Challenge of the Appellations

appellations: plural of ap·pel·la·tion (Noun)

  1. A name or title.
  2. The action of giving a name to a person or thing.

Why, you ask, are we beginning with a word that we have to define for most people to understand? The answer is simple. Writers, Fangirls, and ghosts alike: the AF Fanfiction editors are proud to present to you a new writing challenge, centered around this word (or its meaning, more specifically). Your challenge is to create four songfictions based on or starring four different Artemis Fowl characters and the meanings of their names.

The Rules and Requirements:

  1. Your songfictions must be at least five hundred words each.
  2. All submissions must adhere to the archive rules. This includes spelling and grammar.
  3. They must feature one character from the book per each songfiction.
  4. All four songfictions must be under one post, to make it easier for our judges to locate them.
  5. Your entries must be emailed by midnight EDT on August thirty-first to the Editors’ designated email:
  6. The finished product must be categorized as a ‘Challenge Entry’.
  7. The entries must be posted in our Fanfiction Gallery.
  8. You may not ask any other member for help, or help another participating member, have anyone beta your songfictions, or give any constructive criticism.

Winner receives the honor to have their entry known as an Editor’s choice fanfiction, and will be placed in the Featured Stories page for all to read in the future. Our judges will be Artificial Asian and FowlStar.

Good luck! We look forward to reading your entries. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the editor team through email or PM us.

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6 responses to “Challenge of the Appellations.” Join in!

  1. That’s a good idea…..So, for example, I would talk about how Captain Holly Short got her name because she was born by a holly tree? 😀

  2. Absolutely. As long as it includes a song that matches the personality or name of a character, your entry will be eligible. 😀 Good luck!

  3. Ahhh….personality…I’m dumb…XD

  4. Shoot, I missed the deadline, didn’t I? And I’m not a judge… *cries*

    … can’t enter… so sad…

  5. I have a question—am I allowed to post one chapter at a time? If I have one done, but I still have to write the other three, am still I allowed to post the first one?

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. I know how she feels, if you keep tracking of your redniag, either books or pages, it can be frustrating if one book is much longer or a much slower read the normal, because it feels like it is messing up your stats. However, if it is something worth the extra time, it is always satisfying in the end. It is always possible to read something really short and fast afterwards, or in the middle of the slow book.

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