Holiday Fanfiction Exchange

As you know, the holiday season is quickly approaching. I, for one, am glad. I can’t wait for vacation, Christmas cookies, skating parties, and presents.

Speaking of presents, we at FG have decided to do a little thing of our own this year. Because traditional presents are not really an option, we are hosting an Artemis Fowl holiday fanfiction exchange. Here’s how it works:
•If you wish to participate, e-mail or PM me, carino (, with a prompt of the fic you would like to have someone write for you. Prompts should include your preferred Character(s)/Pairings, a few words explaining what you want, and further specifications, such as anything you do or do not want to see. For example, I might prompt:

Playing chess is about more than whose King gets taken first
Internal monologue-either character’s POV. NO straight-up romance.


Myles & Beckett
Expectations, hopes, what it means to be a Fowl
AU in which Arremis was not gone the first years.

Remember, connecting two character’s names with a slash (/) denotes a romantic pairing, whereas ampersand (&) simply means that both are mentioned, as friends or as specified by the prompter.

•On December first, a list will be posted of all prompts. Each participant should look through them and claim one, again by e-mailing or PMing me. EACH PROMPTER MUST ALSO WRITE A FIC! This is to ensure that every participant gets something. I will verify your claim, then you may start writing. Claims will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis. If you do not make a claim within the first week, I will pull your prompt from the list.


Once the prompts are claimed:


• Write your fic! Please remember to follow all of your prompter’s guideline, and also, get a beta. This fic is someone’s Christmas present, so try to make it as shiny as possible. Because this is for the forum, we must ask that you keep all fics rated PG-13 or lower.
• Sometime before December 20, please send me a link to your fic.
• I will post the links to each fic sometime before Christmas, and everyone’s day will be made a bit brighter by the gift of fic!



If you have any questions, just ask them in the comments section and we will do our best to answer them. 🙂


Happy prompting!

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12 responses to “Holiday Fanfiction Exchange.” Join in!

  1. Wow, sounds fun. Will get prompt-ing!

  2. AWESOME!!!! Can’t wait!

  3. Chriss i tina!!!af fan!!!!!!!omg totally! November 26th, 2009 at 11:32 pm 3

    this sounds pretty cool but whats a fic?

  4. A fic, or fanfiction, is a story based on the work of another person. Artemis Fowl Fanfiction is basically stories written by the characters of Artemis Fowl written by the fans.
    Our archive is here, if you want to check out some examples:

  5. Wait a minute!!! what if two people claim the same one before you post it’s claimed?….. who gets it?


  6. It’ll be the first person to claim it. Carino will then PM the person back saying that the prompt was already claimed and offer them a chance to pick a new one.
    I’d have to check with Caryn… but you could probably put a first and second choice just in case, and she’d tell you which one you got…

    But if the prompt is already chosen that person will get a chance to pick another one.

  7. Oh, okay. Thanks! XD

  8. Um, i have a question! So, how do we get to write a story around the prompt? Do we claim it, as in saying, “This is the prompt I made!” or, “This is the prompt I want to write about!”? I’m pretty sure its the last one, but you never know. Also, do we claim it in the comments section, or by PM? Or does it matter?

  9. You claim someone else’s prompt and then write a story around it. That way it’s kind of ike a secret Santa, and everyone gets a fic that they like written. 🙂
    We’d prefer if you claimed over PM or email so we can keep it anonymous. 😀

    Hope that helps.

  10. yep, thanks!

  11. wait, where do we find the prompts?

  12. Yo. *nods all gangsta like*Where should we post are fics after they’re written?

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