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The long-awaited Artemis Fowl movie has hit another lull, with no solid news in a long time. So to spur things on a bit, Artemis Fowl Confidential have put together an online petition to show Disney how badly we want this movie.

And it has over 5000 signatures already! Add yours to the list too!

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  1. Yes! Totally! But under no circumstance can they change one detail in the book. And I would prefer if artemis and holly were more on the goodlooking side.

  2. NightingaleA113 February 15th, 2016 at 8:07 pm 3

    Yes! But Holly has to have dark skin, and a crew cut. And they all have to have Irish accents! And I finally can hear what Gnommish would sound like?

  3. Suggestions:Logan Lerman as Artemis Fowl. He’s a GREAT actor. Have you SEEN the pj movie? Stellar performance. Chris Pratt as Butler. nuff said.Jennifer Lawrence as Holly. Can’t get enough JLaw!Danny DeVito as Root. CAN YOU NOT SEE ITPierce Brosnan as Foaly. Foals is so much like James Bond it makes sense.Eddie Murphy as Mulch. He is hilarious and this cast is too white.

  4. Movie would be nice but I think there is a reason it has taken so long… just think about the books, they are masterpieces. How could anyone make a movie out of such? I would love a movie, but rather a good movie that takes time than a bad one now. Concearning the actors, they need to pick carefully since this will affect the movie a great deal. Also I read someone wanted Jennifer Lawrence as holly (above) and I would just like to remind you of that they need to pick GOOD actors for this movie and NOT the worst actors on the planet, btw, her? As holly? She has a better chance getting the role as Mulch, thankyou very much.

  5. I would like to enlighten you, sir. JLaw is beautiful and talented and she has great themistry with Chris Pratt (who will also be starring in this feature, btw). If you dissgree, fine. Thats YOURE opinion. But if it cannot be JLAw, I suggest Cara Delevingne as Holly. She looks very elfish and her performance in Paper Towns and Suicide Squad (2 of the best movies of 2016) has cemented her as one of the best models working today.Rethink.

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