MYLES AND BECKETT!!!i mean then you still have a little artemis and faries but its also new…oh yeah… and if you could think about putting me in there somehow, well, that would be nice….i’m a pretty interesting character;) just kidding

  213. I’ve just finished reading the Eragon series and was colossally  disappointed when Arya and Eragon didn’t get together and I don’t want to have go through that pain again with such a brilliant series, can’t it just end with they guy getting the girl? It may sound cliche but sometimes that’s all it takes to finish of an amazing series… Amazingly. So Eoin, if you are reading this please don’t ruin it by denying Arty and Holly each other… It will save you alot of hate mail 😉

  214. AND Mr. Colfer if you end the last book with Arty, Butler etc getting mind wiped I swear on my collection of the Artemis Fowl series I will beat you to death with the last book.

  215. Oh Gosh! I know you can speed the time; so speed it PLEASE! Beyond my sadness I’m so anxious about how it’ll end. Ofcourse I rather not to end up with just 8 books, but we can’t change it . So lets just hope it comes soon. Just 188 days are left.

    Come on Arty , I miss you , you and those fellows. Now come on you devious criminal mastermind =)

  216. I wish I had book 8 right in my hands right now to read the end I’ve read the Atlantis Complex and I loved it. I can’t wait im so excited. Eion should finsh with a good ending i don’t mind if holly and artemis are togrther but it just seems wierd because there a difrent spieces. Mulch is right How can you date somebody of the diffrent spieces?


  218. It might b just b me but i think the person he will choose to b nice to is holly and there gonna get together at the end and maybe something goods gonna happen for butler

  219. I jut finished reading the golden compass series and i was saddened and dissapointed to c lyra and will b broken up i mean they save the universe when they fall in love then they r seperated in like to days terrible and so holly and artemis should get together or i will help the other person in bearing u with #8 and as for the person wit the eragon comment paolini said hes makin a new series centered around alagaisia so maybe we find out them that eragon and arya get together

  220. Well, i know the series has to eventually end, but i was hoping for at least 9. oh well, i would rather see hi not milk it, but i know he will create another awesome book. But if it ends with him turning his back on the fairy world forever, i will be teed off. Highly. it cannot end like that, Artemis just isnt the type to turn his back on something like that. I ship artemisxHolly, and i find a bit of comfort in the fact that Colfer is notouriously bad for giving accurate information in interviews. DONT END IT LIKE THE UNDERLAND CHRONICLES!!! DO U WANT ME TO GO INTO DEPRESSION!!!!!!!!!!

  221. Well, I hate to be the messenger of “doom and gloom” but I’m afraid that everything has to end. It’s better if AF goes out with a bang (even a small one) than a mediocre series that goes on forever and gets more and more repetitive. I was, admittedly,  hoping for 9 books though.8 = (death/2) x death 

  222. It’s rather annoying to see everyone freaking out and guilt-tripping poor Mr. Colfer. Even though he knows better and most likely doesn’t feel guilty about it. These are his books. He knows what is best. Each of us has an alternate ending, something different that we want. And no one wants the story to end. But it must. Colfer cannot keep writing Artemis forever. Artemis will end as it should end – no one knows Artemis more than Colfer does. No one knows the deep inner thoughts of their characters than the writer themselves. You must understand: writers are not at liberty to do what they want with their characters. It sounds preposterous, I know. But a writer knows his character, develops his character, and the character becomes a person. To make that character do something that he would probably not actually do is painful. If Artemis and Holly would not work, then Colfer knows it best more than anyone, and however much fans indulge themselves in fantasies over these two (myself absolutely included), that will not change who Artemis and Holly are. There is a great chance that a relationship could no succeed. I believe there is a great chance that their relationship COULD succeed as well, but I admit that my mind has shaped the characters into different people than Colfer, as do all readers. Artemis Fowl will end as it should end, as Colfer decides. Perhaps he shaped this entire story long ago, all of it. Perhaps he’s not just decided the end recently. Writers often choose to look at the big picture before the smaller details. I know I create my stories, then split them up into books and add changes as I go. So maybe Colfer is going to end it how he intended from the very beginning. Maybe not. But it doesn’t matter. It will end how it will end, and Colfer said it will be the end. So it will be. Colfier is not going to drag out Artemis Fowl adventures. That would get old. I would be more disappointed if it continued on forever. I would end up not reading them. To do that to Artemis Fowl would be abominable. I would rather have it end.That said.I won’t be happy when it ends. I love these books, absolutely. I have attached myself to Artemis, I love Holly. The dialogue is fascinating and hilarious. The sarcasm and irony make me laugh out loud. The terrible moments make me giggle with delight, admittedly. The sad moments made me cry. The writing is relatively simple – Colfer does not spend hours boring the reader with needless descriptions, a talent I wish I could have. When writing, neglecting descriptions is far more difficult than writing it all out. At least for me.I recently read all the books over again because I felt like it. I’m reading through Atlantis Complex right now. But yesterday I read one of my absolute favourites, I’m sure: The Time Paradox. I couldn’t stop giggling when I read to the part where Artemis finds out and says that the only thing that could save his mother was the brain juices of the lemur that HE killed when he was ten. I kept repeating “oh that’s just awful” over and over and I had to explain it to a person I was in the room with. And then later I stared intently at the page (screen, actually, in my case) when Artemis is thrown about and almost killed by the gorilla. Admittedly I am a bit sadistic when it comes to characters I love. Pain in characters is my… my favourite. I love it. I cannot tell you how much I love that. Awkward. Moving on. I rolled around squealing when Holly kissed Artemis. And then when he falls into the chamber and when he’s lying out on Mother Superior. And Atlantis Complex makes me laugh so hard. All the numbers and the paranoia. Crazy Artemis makes for an entertained audience, let me tell you. Just… not permanently crazy.Oh look I’ve gone off and rambled. Anyone. No, he should end them. I’m not in favor of ending them quite so soon, but Colfer knows best. Holly and Artemis might end up together, they might not – it’s not for us to decide. Books are good, I might obsess a little, I’ll be sad when they’re done. And those are basically the only points I had. Have a nice day.But seriously. Stop complaining. It’s annoying. It won’t stop him. He’s not DOING ANYTHING HORRIBLE TO HIS FANS, he’s just ending the book don’tbesoselfish.

  223. Lover of the Butlers July 3rd, 2012 at 7:49 pm 228

    I love these books and wish they would never end, but I’m having trouble comprehending how Colfer will tie up all the loose ends in one book. I hope it doesn’t turn into the last Harry Potter book. Don’t get me wrong I loved that series, but it felt like J.K. Rowling was tying up loose end after loose end (by mostly killing people). Artemis Fowl is an amazing character who sets the structure of an amazing book, and I hope for him that the series ends in some spectacularly genius way. When a series ends there can’t just be a good book ending there has to be a good series ending in there to, it would devastate me if the eighth book was another Inheritance (the last book in the Eragon series). A great series and a great book, but while there was an extraordinary battle seen to end the book the last hundred pages to end the series lacked that same amazingness. I’m sure that with Colfer the end of the Artemis Fowl series will be perfect, but I just had to contribute my thoughts.

  224. christopher July 8th, 2012 at 6:38 am 229

    cant wait 

  225. I think it’s only fair to end the series instead of continuing it for a while, but that doesn’t make me any less sad. Wow. Artemis and Holly. Really? I was slightly happy that their friendship could be salvaged–it seemed a bit too good for a relationship to muddle it up–but at the same time, I MOURN. Seriously?!?! Especially after the Time Paradox…WOW. I would’ve liked it if he could’ve referenced to the kiss a bit more…I dunno, something like that. And what about Minerva? She just disappears. Not that I really liked her in the first place, but a bit of closure, certainly. Not trying to spoil, but SERIOUSLY?!! THE ENDING!! NOOO IT CAN’T END THERE!!!!!

  226. The ending of The Last Guardian was a little disappointing…I really wanted to see Artemis and Holly together, and to have Artemis keep his memories – and his hazel eye. I wonder if Colfer will continue the universe, or maybe some other fan.

  227. Everyone will be disappointed with an ending to a series they love with characters they love. But what a way to go out should this be the last one. With Harry Potter, at first I was sad that I would never again have that thrill of anticipation of the next book. But I was ready for it to end, particularly when the last two books in the series fell below my expectations. But I’ve always liked Artemis Fowl more than Harry Potter. The character. Even when he was devoid of morality, his intelligence and confidence captured me right away. He’s not the regular hero, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s the sad part for me, not having any more witty banter from Artmemis and the wonderful dynamic he has with Holly in particular. Maybe Colfer will pull a Christopher Paolini and end this series but still write about it, but I doubt it. There aren’t loose ends to tie unlike the Inheritance Trilogy. Still, my hope is that Colfer will not be able to resist the urge to revisit the world of Artemis Fowl and the fairies. For everyone upset with the lack of romantic resolution, the ending is left to interpretation. We don’t know that they didn’t end up together. I’m inclined to think that no matter what happens, they’ll never share a bond like theirs with anyone else. All that facing death and saving each other’s lives stuff. I just finished reading The Last Guardian, and I am definitely satisfied with that ending. I can imagine what happens after if I want, which is what I am sure Colfer intended. I feel it was one of the best along with the Opal Deception and The Time Paradox and the first book. The series would be lessened in my opinion if he continued on to make ten more books or something, eventually it needs to end. Superfans can make their own fanfictions or something, lol. Although I must admit, eight? Four and Four? Maybe one more to make the magical number nine and one that involves humans and fairies together in some capacity? I’m dreaming obviously, and though I’m sad to see it end, I can’t be upset with Colfer. Outstanding work. He didn’t get lazy like Rowling did. The last installment did not disappoint and that’s all I can ask for. I’m rambling. Artemis would berate me for being too emotionally attached as well as redundant.

  228. I read the last book and it was great and everything but if he stops this series i won’t have anything to look forward to in life

  229. I find it to be a sad thing that its ending… I finished the book just 2 days ago and i was nearly in tears because it was the end… SPOILER SO DONT READ  ON IF YOU HAVENT READ!!!!I have my beliefs that this is the end of the Artemis Fowl series but the start of a new! a new villain will appear. Artemis will heal and regain his memories and possibly have some surgery done to fix is body a little. The worl will return to normal and Foalys technology will reign supreme. But something will come up, i know it! The way it ended was a small thinking give away that there has to be more cause it sounds like an ending but the a new beginning as well!

  230. SPOILER ALERT!!!Yeah right he dies in the 8th book. THanks for announcing that and then have artemis survive.

  231. He should not end it at this book, make one last book, so it could be like a 3- trilogy or something. 🙁 Reading the time paradox atm :/

  232. This is incredibly useful information appreciate you sharing this stuff!

  233. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on, at least 2 more books, Artemis Fowl is by far my favorite series. 

  234. I’ve loved the Artemis Fowl series throughout. For anyone who thinks they are too old, I am currently in college and still read through the old Artemis Fowl’s. All I want is a little more closure. An epilogue from the future would be fine. Or more books. Also, I totally wanted the resolution of Holly and Artemis, whatever that may be. Eoin, all I want is closure. If you can give that to me, I would thank you so very much.

  235. I cant believe that its over! My friend told me about the series, i said ok, ill read it. i read it, and i couldn’t stop! IT NEEDS TO CONTINUE! The end of the eigth book was supurb… but it just needs more to go after it! Seriously! I really hope that Eoin continues writing more books, maybe he thinks that it wont do Artemis justice, but i dont think any fans will blame him if he does write another book and it doesn’t do him justice. It just can’t end there.

  236. You guys should be thankful for Colfer’s amazing imagination. Yeah, it will be sad, but i’d rather have an ending opposed to him writing indefinitely then dying in the middle of a series. Be grateful wehave Artemis Fowl and stop hounding him. Just so you know, Artemis and Holly 2 different species. Another thing, you girls are so dramatic. P.s. you guys should check your spelling. Artemis would be dissapointed. 

  237. I see why the events of the final book make a logical stopping point, but I am nonetheless disappointed for a variety of reasons. Why is Minerva Paradizo completely dropped from the story after the events of The Lost Colony? Also, I thought that the seriousness of a time paradox was completely underplayed in the later stories. Finally, I was disappointed with how Artemis turned out. I mean, sure he developed into a likable character, but he started losing the appeal of being a covert criminal mastermind, which is why I agree with Colfer’s decision to end the series.    

  238. You cant end Artemis Fowl that will crush hundreds of fans. We need Artemis Fowl! We eat, sleep, and breath Artemis Fowl it grabs our attention more and more we read it! We will miss Holly, Foaly, Butler, Juliet, Mulch, and of course the one and only Artemis Fowl! Our lives will be different please Mr. Colfer, we need you, we need Artemis.

  239. No, I have been waiting for them togo out and to end it on eight would mean that wouldn’t happen…

  240. You know before the book came out I had a dream that Artemis and Holly were hooking up in his bedroom. Holly was kinda removing her boots then he said : “Are you done?” then she said “Yes” and started making out. Then I saw Butler in a desert wearing savage-like clothes and he was screaming something, weird.

  241. I think I read somewhere that he did’nt die heis soul was like put into a clone of him.

  242. I have read the last book i believe there should be a next one, you just can’t end the series with an Artemis clone with half his memories that’ll just ruin the whole series without an proper ending.

  243. Annabeth Chase March 16th, 2014 at 11:48 am 248

    i LOVE ARTEMIS FOWL SOOO MUCH!but I hated the ending 🙁 why mr colfer?why?!the ending ruined the whole book.why did minerva just disappear?!SPOILER ALERT!!!!why did Artemis die?ugh I didn’t like the whole clone thing.artemis shouldn’t have died!after everything that happened to him he deserves a really good and happy ending 🙁

  244. Annabeth Chase March 19th, 2014 at 8:35 pm 249

    sorry I finished the book that day and I was so sad.the ending wasn’t that bad 🙂 the most important thing is that Artemis survived! 😀 he’ll have a good life 😉 but I didn’t want this series to end.I don’t know why I was so angry that day.the ending wasn’t very  good or was average

  245. i agree with Alanna z he should make book nine in the artemis fowl series. so please mr. colfer do book nine in the artemis series.
    sincely a fellow irishman
    good luck and may artemis live on in book nine.

  246. These books got me through my last year at uni (although can’t say they helped my study)!

  247. The last book was simply amazing, but made me feel extremely sad of the ending. I still cant believe the serie has ended. Artemis Fowl, Holly, Butler and all the others will always be alive. I really hope Mr. Colfer will write the 9º book. And I am really, really happy to know so many Artemis’ fans gathered!!!

  248. you cant do this January 10th, 2015 at 2:41 pm 253

    Mr Colfer, you cant end the series at 8. its far too good at end it at 8 and 8 is a terrible number (2×4=8) 4 is death. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont to this to your fans.i understand it cant go on forever but 8 thats really terrible. i finished reading the last book and its really great. but so many things are a mystery like is it going to be A/H or A/M. personally i want to be A/H but i’ll understand why its A/M. plzz Colfer at least two more books because it makes 10 (2×5=10) and 5 is an excellent book. plz dont disappoint millions of artemis’s , holly’s and foaly’s fans Colfer.

  249. love you arty January 10th, 2015 at 2:59 pm 254

    i finished the series and i was absolutely in love with the book. the ending was really sad. but the epilouge is just fantastic. i just love the series. i understand colfer’s decision to end the series but there are sooo many questions unanswered like what happend to Minerva. also you can soooo not end the series with clone Artemis with no knowledge about himsef. thats a really bad ending.and guys the movie will so spoil the book so its a request for you all not to see the movie. 

  250. You canot do this June 23rd, 2015 at 3:00 am 255

    Mr Colfer, you must continue the series because book 8 has a terrible ending and you cannot leave us hanging like that. I mean even if you make the graphic novel for it it still won’t help. Just please, please return Artemis Fowl. If you are ever going to add a book 9 you should include Minerva because we never saw her again, The Fowl Family, the LEP, The Butler Family, and tones of new character but this book 9 should kinda be about how this time he has to face his challenges from the past and confront them to know that he can maybe rest in peace if he was to ever die. And also, if you are going to end it, you should end it on book 9 as the one last time of a genius life for a teenager who for some reason has to face the past because of the spell of a certain Warlock ( maybe Abott coming back and doing something for a brief moment ) and now with the help of his friends from the past, they face the ghost of the dead and gets a talk from someone who might change the life of the LEP fairy, Holly and Artemis. But yeah thats my idea of what should happen in book 9 if you were ever to make book 9. PLEASE, MR. COLFER, PLEASE BRING BACK THE GENIUS OF MYTHICAL LIFE. PLEASE BRING BACK ARTEMIS  FOWL.

  251. artyandhollyxxx August 30th, 2016 at 10:04 pm 256

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaano no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no noI know that this post is quite old but I need to post this anyway… I met Eoin on a scoop trip and got two of my books signed , I have been to Ireland and it is so magical (very much so that you would believe all fowl adventures were real) I am currently reading ‘Artemis Fowl and the last guardian’ and I am going to cry so hard when it is over!!!!!!! I wanted more romance between Artemis and Holly like I loved it when in ‘Artemis Fowl and the time paradox’-holly kissed him and in ‘Artemis Fowl and the last colony’- they switched an eye!!! But now it’s all over , hold on ,waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaok , please please please please please please please pleaseplease PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make more books , Eoin ok , I understand you won’t see this or change your mind about the book9 and more but I will use my every four leaf clover, every rainbow , every shooting star , every wishing dandelion , every fallen leaf I catch for getting much more Fowl in my life!!!!! Bye   I NEED ARTEMIS FOWL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  252. artyandhollyxxx August 30th, 2016 at 10:09 pm 257

    Sniff sniff sniff please , BRING ARTY BACK!!!!!!

  253. artyandhollyxxx August 30th, 2016 at 10:10 pm 258

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaI NEED ARTY!!!

  254. artyandhollyxxx August 31st, 2016 at 8:57 am 259

    I NEED ARTY !!!

  255. artyandhollyxxx August 31st, 2016 at 9:14 am 260

    Come on there needs to be at least a 9th becausethe end of book 8 (the last guardian) is not very great for an overall ending!PLEASE PLEASE MORE FOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. artyandhollyxxx August 31st, 2016 at 9:24 am 261


  257. artyandhollyxxx August 31st, 2016 at 9:48 am 262

    I am reading all the comments and most agree with meWE ALL NEED MORE FOWL , u can’t end at 8 that has two fours in it and 4 is unlucky , PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ARTY, HOLLY , BUTLER, FOALY , MULCH , ect.. And u can’t let the last time we see Artemis he is a clone of himself with only half his memories and u need for holly and arty to discuss there true love for each other , like arty said in ‘the opal deceptions’ they are bonded by trauma!! They have done so much , when through so much together , you can’t leave so much mystery at the end , I have wished and prayed for more books , so I hope there will be or I’ll be disappointed, bye btw holly and Arty being different species doesn’t matter after every thing that has happened to them and how they feel about each other , also arty not being such a kid anymore does not mean anything because any age he is still an genius!! He is more smart than every mud man combined!!! Keep arty going , please!!!!!!! Bye ,sniff , sniff

  258. artyandhollyxxx August 31st, 2016 at 11:48 am 263

    I totally agree with Maya’s 185 comment , PLEASE Eoin , listen to your fans cause you’ll disappoint us if u don’t , just one more , (two tops) , to tie up everything , PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!

  259. artyandhollyxxx August 31st, 2016 at 12:02 pm 264

    btw On post 259 of mine I said scoop trip but I meant schooltrip.I know that u ended the 8th book with holly telling arty memories and she started with the very start of the1st book and that’s cool but u needed to have more than that for an overall ending!!! And I can feel romance in my heart for holly and Arty , make them feel it too , I know they are characters but they or more than that to me and other fans , please don’t abandon them!!!!! Just finish off in a good way and I’ll be ok with it ending!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE EOIN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  260. Arty+Holly= magic+love August 31st, 2016 at 5:06 pm 265

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooif u end on the last guardian I will be extremely sadU r  ending with not a very interesting and finishing ending that I would have expected from u , so PLEASE  write a 9th book , think about it .. You want to write 8 books and your fan want you to write 10 books , so compromise and write nine , just do it so that we all see what happens to Artemis and holly,please more romance, and please think about book nine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. Arty+Holly= magic+love August 31st, 2016 at 5:10 pm 266

    Please listen to your fans , they made u famous!!!!!! PLEASE !!!

  262. Arty+Holly= magic+love August 31st, 2016 at 6:21 pm 267


  263. Arty+Holly= magic+love August 31st, 2016 at 6:24 pm 268

    Please master of fate , give Eoin a great idea for a great Artemis ending and make it into a book for me and his fans!! please!!?!!

  264. I finished the series in 5th grade (I still am in 5th grade) and I was soooooo dissapointed to find out the 8th was the last. I am about to reread the entire series even if it takes three more semesters. 

  265. Arty+Holly= magic+love November 6th, 2016 at 1:01 pm 270

    EOIN PLEASE !!! I no that u personally don’t look at thus but whoever does is probably sick of all of us sad fans begging for more fowl but take pity soon us please!!!! We need one more book just to finish off everything , tie up loose ends, btw cry while writing this , the ending of the last book is not what I expected for a final ending from the great Eoin mastermind behind everyone’s favourite teenage mastermind!! Please one more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  266. the end of fowl is the end of me!!!! November 6th, 2016 at 1:02 pm 271
  267. the end of fowl is the end of me!!!! November 6th, 2016 at 1:08 pm 272

    Please more ,one ,one ,one ,ONE ?!?!?!!!!! I will cry my eyes red if u choose to abandon fowl here like this!!!!!! Please !Ps -I know that it is grammarly incorrect to use more than on exclamation mark ( and it grammerly is not a word ) but who cares about that when it could be the end of my happiness!!! Please ONE please!!!!!!!!!!!

  268. ONE MORE!!!!!!! November 6th, 2016 at 1:16 pm 273

    I no u where trying to be creative but making Arty die and having his sole put into a clone of himself ( who doesn’t no any of his adventures) was a horrid idea ! Holly tells him about all the adventures but being told something is very different from experiencing it!! And I want another book , I also kinda wanna forget the last book it was such a let down I expected so muck better for a finally from u I think ur great and amazing talent so please use your gift to fix everything ! Please !

  269. Artemisfowlthesecond December 23rd, 2016 at 8:57 pm 274

    Please write more please . I know that you will never see this and even if u did u wouldn’t care at all about me ?? so my dreams and hopes of at least one more Artemis Fowl book is crush (by the way I am sitting here crying cause wont write another book just so u know) if only Arty was real (and I was Holly Short) then I wouldn’t be so depressed about this?. I know you care about little me so idk why I should post this but I have a small sliver of hope so – please Eoin write one more (and include Artemis remembering everything and more Holly-Arty romance)   Please please ?? PLEASE ??

  270. ?? goodbye....ARTY....??? May 24th, 2017 at 5:16 pm 275

    I shan’t rant on like many others, I feel the same as them,but in the end it is your choice Eoin and what we fans say won’t effect you so all I am going to say is…..I AM VERY SAD, I HOPE THERE WILL BE AT LEAST ONE MORE BOOK,……please? Thank you

  271. artemis fowl fan July 16th, 2020 at 9:23 pm 276

    so basically here i am a decade later CRYING ABOUT ARTEMIS FOWLS DEATH WAHHHHHHHHH why couldn’t he just have like, idk like ummm just almost died but not die? UGHHHHHH I SAW THAT ARTEMIS DIED A YEAR AGO BUT IM STILL SAD ABOUT IT 

  272. fuck this he will make more

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