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Fan Art Gallery Updated

Our Fan Art gallery is one of the things we’re most proud of here. Thousands of you have joined up to it, to a point where it’s the largest collection of Artemis Fowl Fan Art on the web.

If you’ve spent any time in it recently though, you’ll know its been in need of an upgrade. Our spam-protection broke down a few months ago and the place was overrun.

At last, I can finally say it’s been sorted! But more than that, we have a whole new custom theme that integrates perfectly with the rest of the site.

And we’ve changed our site navigation to make it easier to swap between the most important parts of this site; the forum, the fan art, and the fan fiction.

Thank you for bearing with us during our spammy times, let’s hope we never have to sit through them again though!

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5 responses to “Fan Art Gallery Updated.” Join in!

  1. Thank you very much the spam has been getting on my nerves

  2. Sorry it was so long in coming. Really appreciate you bearing with us through it all and still being here at the end of it! The upgrades seem to be stopping it well so far at least 😀

  3. The new layout is easy to navigate, too. *nodds approvingly* I like it. 😀
    Oh, and to whoever wrote this little article, this sentence made it sound like an epic battle or something. XD “Our spam-protection broke down a few months ago and the place was overrun.”

    Very nice. 😉

  4. Haha, a battle it was!Just a shame it was one that we lost….. several times.But eventually won, woohoo! 😀

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