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Challenge Results

Probably, you’re going to scroll down past the next paragraph and go straight to reading the winners. We can’t blame you for that. But when you’re done, scroll back up and read what you’ve skipped. It’s not just a block of text to get in your way. :D

This was a really hard decision. Yes, it’s cliché to say so, but it really was- at first, there was a worry that we wouldn’t get any entries at all, and then we got so many good ones that the judging was really difficult. Difficult enough that rather than just announce a winner, we’ve also added second and third places, as well as a few honorable mentions.

And participation was at such a great level that we’re hoping to have challenges more regularly from now on. :D

And so, without further ado…

Honorable Mentions

Lost, by BlackOpal

Failure, by Target Aquired

The Twins, by Kierisa12

Third Place:

Intentionally Oblivious, by Moonlite Knight

Second Place:

Regrettable, by Helen

First Place:

A Mock Turtle’s Story, by mockturtle

Congratulations, authors! :D Thanks to everyone who entered- seriously, we’re exceptionally grateful. And thank you to everyone on the forum who helped out with planning and judging the challenge.

If you missed the challenge, be sure to go back and read some of the submissions- they’re excellent. The “Challenge Entries” category will be left up for a few more days so you can look through them.

Thanks again everyone!

-The Judges

Oh, and any entrant who’d like the judges’ constructive criticism on their entry- including the winners- can email or PM one of us and we’ll send it to you.

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  1. Congrats Mockturtle! The other winners too! I did’t have time to read all the stories, but I skimmed over them. They were all awesome! 😀

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