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Graphic Novel Previews

The US Official Site has been updated with 3 double-spread previews of the upcoming Artemis Fowl Graphic Novel. You can check out the images on the site, or by clicking the thumbnails below. What do you think of them? Excited yet?

Preview 1Preview 2Preview 3

Thanks to Matt for the tip.

And yesterday was Arty’s birthday. I’m sure there were plenty of colourful balloons and party games. You know what Artemis is like. 😉

I’d like to remind you all about our Artemis Birthday competition. Not long left to enter! And as a side note, quite a few of you from the US have been confused about the date of Arty’s birthday. It is September 1st, not January 9th, because the format of days and months in a date is the other way around in Ireland.

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  1. Oh man! It seems like our fan artists have guessed pretty acurately as far as the look of some of the more difficult characters, like Holly. 🙂 I can’t wait for the novel to come out! *squeals*

  2. It looks great, but Butler’s head is too small.

  3. I think that Artemis’ hair is too square-ish, I pictured it like Tom Felton’s from “HP and the SS”, but with parted bangs. (or something like that!)

  4. YAY!!! I AM FREAKING OUT!!! (But then, I’m always like that).

    HOORAY FOR NEW PICS!! I am loving this so far. Now all of my graphic-novel-loving friends can read AF without me cramming the book in their face!!

  5. i don’t really like it now, they are so cartoon-ish and so exaggerating, maybe i will love it later,just i don’t use to think they are looking that way.
    do you think the story is moving so quickly?

  6. WOW! I like the looks of Holly and Juliet especially at the moment. I could imagine them looking a bit like that. This is so exciting!!!

    LEP-I think you have a point. But I don’t think there is much to be done about it. I mean, you don’t have all the narrative that you get in books when you read a comic. I agree about the looks of some of the characters though…I think it will take me a while to get used to Artemis and Butler.

    Michael-Don’t forget the lollipops. It just isn’t a party without them 😉

  7. OMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. arrrrr… good ,can’t wait for it, by the way, when will it release?

  10. ok. sorry if i am too rude before, but i still can’t wait for it, i still really want to see it.

  11. Im a little disappionted about Butler’s body but otherwise I love it. It’s like anime and manga, the voices of the anime characters are differnet than what you image the voices to be but you get used to the voice actor and accept it (kinda).I’ll talk more later.
    bones away>>>>>

  12. hEllO ouT tHerE! September 9th, 2007 at 4:36 am 12

    This may sound like i have something against the graphic novel (which i don’t it looks great), but i like just novels with no pics, coz then u can choose what they look like.

  13. I agree but I think its fun to see what others picture them as.
    bones with a headache out>>>>>

  14. Butler looks a little freakish and Arty has a weird hair do. But other than that, awsome! I can’t wait to get this!

  15. I can’t wait to read it. The characters don’t look anything like I imagined.

  16. Mulch is Weird, Root is weird, all the male elves are WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The novel just came out in the US, so if u live here, get u’r cash saved up, it’s only 10 dollars…. Holly’s ears stick out a mile from her head!!! And all the male fairies look very strange and out-of-proportion, because they are 3 feet tall, and muscular and bulky. It’s scary, and Foaly looks nothing like what I imagined. HE IS A BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND HIS SKIN IS BLUE!!!!!!!! Root really does have a brother named turnball root, and he is an exile, just like a Midsummer’s Night Reality Says!!!!!!

  17. holy crap. Artemis looks like that contestant on project runway named Christian and who’s probably gay but makes pretty good clothesholly…NOOOOO her hair is all screwy and and her skin is supposed to be tan HOLY SH!T SHE’S WHITE and buter, oh, butler u has a smalllll head like a monkey and it doesn’t suit you so get a new head or you might as well just shoot yourself now.juliets ok but she has big eyebrows and it freaks me out!It’s a damn shame lol.

  18. Trotting Fox March 29th, 2008 at 9:40 pm 18

    Yeah, I definately liked Holly, Artemis is close to my imagining, too–Though I think he looks more angry than arrogant. Butler was TOOOOTALLY not what I had pictured though…

  19. Well, I’m probably not going to buy it since there are other things I want, but from what I’ve seen it looks good. The lines look to be straight out of the book. Artemis and Holly both look likeable and realistic, but they screwed up Butler big time. I’m sorry, but there is no way on earth that a man can be that big and disproportional except for genetic engineering.

  20. woah….. woah what happen here…. when i drew all the characters i drew all of them sexy and attractive….i drew artemis with a sloppy haircut he’d look so smexy.when i read about holly i was thinking ok red hair-ponytail but i guess that didnt happen.

    LOL something should be done about Artemis’ hair…
    Butler is perfect, it’s just how i pictured him(altough he was bald in my imagination)
    I was surprised with Holly’s character, but in a good way!
    but Mulch and Foaly really shocked me…not how i pictured them at all!!!
    But still…This is cool!

  22. Artemis looks HOT, his hair is a like a crew cut in that its square; it makes him appear more manly. If his hair was rounded, it wouldn’t look as tough

  23. Wasn’t Butler bald . . .? (he scares me. Way to big.)(how does someone get that, well, titanic? I mean, shouldn’t his heart . . . like explode, or something? Or maybe his lungs? THE HUMAN BODY CAN’T TAKE THAT MUCH BODY MASS!)

    Wasn’t Julet, like, prep-ish?

    OHMYGOSH! Holly looked /hot/! I love how they did her hair! Longer then how the books made it seem, but it looks better then my imagination . . . And the unifom. The uniform was niiice.

    Sorry. *points to self* Proud Holly fanGIRL.

    Artemis’s hair was funny . . . but he looked aweome!!!

  24. ArtemisXHolly July 10th, 2009 at 5:05 pm 24

    OMG!!!! YES!!! now all i hae to do is find a webstie to download it off of. 😀

  25. YAY! Can’t wait to have my own copy of this. Yeah, I think Butler’s head is a bit small. This is amazingly great!!!

  26. OMG I LUV Artemis fowl. I’m on the fifth book. I can’t wait to read the graphic novel. 🙂

  27. Impressionist's Eyes September 7th, 2009 at 3:55 pm 27

    I thought Artemis’s hair would be a bit more manga-ish. If you google him you’ll get what I mean.
    The second graphic novel is out. Arctic Incident.
    I was just reading Artemis Fowl, because I already read all the new books in my house including the vampire one, so I went back to AF. Couldn’t help it.
    Heh heh.

  28. i love how holly looks she is so freakin hot!!!

  29. does anyone else think its about time for holly and artemis to hook up? or is that just me?

  30. DutchArtemisFowlFan September 19th, 2009 at 6:42 pm 30

    wow… that’s all i can say…
    It’s even better than i could ever think…
    I’ve asked it 4 my birthday;).

  31. DutchArtemisFowlFan September 19th, 2009 at 6:53 pm 31

    Artemis’ hair makes him looking younger…
    (He’s still 13-somthing)
    (Love AF, in holland they call the LEP the ElfBI,Elf security institute in dutch)

  32. I think they all look AWSOME! but I will agree on Butler’s head. It’s kinda small for his body, but otherwise, AWWWSOME!!! (they made Artemis look hot)

  33. Artemis’ head is too pointy.

  34. It should be more like the head on the picture here.

  35. do you think that thay are going to make a movie like a lagitament movie.

  36. Its awsome but butler lookes deformed! Is there a 8th book? 🙂

  37. when is the 3rd coming out?

  38. in the 8th book he should marry holly LOL

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