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LEP Academy Roleplay

There’s a new Artemis Fowl Roleplay for you to join in on if you love to write. A member of the FanGathering team, BlackOpal (Along with another, MMK!), has recently set up an MSN space for Artemis Fowl roleplaying, entitled the LEP Academy.

Writing Artemis Fowl FanFiction is a great way to develop your own stories, but roleplaying with a bunch of other fans will result in a story that no-one would have come up with on their own. If you’re game for it, then join Opal and MMK with the RP. If you’ve read any of their fics, you’ll know how much they love writing, and how great they could make the game be.

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37 responses to “LEP Academy Roleplay.” Join in!

  1. WOOT! Sounds fantastic! I love writing and find that roleplays get me past writer’s block than anything else!

  2. Hmmm..I would love to help with scripts!!! YAY! :D:D

  3. Great! There’s not going to be scripts really, but we’ll plan plot lines and big events.
    Hope you guys join!

  4. how do u join?

  5. You click “Join Now” on the left hand side, at the top of the bar of options. You may have to make a NET passport, which is basically signing up so you can join any MSN group.
    If you have problems then just PM me, or email me, I think my email is on the group information.

  6. but before i sign up, what exactly do you do? and I know that this doesn’t have anything to do with this, but have any of you read my story on the fanfic part of the site?

  7. I may have. I’m not sure.
    We can talk about that over PM though. 😉 I’ll contact you.

    You don’t have to do anything before you sign up. Just click “Join Now” and follow the instructions.

  8. do u mean IM? if not then whats PM?

  9. WOW!!!! I haven’t been on this site in monthes!!!!! A lot has changed. I would love to Join!!!! I love to write, and roleplaying sounds REALLY REALLY fun. But, I’m not sure if i have enought time to. If you join , do you have to do it like daily, or weekly or somthing?????????

  10. A PM is a personal message. I’ll find a way to contact you, fowlgirl.

    There’s not really a set amount of time. How it works is you get to be a character, and there’s different rooms and places where you can post. You put a post,and somebody responds. People can come and go from the rooms, just like real life. Look at the site for examples.

  11. where is the Join now button? And I don’t have e-mail. Will that be a problem?

  12. The Join button is on the left hand side, in a yellow box, labbelled “What’s New” Under it is “Join Now”
    And yes, sadly you need an email. I’m sorry.

  13. uhh… how are you on this site?? If I have a chance, I’ll give it a whirl AND its Roleplaying! Hurray!!

  14. wahh!! my pic is still not showing up!
    sob bones>>>>>

  15. ooh id love to join! I cant be on most of the time, but id love to have a go… i’ve never written a fanfic before yet. So this should be new to me!

  16. It’s soooooo fun! we need more people though! Join now Join now Join now!

  17. i cant wait until the movie comes out!!!

  18. WHEEEE!!!!
    This is gonna be fun!

  19. nice
    I’ll join~!!!
    It’ll be gr8 fun

  20. I want to join! It will be fun.
    But…. it’s hard to get a .Net Passport, how

  21. Just press Join Now, and it’ll have an option “Get a .Net passport.”

  22. hEllO ouT tHerE! September 24th, 2007 at 10:29 pm 23

    I think it would be great fun. But I would wreak it and it would be park backwards. AND my email’s stuffed and probably won’t let me do it.

  23. I’m sure you wouldn’t wreck it! Seriously, it’s really fun, you should join. Even if it means you have to clean out your inbox or whatever.

  24. Hmmm…v. interesting. What are “they” looking for in particular???

  25. But…. my writing is so bad,and it need to write a Sample Roleplay

  26. Who do you mean by “they”? If you mean the managers, then anybody who likes to write.
    LEP, trust me, do not worry about it.You could be a terrible writer, and we’d accept you as long as you followed the rules, and I’m sure that you are not a terrible writer. Just try. If you truly believe that you are a terrible writer, then this will just help.

  27. yeah the mods aren’t all grumpy and crabby like they are on some sites. and the rules aren’t unreasonable. lol, right now its kinda just the mods and me but my friend’s character just got approved, so yay! more people! yeh, you just come up with gunk and put it down. if it stinks, oh well, you move on.
    ps. my name is nanyoky on the academy site. i kinda go through alot of name changes so things get a wee bit confusing!
    pss. wow, i’m really chatty today!

  28. I think I ‘ll join, i am start thinking about my character.

  29. I love Artemis Fowl and writing! This is perfect. I’ll join

  30. I think i will too! I’m in a REALLY REALLY happy mood write now, The MYTHOLOY bok just came out !!! WOOT . I’m still a fowl freak , but now i’m a greek mythology freak ,too!

  31. We’ll be glad to have you all!

  32. To flamigbones: My friend LOVES magna and Nutiro , too…..Actually lots of people i know like magna. I know that you love magna , so i think that my friend should read artemis fowl, and then you can talk about magna stuff with them. But he doesn’t like Artemis Fowl, i’m still trying to get other people to read it.

    has anyone read The Lightning theif yet??????? It’s been a long time sence i read it and tried to everyone else to read it. I’m curios if anyone listened to me when i was crazy over that book.

    GOOD NEWS!!!! I’ve finally began to type Under The Bed ( for anyone new : story I’m typing). I think it might post it on here later. It’s only a page long, but I’m still not totally sure about the whole beginning yet.

    For about the millionth time: Does anybody have any good really unique names that start with C , for a boy????? I know i’ve said this a thousand times , but i still need one for a centuar character.

  33. Theres Cadance, Cagney, Camaxtli… There’s a lot, just look up baby names on the internet.

  34. cool!

  35. I’ve decided to go with Collin , by thanks a lot for all the names. mabey i’ll throw a Cadance in there , too. I could make a new character named cadance. Did you know that there are 4 different trios of evil old ladies in Greek Mythology, there’s the Gorgons , The Furies , The Fates , The Graea. There is also Enchidna , the sirens , and harpies , their evil demon old ladies, too, but they’re not in trios.

  36. Это прямо в точку!!! По другому и не скажешь! 🙂

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