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Artemis Fowl Sprites

Thanks to Kagoma Kage, we now have 12 awesome Artemis sprites for yous. They’ve all been added to the Sprites & Smilies page, but you can see them below.

My favorites are the ships. They’ll come in handy on the forum! Which do you like best?

hollyxtrouble.gif– Ships: Holly / Trouble

ifallelsefails_10499.gif– Ships: Artemis / Holly

minervaxartemis.gif– Ships: Artemis / Minerva

artemisdoneiguess_4550.gif – Artemis

foalydone_4520.gif – Foaly Deserve a Raise

hollydone-1_4392.gif– Holly

hollyfly.gif– Holly Flying

juliet_4427.gif– Juliet

minniedone_4604.gif– Minerva

no1_4721.gif – No. 1

opaldone_4663-1.gif– Opal

You can see Kagoma’s other artwork (Including many more sprites) on Photobucket.

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  1. Ooh! First comment! Wow, these are cool!

  2. Thanks Kagoma! they are so great!!!!! Cool!!! I will use them in the forum!

    I love Artemis and Holly Flying most.
    I personally don’t like them kissing

  3. will it put in the smilies page on the forum? When? i want to use it!!!

  4. LEP – I’m going to add them to the forum tonight. I just don’t have the time at the minute. xD

  5. This is awesome.Nice work Kagoma Kage and thanks!
    I like the Opal most.It’s so cute.And little Arty as well.Everything is just awesome!

  6. Eek! I love them.
    Thanks a bunch!

  7. These rock!

    Awesome job, Kagoma! 😛

  8. You’re welcome everyone. I’m glad you like them! ^_^ I’m sorry I didn’t get them out in time for Christmas.
    For the record I really like the ships, they where by far the hardest to do but also the most satisfying.
    I’m sorry you don’t like the A/H one LEP but I tried to do one ship for everyone.

    Oh I didn’t expect you to post my photobucket MM. (I just wasn’t sure if you needed them hosted until they where moved to here. So I provided the link. It’s mostly junk in there anyway, I have like 4 of them.)

  9. Kagoma – If you want, I can take down the link? I was just trying to get you all the credit I could. 🙂

  10. OMG!!! These are amazing!!! I love them! especially the HT one!

  11. Mahi101 AF Fan December 29th, 2007 at 6:01 pm 12


  12. Nope MM it’s fine, I’ve cleaned it out now and all that’s left really are my projects.

  13. Okies – Thanks again Kagoma! 😀

  14. THERE ULTRA AWESOME !!!!!!!!!! SO COOL!!!! THanks sooooo much KAGOMA!!!!!!!!!

  15. ArtemisFowl III February 2nd, 2008 at 7:31 pm 16

    Sweet!The ships are best! I really like the Artemis/Holly one and the Artemis/Minerva one!

  16. i like it…….i suppose….but it quite dandy if i do say so myslf

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