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Shutting Down Soon :(

Hi all – I’m so sorry to post this, but I think the time has finally come that we need to close the shutters on FanGathering┬á­čś×

This site has been live since 2005 (!!!) and home to so many awesome memories for so many of us.

It ceased to be an Artemis Fowl site a long, long time ago, instead it become a safe, friendly online hangout spot for a great bunch of people at different phases of their lives.

I’ve kept the site alive so many years mostly so that when people remember FG and Google it on some random bored moment of the day, they’re pleasantly surprised it’s still here and hopefully get a little smile from it (like I still do!)

All good things have to come to an end though.┬áI’ve posted more details in the forum, and a little request to any long-term members who might want to contribute a memory or too.

Please check out the post and let us know what it meant to you if you can!

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