FanGathering Gets an Upgrade!

The site has been completely redesigned and upgraded. You can now browse with even nicer eye-candy than before, easier browsing and new features!

  • The search bar has returned. We had a rather buggy search feature in version 2, and removed it in number 3. We’ve decided to return it now, but of course, without the bugs.
  • You can now easily subscribe to have all of the latest Artemis Fowl news and updates emailed directly to your inbox, using the subscription form in the sidebar.
  • The comments section has been overhauled, and now includes avatars! Setting up your Gravatar is easy.
  • Category pages; The main page for each category has been designed specifically to be a better starting point for the category. You’ll be able to get a better taste of what’s about now than ever before.
  • The RSS feed has been sorted out, and now includes all of the proper formatting to make it completely readable in your feed reader.
  • Getting in touch with us is easier than ever, using our spiffy new contact form.

You will also notice that all of the page addresses have changed (They’re nicer now). Although all of the old page addresses have been set up to forward you on to the new page, you should still update your bookmarks. Thanks. Also, you’ll find that the previous design has been added to our little nostalgia section of the About page.

Lastly, I’m afraid to say it was not possible to bring over our archive of news postings and comments. Apologies to everyone who had left comments on the old site; we’re sorry they can’t be retrieved, but commenting on the new site will be better than ever. Promise!

Well, what do you think? Any comments, suggestions or errors you’ve found?

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  1. Omg!! it’s amazing!! it’s incredible!! it’s GREAT!!! i can’t believe it! i was here at 2:00 this afternoon and i went to read some fan fiction on then when i came back 15 minutes later, it had changed!!!

  2. Thanks lauren – Glad you like it. 😀

  3. Why didn’t I see this today?? [Ahh.. Opera’s cache. Arrgh. 😕 ]

    It’s freaking excellent!

    I just downloaded the IE6 link you gave us before, and I was looking for sites to look at in IE6… This is gorgeous. 🙂 Well, a slight “bug” on the frontpage for IE6: the sidebar’s under the posts.

    Speaking of the sidebar, I think it’s a bit crowded. More on that later. This is just excellent!

    I just got my gravatar. 😀

    This just rocks. 8)

  4. Thanks darvit – I’ve sorted out the IE6 problem now (It was Colfer’s video blog. ^_^ ). I was lucky you decided to check out FG on it! Thanks! 😀

    As for Gravatar, I think Gravatar itself is having trouble. (Though I’ve changed the plugin we are using since then as well. >.< ). After looking around a bit, a lot of new accounts are having trouble online, and my gravatar isn't showing up on other Gravatar blogs either. I guess we'll just have to wait a little while... 🙁

  5. It looks really nice, MM! : And I’m glad the search function’s back.

    I alos like the bottons to the fanfiction and fanart galleries (and I recognized the text on the fanfiction button from BlackOpal’s story ‘Hypocrites’. It’s really cool how you put that in 🙂 ).

    Good job!

  6. lol MMK – Well spotted! I wondered if anyone would recognise it. xD

  7. The layout seems…different. Don’t get me wrong, you have an eye for design, I suppose, but I don’t particularly fancy that rainbow-colored navigation bar at the top…The blue light things in the background, that is a cool effect, that doesn’t seem to flatter the nearby rainbow!navbar as coolly. Also, I would suggest using the Artemis from the AF cover, rather than some anime variation of Artemis.

    Keep up the good work, though! Great to see updated news articles…Come to think of it, I think I’ve read the articles from another site, too…*shrugs* Oh well.

    Great job!

  8. Ooooooh, it looks really spiffy!!!! I like it, looks modern and neat!!!!!

  9. i lyk it but theres no smilies 8(

  10. wow its amazing but give me sometime to get used to but i love it!!!

  11. hEllO ouT tHerE! July 20th, 2007 at 10:13 am 11

    HeY How ComE ALl tHE OthER COmmEnTS ARe ofF

  12. Eoin – Thanks for the comments, we’ll look into other styles (Though personally, I do like the colour. XD ). Another member mentioned the same thing, so we’ll definitely see what we can come up with instead. 🙂

    As for the articles; everything on this site was written by us. If you’ve read it elsewhere, someone’s ripping from us. 😛

    hi ppls – We will probably add clickable smilies sometime over the next few days, so don’t worry about that. 🙂

    Hello out there – I disabled the comments on the other homepage posts because they were posts from the old site. They had already had a lot of comments, so instead of starting the conversations all over again, I just closed them. All future postings will have the comments open though. 🙂

  13. WOW!!!!! I love the new layout!!!! It’s SO AWESOME!!!!! I guess i’ll have to wait for the smillies though. 🙁



  15. dang! its awesome! love the blue lights effects! and i have to say i love the rainbow too? how came eoin doesn’t like it? is it really him? or just another fan? sorry i really don’t have any idea.. 🙁

  16. @Cathrel: I doubt it. XD That’s not his “typing style”, if you know what I mean. Colfer is fond of long sentences- and dashes- sort of like this- and he doesn’t do asterisk-driven-actions [e.g. *shrugs*, et al]. XD

    Anyway, it sucks that Gravatar isn’t working yet. 🙁

  17. hEllO ouT tHerE! July 28th, 2007 at 1:09 am 17

    Spot on darvit. I would love a Gravatar and anyway is ur name really aproprite (i know i probably spelt that wrong but, who cares.) for this site.

  18. lol Hello – darvit’s name has probably been the most popular one on the forum. Everyone comments on it! 😆

    As for Gravatar, I think I’m going to get rid of that. I just have to decide if we’ll get rid of avatars completely, or install a similar system called “My Blog Log.”

  19. @hello: Of course it is! 😉 It’s like having “blank”, “bleep”, or even “censored” as your username, if you know what I mean. 😛

    @MichaelM: Well, MyBlogLog [and the MyAvatars plugin] has become the really popular alternative to Gravatar. 😛

  20. somehow i like the old one more.but maybe just not yet used to it. i have been out for three weeks,to UK.
    I hope i would like it later.

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