Artemis FanFic Gallery Totally Updated!

Our FanFiction gallery is approaching 3000 Artemis stories, and over 40,000 reviews on them (And countless more ratings…). All in all, it’s a pretty damn good place to be if you’re into Artemis and like to write (Or read, loads of the stories would make Eoin himself proud!)

It’s been a long time since it was updated though and was starting to show its age. Today, we’ve fully redone the fanfic gallery to bring you 3 major upgrades:

  1. Lovely new design to match the rest of the site! (So at last, every part of this site now gels together perfectly!)
  2. Favorites – When you find a story you love, hit the “Add to Favorites” button and it will be saved for you (And you can see anyone’s favorites by visiting their profile).
  3. Reading Mode – Reading Mode helps give you the best reading experience possible. We hide away all of the clutter and give you gorgeous, easy-to-read typography. Try it out on any story!

Let us know what you think! (And if you spot any bugs we’ve missed, post them here please! 🙂 )

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  1. Artificial Asian May 20th, 2011 at 4:15 am 1

    Thanks so much for the upgrades 🙂 I think some people will need some time to get used to them, but I think it’ll end up great ^_^On that note, it seems like the button for “view all newest posts” or whatever it says isn’t linked correctly; it comes up with the 404 error page. 😕 That’s the only thing I’ve found so far, I’ll let you know if anyone catches anything else 🙂 Would it be better to comment here or PM you?

  2. Thanks AA, well spotted on the error there, I’ve fixed it up now!

    PMs or posting here are great, I’ll find either one! =]

    Yeah, seems it may take some time, but that always happens with a major redesign. Guess we’ll see how the feedback is in a few more days =[

  3. I like it okay, but it won’t let me add new chapters. Other than that, everything is pretty new and shiny. XDLike, I would press the chapter button and the little bar would come up on the writing spot, but it would be posted in the same chapter.

  4. Artificial Asian May 22nd, 2011 at 2:32 am 4

    @Hiholly: It adds a new chapter if you bring it into html view and use the code for a new chapter 🙂 You type (!–nextpage–) only with the parentheses as the little > signs. I haven’t figured out how to add it with the tabs yet XDAlso, is it possible to make more stories viewable on the first page? Like how the old one had five at a time?

  5. Ohhh. Thanks, AA, I’ll try that!

  6. …How do you get an avatar? XP I feel vastly lost.

  7. @hiholly – That’s strange. Does the regular button not work for you? What web browser do you use? (I’ll check it out and see if I can fix it up! 🙂 )

    @Artificial Asian – Sure thing. Do you mean just for the “Newest Stories” part, or for all of the homepage section?

    @CrazyChick – Check out this quick tut: 🙂

  8. I like it! MiM, why didn’t you do a mailout notifying all FanFiction users of the update though?

  9. Thanks. 🙂

  10. I don’t much like the new format. It’s harder to navigate, I can’t see very many new stories at a time, and I miss the Top Tens. I know that some of our members have been reduced to ghosts because of it.
    But I DO like the new Story Panel/Profile. But I kind of wish someone told me- or us- about the change.

  11. KlumzyKimzy June 3rd, 2011 at 5:48 am 11

    I do like the new format, but was was the Elements competition completely cancelled? I never found out who were the winners and I can’t seem to find the tab on the new format.
    The Favorites are convenient, but I miss the Top Tens.

  12. CaptainMiraKelp June 7th, 2011 at 6:34 pm 12

    I can’t update for some reason, how do you add new chapters? >.>

  13. Hey MiM, found an annoying thing about the new layout for the mainpage. Don’t use the arrows to scroll because it jumps from the top to bottom and does not scroll on FF. I’m not sure whats causing it.

  14. That’s a strange on Alanna. Do you mean the arrow keys on your keyboard? I’ve just tried that out in FireFox and it worked fine for me. Not sure what would cause it to leap to the bottom, hmm… 🙁

  15. wrr0rzxpurrt July 20th, 2011 at 2:47 am 15

    Hey, everyone, my chapter thing still doesn’t work… and for one of my fics, despite my double-spacing, it came out single when I published it. On wordpress, it was fine, but when you… oh, sigh.

    Anyway, I tried pressing the chapter button — didn’t work. I tried typing in the code — the words actually show up on the fic, but it stays as one chapter. And then I tried using both, in a last-minute stab.

    Doesn’t work.
    Could anyone help me with this?

  16. i hate the new format. I can’t figure out how to add chapters (don’t give me the URl for the page because i looked there already.)

  17. I actually was a bit surirpsed that so many people don’t consider ADMM rare, since I have trouble finding fics with them particularly lately, and especially on TPP. But I do think that where a person goes for their fanfic has a lot to do with their impression of who’s rare & who’s not. I was surirpsed that anyone at all would consider SSHG rare it seems like they’re extremely popular, with a LOT of authors and a huge and enthusiastic fanbase. But I suppose that if you hang out somewhere that doesn’t have many SSHG fics posted, you might have a different sense of things. Which is why I wanted to do the poll so I could find some pairs that are more commonly perceived as being rare, not just those that I think are.

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