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Artemis Fowl Movie

What will be in the movie?

The movie’s plot will combine the storylines of both of the first two books, Artemis Fowl, and Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident. Colfer has been deeply involved in this, and has created a whole new ending, though he promises that the movie will remain quite faithful to the books.

Why has it taken so long?

Filming on the movie was due to begin a few years ago, but a dispute arose between Miramax, and Disney, when Bob and Harvey Weinstein left the company to start “The Weinstein Company.” This dispute delayed production for many years, but thankfully, has finally been resolved, with both Disney and The Weinstein Company now owning the rights. The movie is now progressing with the script finished, and casting rumored to begin sometime over the coming Summer.

Some reports suggest that another reason for the production being delayed was that the value of the U.S. Dollar fell in comparison to the Euro.

So what do we know for a fact about it?

Well, we know a few things. Firstly, the rights to the first three books have been purchased. The first two have been used in this movie of course, but does this hint at a sequel being planned?

Secondly, the movie, or at least part of it, is being shot in Ireland. This is likely as Colfer lives in Wexford, Ireland. This county has been used for parts of the filming of “Saving Private Ryan” and “Braveheart”, whilst Ireland as a whole was the filming location of the more recent, “Arthur.” Furthermore, the Irish Government places relatively low tax on such creative projects (In an effort to build the industry within the country).

Unfortunately, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” was also originally scheduled to be shot in Ireland, but moved on.

Who is playing who?

Casting is yet to begin, and so, no-one is set to play any of the parts yet. Originally, a boy (His name was never given) was chosen to play Artemis, but due to the huge delays, he grew too old for the part. Recently however, Aidan Mitchell has expressed an interest in the part, and Colfer has said that he would like to have a cameo role as a goblin.

A few details on the non-acting staff have been released as well, and you can read about them on our casting page.

When is it due out?

Filming is yet to begin, so the movie is still a long way off. At a guess, you could hope for sometime in 2008-2009.


According to an interview from Eoin himself, movie progress is going well. Jim Sheridan, an Oscar winning director; Simon Carmody as writer and Jim are working on then screenplay. The movie will mostly be the first book with a couple a twists Eoin is adding himself! Though rumor has it they may combine the first and second book into one movie.
The movie’s release date is a different matter, though. Originally it was meant to come out in 2005, but got delayed due to unknown reasons. Then it was rumored to come out in 2006, or “later”. Obviously it’s quite a bit later, but keep on hoping! With the amount of fans out there, there is bound to be a movie!


The Artemis Fowl movie has been confirmed by Colfer. In an interview Colfer stated that the screenplay was still being written, but pre-production was at a standstill because of the recently-ended WGA strike. He stated as a joke that the movie would be finished “two years before he died”. In an August 2008 interview, Colfer stated that “we are finished writing it, now we are just waiting for the green light.”
In addition, at the 2008 Hay Festival Colfer stated that a dispute was being settled over whether the film should be a CGI production or a shot in live-action, with Colfer apparently favoring the latter.
According to Colfer, the movie will be combining the plot of the first two books and there will be a new ending to it, but the rest of it will be true to the books.

Thank you to Kierisa12 and HollyShort9 for researching and writing the updates!