Less than Three Days to Win a Copy of Airman or Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox!

Airman Cover
REMINDER about the Elseworlds Fanfiction Contest:

Saturday is the Absolute Latest I’ll take any fan fictions. If it’s not in by the end of Saturday Night Live (1:00 AM Sunday Morning, US Eastern Standard Time) it won’t be entered. A few things to remember:

  1. NO NON-CANON SEQUELS. If you’re not sure what this means, a non canon sequel is “What if this happened,” and Elseworlds is “What if this were different”.
    [Still unclear? Here’s a longer explanation: Non-Canon vs. Elseworlds.]
  2. It must be posted IN ONE POST on either the forums or the fanfiction Archive and the link must be PMed to me, or posted on the contest announcement on the Archive, for those of you without forum accounts.
  3. Nothing Inappropriate. There are children on this site, so please no Lemon. They should have a PG-13 Rating at the highest.
  4. No crossovers.
  5. No shorter than 700 Words. (But don’t make it too long, I don’t want to read a novel!)
  6. Have fun with it. There’s no penalty for not winning, and I won’t humiliate people. I’ll be announcing the Top 3 Fanfictions. Remember, The winner will either win a copy of Airman or we’ll pre-order Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox. 2nd and 3rd place will get honorable mention and their Stories will be put in an “Award Winning” Category on the Archive.

[darvit’s note: More details on the prize–delivery, shipping, etc–could be found here.]

Happy writing (hopefully editing by this point)!


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  1. this is a steach but
    *befor camander soot got kicked out opal got him to secretly somehow gethim transferd to a human prison in america where she meets john spiro who throu the scientist still has a major camand of his old company*
    *then the pixy talks john into letting her excape with him when she realises he will ecape and that thay bolth have master fowl*

  2. Quick edit to this message– The Contest is over now. We had to end it a few hours early so that we could get the results in the Haven Herald.

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