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Movie Rumours

Yes, they’re just rumours, but that doesn’t make them bad. These are the ideas circling the net about the Artemis Fowl movie, but have no actual confirmation to prove them. See if there are any you like the sound of? Who knows what could happen? This page may end up containing more facts that the actual Artemis Fowl movie facts page!

  • Cameron Diaz will play Holly Short. It is true that Cameron Diaz was originally the studio’s suggestion for Holly, but it has since been confirmed that this suggestion will not go ahead.
  • Winona Ryder will play Holly Short. The tables turned this time. Instead of the studio making this suggestion, Colfer did. This has also been denied however.
  • Nicholas Hoult (from ‘About a Boy’) will play Artemis. Colfer mentioned this actor during an interview once, and the idea caught on. Unfortunately he is now 17, and so, probably too old.
  • Timothy Olyphant will play Foaly. This featured on IMDb’s casting list for the movie (before the page was deleted) and is backed by many source’s which say he was in talks for this movie. No source however has mentioned the talks getting anywhere.
  • Jason Statham will play Butler. Popular among many fans. Statham definitely looks the part, but can he act it as well?
  • Aidan Mitchell will play Artemis. This is possible as Mitchell has said that he is interested in the role.