Eoin Colfer Interview – HMI TV Show!

Eoin Colfer did a full TV interview last night, and it’s free for download from the RTE website.

The interview talks about a fair few things. Here’s a quick run through of the topics:

  • Colfer’s childhood influences, such as the stories his Dad used to tell and his favorite book; Huckleberry Finn.
  • The reason that Colfer really does love the Artemis graphic novel.
  • The character of Artemis Fowl and his developing personality.
  • Colfer’s experience as a teacher and his decision to become a writer.
  • The difference between boy and girl readers, and even between child and adult readers.
  • Airman; “If I had to be remembered in 100 years… this one would be the one.” Colfer is happier with this book than he ever was with any other, so it must be good!
  • Colfer’s writing process.
  • The movie; Companies still arguing over CGI vs live action. Tribeca wants CGI and Harvey Weinstein wants live action.
  • Half Moon Investigatios TV series being developed by the BBC!!

You can download the full thing from the RTE website. Sadly it’s in Real Player though so you’ll need that installed (It’s free), and it streams so you’ll need a broadband connection.

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  1. I love this interview!
    He mentioned adult and children readers. Maybe Eoin and I are on the same wavelength. 😉

  2. HMI as a series!
    That would be awesome.
    I’ll watch it.
    And the movie should be live-action.
    If they want to animate it, I would go with traditional 2-D animation.
    But that’s just me.
    They need more 2-D movies out now than ever.
    I want to read Airman.
    Sounds neat.

  3. oh wow! an interview! but sadly, i can’t download it… but are they gonna air HMI in the US? (please say yes, please say yes!

  4. Wow, Half Moon Investigations as a TV show? That could really go either way.. I hope the movie is live-action I think if it was animated then it would become kind of cheesy but that could still happen with live-action. Once again that could go either way..

  5. Love the interview.
    i really want a live action movie, same with i_don’t_get_ it, if they really want to animate it, I would go with traditional 2-D animation too.

  6. For those that can’t download or watch the Real player video there is now an audio file (mp3) of the interview on the EC Site.


  7. Hmm…. As great as the tv-series sounds, I’d rather it was a book series. Gosh, I would love an HMI book series!

  8. its going to be a bbc show and its beig filmed in scotland 😀
    im in it as a punk school kid lol 😛

  9. i’m in it as well i’m jay 😀

  10. Hey fantastic it was amazing i played herod 😀

  11. half moon investigations is a great show i wish i could see this interview 🙁 when is the AF movie coming!?!?!?!?

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