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And We’re Back

Well, did you miss us? FanGathering’s main site has been completely offline for 4 days now, so it’s nice to be back. I apologise profusely for being down so long, and for being without a way to explain the absence properly.

The short explanation is that we had hosting trouble. A lot of hosting trouble. The base cause of it all was the TopSites list, which was abused quite badly by a spam site (Not one of the Artemis ones though!), and as a result, the TopSites list is now gone.

So, how do we make it up to you? Well, we’ll have to try somehow. How about finally kicking off our Eoin Colfer letter project? Or redesigning the site? Or uploading a bunch of new content? I’m thinking all 3 would be needed…

Sound fair to you? 🙂