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Airman is the name of Colfer’s next book, and it’s been causing a fair bit of confusion in the Fowl world. It is not an Artemis Fowl, rather, it’s a different series altogether. Thanks to Amazon, we now have a great deal of information on the plot, including previously unknown details on what the main storyline of the book actually is!

Airman is set in the 1890’s on the sovereign Saltee Islands, off the Irish coast. It is the story of Conor Broekhart, a young Saltee Islander whose father, Declan, is the King’s bodyguard. When Conor discovers that the power hungry Marshall Hugo Bonvilain is organizing a military coup, the king is murdered and Conor is blamed for the crime and thrown into prison.

In prison, Conor passes the solitary months by scratching designs for flying machines into the walls. This has always been his dream, to win the race for flight.

After two years, Conor now sixteen, plans and executes a daring escape to the mainland. Initially he plans to return home, but realizes that this would put his entire family in danger, so instead he builds a glider to fly to the prison island and reclaim the diamonds he buried there from the prison mine. Eight bags of diamonds, means eight trips.

Conor’s father is beginning to question Bonvilain’s rule, and so the marshall decides to use his son to blackmail him. This is when he realizes that Conor has escaped. He also finds Conor’s drawings and realizes that he is the mysterious Airman who has been flying around the prison island.

Bonvilain arrests Conor’s whole family to trap him. To save them, Conor will have to build the flying machine that he has been dreaming of all these years.

Airman Cover Thanks to Fantastic Fiction, we also have the cover to show you (Click it!), and we can tell you that the book is due to be released on 2nd January, 2008.

Now for the real question, would you like to keep getting coverage on this book as time progresses? I mean, this is, but if you want it, you can have it. 🙂

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  1. yeah I think you should, we are all fans of AF, therefore fans of EC, therefore fans of all his books!!! Did that make ANY sense at all?

  2. lol – Yes, it did make sense. Thanks for your feedback. 🙂

  3. hEllO ouT tHerE! July 29th, 2007 at 3:06 am 3


  4. Hell YEAH! this looks to be very interesting indeed… but I wonder… is it a series, or a stand alone book?

  5. No.1 – At the minute, we don’t really know. There are no plans for a sequel, but knowing Colfer, if the book takes off, then he’ll write a sequel. (Think of AF, The Supernaturalist, Spud Murphy etc. 🙂 ).

  6. Yay1 More details! Happy bones =D. I know I want the details. Unfortunatly, the book is not what I truly wished for but still sounds awesome.=) I like historical books so this shoudl be awesome. Keep us posted MichaelM! Plus, I cant see your icon dp thing. Just so you know… bones

  7. YAAAAAY!!!! i want the details too!! Airman may not be an AF book but it definetly sounds awesome-rific to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE THE SMILIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????? I watching the Drake VS Josh marathon. Has anyone seen THE SIMPSONS MOVIE?????????????? I LOVE that movie, it was so AWESOME!!!!!!! “Spider-Pig , Spider-Pig , does whatever a spider-pig does , can he swing from a web? No because he’s a pig, WATCH OUT!!! it’s the Spider-Pig!!!”

  8. DON”T TEASE ME!! I WANNA SEE IT SOOOOOOOOOOO…OOOOOO BAD!!! Remember now, he’s Harry Plopper! HAHA!!! In all, I agree. It may not be an AF book but it is AWESOME! WHOOT!!
    bones out>>>>>

  9. lol – Okay guys, we’ll keep up with the Airman info as well! 😀

  10. Wow! Airman sounds good! I can’t wait ’till is comes out!
    Yeah, not an AF book, but yet another story with a 14-year-old Irish kid!

  11. flamingbones August 9th, 2007 at 5:26 am 11

    WHOOT!! Thank you MichaelM!! You rock my socks!! (even though I’m not wearig any!=P =D)!!
    bones out again>>>>>
    PS-If its not obvious, I’m just a tad hyper! That’s what happens when I’m given ice cream cake and Mountain Dew! They should have know better!!;) Hehehe…

  12. YAAAAY!!! I can’t wait until Airman comes out! Wow , flamingbones, you are hyper! I saw a little girl yesterday who was singing the Spider Pig song .She looked about five years old.

  13. hEllO ouT tHerE! August 11th, 2007 at 2:52 am 13

    I was singing spider pig in class yesterday and every one joined in! everyone was walking past thinking “Weirdos in english, Run away!” So yeah alot of people think im weird and they always use this one excuse. Once when i had a Cheese, lettuce, ham and mayo sandwich and i put it all ova the table and I said its my artwork, use your imagnation. And i have already commented on Airman so i will say no more on that topic. bye bye

  14. Ha! That would be soooo cute. You have no idea how hyper I was. Ice cream cake, Mountain Dew and in a room full of people who understand manga and are willing to celebrate it (o the mangay goodness). That sounds like my english class last year! The tacher gave us candy and/or ice pops/freezythings everyday. He terrified the troublesome younger students who played tricks in the hall. Like when they played knock and ditch, we had people sit in the hallway and give them the evil eye and our teacher opened the door when she knew they would knock. Theyre were scared because she played the “evil” teacher” the class sat quietly and acted liek we were doing out work, but really watching them freak! HAHA! Good times, good times. Oh how I miss her! *Smiles and thinks of the teacher and jokes adn eveyone* ahhh…
    bones out>>>>>

  15. hEllO ouT tHerE! August 12th, 2007 at 8:19 am 15

    Bones – The other week me and 2 mates went ova the road to the creek and up the hill onto some ones property, and we had an air horn we went completly spastic with it and we chased his sheep with it. It was so much fun! until we got caught.

    Oh and then we went to town and had an egg fight on one of the back roads.

  16. Awww… That sounds like soooo much fun!! I wanna blow air horns at sheep (I know I won’t because it could hurt thier eardrums and I would be upset that I hurt them yet it soulnds like fun). I would have probably done it to humans because they yell and chase you afterwards. I want an air horn but everyone around me knows I would use it to annoy everyone because I am one of those people who enjoy yelling into traffic (my friends did that for a school project about smoking and no one in town went near them.). It was funny and it was in the teacher’s room that we scared the younger students in. She gave out fun assignments! Hehe!
    PS- How long until the book is suppose to be out in America (if that is the UK release)??

  17. Yeah! i hope its hardbound too! 😀

    Can’t wait to buy it! and the sequel to Supernaturalist too!

    Colfer is such a busy man! imagine, he’s wrting AF6 at the moment and Supernaturalist and publishing his new book! I love the cover! GREEN!

    Where are d icons? 🙁

  18. SO the new AF book is green? And there is definately a sequal to Supernaturalists? Cool.
    bones out>>>>>

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