Artemis Fowl’s Birthday Contest

Artemis Fowl’s birthday is September 1st, and in celebration we are having a fanfiction and fanart contest. The theme will be Artemis Fowl’s birthday. He can be any age, it can be a story or picture that displays humour, angst, romance, or anything you please, as long as it takes place on September 1st. Pictures and fanfictions must not exceed a rating of PG. The first place story will be featured in the newspaper, as will the first place piece of art.

Fanfictions must be oneshots. They must be from 350-2000 words long. Offensive Language is not permitted. Any pairing can be used, or no pairing what so ever.

Fanart can be any size. They can depict any pairing/scene you choose. The rating must be PG or lower.

Entries must be received by September 7th, 2007. Upload your entries on the fanfiction or fanart gallery, and send the link to Make the title of the email Artemis Fowl’s Birthday: Fanart/Fanfiction contest.

Good Luck!

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  1. Isn´t Artemis birthday 9th January?

  2. hEllO ouT tHerE! August 29th, 2007 at 7:36 am 3

    is the fan ficton a story u write or what?

  3. What else is it going to be?


  4. hello out there – Yep. Check out our fanfiction gallery for examples. 🙂

  5. Ooh… Arty’s a Virgo!

  6. actually,artemis is a capricorn. and his birthday IS 01-09. they mean the birthday of the 1st book…I think.:)

  7. hurray, Artemis and I are both CAPRICORN!!!

  8. No, it is Artemis’ birthday on September first. o1-09 is January ninth in the US, but in Ireland, where Artemis lives, it is backwards, making his birthday September first.

  9. Oh… thanks BlackOpal, I was just getting confused about that… well anyhoo. Happy early birthday Arty!! (I have a horrible memory like how I forgot today if we had speech homework…xD. I’m not sure…
    Sweet, I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!!=D
    bones awaaaay!!!>>>>>

  10. In the third book Jon Spiro sais that Artemis will be 14 in six months, 18 months after the “kidnap-incident” in the first book. Therefore, he should be born around Christmas time.

  11. so how old is he now?

  12. He´s 17

  13. oh yah!I guess I forgot the time difference! I havent been out of California for more than a year!:D

  14. […] like to remind you all about our Artemis Birthday competition. Not long left to enter! And as a side note, quite a few of you from the US have been confused […]

  15. i thought he was 16???

  16. hEllO ouT tHerE! September 5th, 2007 at 12:16 am 17

    I know that this has nothing to do with our topic, but I noticed that fowlgirl19 has the Gravatar working. I have tried to get it working loads of times but everytime it just says i’ve timed out, Any ideas?

  17. hEllO ouT tHerE! September 5th, 2007 at 12:24 am 18

    And Artemis is 17. In the ‘lost colony’ Minerva states that Artemis is barely 2 years older and shes 12, so Artemis is 14 then hes gone for 3 years due to the time travel which makes him 17.

  18. hello out there, i couldn’t get it working the first time, but i think you click on the pic you want and confirm it and that’s it! 🙂 & thanks for clearing up the age thing for me!

  19. lol – I noticed that as well hello out there!

    I’ve tried too, and it doesn’t work for me. I guess you were lucky fowlgirl! xD

    We’re going to try a different method of getting avatars soon. 🙂

  20. yay me!

  21. Awesome! Im going to try to get one but I think Ill wait til tomorrow.

  22. hello? did it work?

  23. Wahhh!! It didnt work. I have my acount but it did not set up and the gravatar will not show. Help me please!
    bones once and for all>>>>>

  24. yo bones! hope this helps u. you click on the pic you want and confirm it and that’s all! 🙂

  25. hEllO ouT tHerE! September 9th, 2007 at 4:38 am 26

    fowlgirl 4 me it doesnt let u it comes up a blank screen and says ur’ve been timed out.

  26. i think you log in again, choose an avatat, if you’ve made one, and that’s it! 😛 i hope.

  27. Artemis Fowls birthday is Jan. 9 September 1st is probably the release of the first book!


  29. Holly_short123 November 9th, 2008 at 8:42 pm 30

    Is not moronic, just american. Artemis’ birthday is the 1st of September, but it’s written 01/09. In Britain (i.e. where Eoin Colfer actually lives) this means 1st September. But in America it means 9th January. It’s a Britsh book, so it’s intended to be 1st September.

  30. Wait, I thought he lived in Ireland! Oh well… The seventh book came out stating his birthday was the first of September, I think so there you go! Wow. This was from three years ago.

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