Holiday Fanfiction Contest- Win a copy of the Artemis Fowl Graphic Novel!

The holidays are coming up and everyone is celebrating, even the Artemis Fowl characters! In preperation for the best time of year we are having a fanfiction contest. The requirements are simple, you can enter a fanfiction about any Artemis Fowl character during the holiday season. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Buddist, Scientologist, Wiccan, Aetheist, or just enjoy the time off of school, this contest is for you.
The rules are:

1. The fanfiction must be PG-13 or less.
2. The fanfiction must include an Artemis Fowl character.
3. The fanfiction must take place during the holiday season.
4. You must have submitted it by December 23rd 2007.

The fanfiction can be any pairing, or no pairing at all. And get this, the winner receives a copy of the new Graphic Novel! It seems almost too good to be true, so enter today!
Pst your fic on the fanfiction archive and then send the link to

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  1. Kinda funny actually. I have written a fanfiction about the holiday season, called Heaven at Christmas. I honestly think it sucks, and I already have a copy of the Graphic Novel. But I would enter it if I didn’t, and good luck to all of you writers!

  2. How does the winner get the Graphic Novel?

  3. The winner will contact MichaelM and discuss the details, and he’ll send it through Paypal… I think.

  4. Ah, how long does it have to be?

  5. There is no limit. You can make a really short fanfiction, as long as it is really good.

  6. This should be really fun.

  7. Thanks for organizing this all BlackOpal. Looks like it’s going to be great. 😀

    And yep, whenever you choose the winner, just put them in touch with me and I’ll sort out the prize for them. 🙂

  8. Do you have to a certain age to enter?

  9. No. You don’t need to be a certain age. It’s the same requirements as the forum, under 13 should ask their parents first.

  10. Fowlgirl – Like Opal said, you should just check with your parents first that you will be allowed to give out your real name and address if you win. 🙂 (I’m not sure how much they’d appreciate discovering a little parcel turning up on your doorstep one day from someone they had no idea about! xD )

  11. _i_dont_get_it November 28th, 2007 at 3:21 am 11

    I don’t do fanfiction (I feel like I’m stealing…) and yet…this is so tempting.
    Darn it, Michael.
    You make such good deals.
    I need to think about it while I lock myself up in my room to stare at the birdies out my window.

  12. wat is fanfiction? is it l;ike wen u have a book/story etc, and you change it to what u like? im confused. cos i love doing that with all boooks.
    anyway, please help!

  13. Fanfiction is when fans write a story based on a certain book or series.
    To check out some examples go to or

  14. Will you get bonus points for incorporating an A/H or H/T into the plot.

    Can that be the main plot or
    a) does it have to intertwine
    b) has to be side-by side.

    I know, I’m really fussy. I’m curious. Personally I think I ask too many questions, so I should shuttup now. Which I really should do. *shuttsup*

  15. No, you don’t get any points for encorporating a ship into the plot.
    And it can be whatever you want, it’s not really a fussy contest.
    And don’t worry, ask as many questions as you like. I know I wasn’t clear on the announcement, but that’s just to keep it open, so anybody can write with any characters and any plot (as long as it takes place in the holiday season) and still enter it.

  16. There’s a prize?? Cool! Did you know that Eoin Colfer also wrote a book called Half Moon? I read it yesterday and did a book review on it on my blog. If you want to read it, go to

  17. I would so love to try!!!!!!! Can i have characters from other books series , like The Percy Jackson & the Olympians series , or THe Underland Chronicles ??????????????????

    Oh!!! I just saw SHREK THE HALLS ON TV LAST NIGHT!!!!
    Did anybody else watch it?????????????????????????????


  18. You can have other characters, as long as the main character is from Artemis Fowl.

  19. quick ?. what is it? like a book or something?

  20. Are you asking what a fanfiction is?

  21. yes.

  22. never mind. sorry

  23. Mahi101 AF Fan December 5th, 2007 at 1:59 pm 23

    This is a question I was thinking about for a loooong time , what consists of PG-13?

  24. It has to be appropriate for a 13 year old.
    Basically no graphic violence or sex and no curse words.
    That site gives a general guideline, but is sort of lenient. It sort of mixes some things that I would consider R rated into PG-13. It also says that sexual orientation matters, but in this contest it does not.
    Just use your judgment with what is appropriate in an AF fic.

  25. Mahi101 AF Fan December 7th, 2007 at 1:04 pm 25


  26. […] Colfer loves the Graphic Novel, and is hoping to have the 2nd book out by the end of 2008 (Don’t forget that you can win a copy of the first one here!). […]

  27. What is the minimum page requirement?

  28. Oh, and can I divide it into seperate chapters?

  29. There is no minimum page requirement and yes you can divide it into chapters.

  30. Okay, then what’s the maximum?

  31. Oh, and is coughing up blood PG 13? You know, not stabbed or anything, just hit with a really strong force?

  32. It’s okay, just don’t make it too graphic.
    And there is no maximum page requirement.

  33. I just started mine. It’s really funny. And has a funny title.

  34. hey blackopal i cant work the the sending thing so heres the link:

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