Fourth Annual Fangathering Awards!

Hey everyone!

With all that’s been going on this year we’ve started these [really, really, really, really] late. But here they are again, the annual Fangathering awards! Where you can nominate your fellow users for all sorts of prestigious awards, such as the “Fangathering Ate my Homework” award and “Pirate of the Year.”

The competition is, as usual, extremely tight.

The Mechanics


  • Each person may vote for a maximum of three people per category where a voter’s first choice is given three points, the second choice two points, and the third choice one point.
  • Voting will be made public. One can vote by simply posting and assigning points on the category threads.
  • Logically, you also are not allowed to vote for yourself.
  • Voting begins August 17th, and ends on August 27th, just in time for the next installment of FanGathering’s newsletter, The Haven Herald.

Like last year’s awards, each winner gets a 30 post boost to their post count, and of course, bragging rights for the next year. :P

And just a little reminder: please do remember that this is all for fun! :jump:
The Categories

The Location.

To see the forum go here.

Remember everyone, it isn’t about winning or losing, it’s just about having fun. The awards aren’t all that serious, so just be silly with them. XD

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. Heya guys ^_^ I’m the mod for the awards this year, though usually an admin runs them. So, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

  2. Hai!Ya gonna judge them any different?

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